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  • Answer: Socrates!Each generation is skeptical and questions the preparation of the next generation. When you consider what today’s adults and business leaders think of students and young people, when we get them engaged in CTE and CTSO we give them a huge advantage. They are young professionals. They are emerging leaders. They are growing their interpersonal, communication, and professionalism skills and look, act, think, and approach life completely counter to what adults are conditioned to think of our youth. We give a huge gift when we engage the CTSO experience and make it available for them to explore and become what we all desire for our next generation.
  • We all go through identity crisis. Middle School to HS. Not driving to driving. Graduate to college. College to career. Single to married. Married to family. It’s a continuous cycle. CTSOs give an identity and network that can be leveraged for a lifetime.
  • Sign your name.Then sign with your opposite hand.Discuss the difference and what it would take to become proficient at both.That’s what CTSOs do…they develop the full potential.Reference the book “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.”
  • 80% of folks prior to 2008 reported being unhappy with their job.46,000 is the estimated number of career choices available.55% is the number of folks according to FedEx that would start their own business if they had the knowledge or resources to do it.1 out of 300 people work at WalMart.$30K is the average salary of the fastest growing career choices available.$1 million is the amount a high school grad is expected to make from 18 to 68$3-5 million is the increase in salary if a HS graduate earns a bachelors or masters degree.75% is the increase to salary by obtaining a higher education degree.$10 billion is the amount industry spends each year on training, development, and remediation.Bernie Madoff represents the idea of the $50 billion he stole from clients – enough to fund CTE for half a century.26 seconds is how often a student drops out of HS (7,000 per day)17 seconds is how often a student decides to join a CTSO$68K is the amount of taxes a community loses when a student drops out.80% (again) represents that according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 80% of jobs come from your network10,000 hours is the amount of time it takes to develop expertise according to Dr. K Anders Ericcson.
  • Warren Buffet and Jay-Z were asked about the leading factors related to their success and achievement. Both agreed on two key factors:They won the ovarian lottery. They were born and raised and live in America. It’s a natural advantage of billions of others living somewhere else. It’s the land of opportunity and they took advantage of that natural inheritance.They started early.CTSOs provide the world class opportunity to get started early in an organized program that outputs as much success as a student and school are willing to put in!
  • CTE Economics

    1. 1. TRI LEADERSHIP RESOURCESCTECONOMICS the impact of Career Technical Education & America’s Career Technical Student Organizations TEAMTRI.COM
    2. 2. The Identity CRISIS!
    3. 3. What do great CTSOs Do?SignHere
    4. 4. Coach John Wooden• Play to • How good your can you potential. be?
    5. 5. GET INTO CHARACTERExplain the benefits of your CTSO using the voice of:• Superhero• Auctioneer• Cheerleader• Flight Attendant• Diva or Rapper• Car Salesman• Preacher• Nursery School Teacher
    6. 6. CTECONOMICS • $10 Billion Per Year• 80% • Bernie Madoff• 46,000 • 26 v 17 seconds• 55% • $68,000 in Taxes• WalMart • Darn Baby• $30,000 Boomers• $1 Million • C-T-S-O• $3-5 Million • 80% (again)• 75% • 10,000 hours
    7. 7. Tips for Terrific CTSOs• Start Small.• Start with Your Expertise.• Deputize Co-Advisors.• Be Diverse.• Make the Ask.• Use Your Resources [State/Nat’l Officers].• No Secret Success [Use Social Media!].• Play to Your Potential [How great can you get].
    8. 8. TRI LEADERSHIP RESOURCESCTECONOMICS by TRI Leadership Resources www.teamtri.com www.facebook.com/trileadership www.twitter.com/teamtri www.slideshare.com/teamtri