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non-mobile tech

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Non-mobile tech

  1. 1. Choosing unifying (non-mobile) collaboration technologies
  2. 2. Questions● What are your experiences with non-mobile collaboration technologies?● What did your group use for non-mobile collaboration?After failing the first time, this is how we did it...
  3. 3. The Project Scope● The project scope is an important detail for choosing a collaboration technology. ○ Size of the project ■ The size of the project directly reflects on what you need for the project ○ Tools required ■ The scope will help the team decide on the type of tools required to complete this project virtually, successfully
  4. 4. Key Factors To Consider When Choosing a Non-MobileTechnology● Internet Connection● Time● Appropriate Mechanisms● Number of Team Members● Location● Culture● Language
  5. 5. Make a List of ApplicableNon-Mobile Technologies● Google hangout● Web ex● G-chat● Skype● Microsoft Office 365● TeamLab● Asana● Other SAAS services
  6. 6. Non-mobile applications thathave mobile applications● Some non-mobile applications have mobile versions of their software, but they do not have functionally and capabilities compared to their desktop counterparts
  7. 7. Determining The AudienceWhat do you want to accomplish?● Establish an Agenda ○ Briefing ○ Sharing Information ○ Collaboration/Creation
  8. 8. Create an agenda that includes timeeach item will be discussed somembers can enter/exit meetingfreelySample Agenda Previous Meeting Recap (5min) – 2pm New Goals (10min) Status Report Front End Team – 2:15pm Previous Tasks (10min) New Tasks (5min) Status Report DBA Team – 2:30pm Previous Tasks (10min) New Tasks (5min) Questions/Concerns (15min) – 2:45pm
  9. 9. Assessing TechnologicalCapabilities Of The Virtual TeamOnce the agenda is established, conduct asurvey of participants to help select the bestmedium to conduct the meeting.● What types of questions should we ask? ○ What operating system? (Mac vs. Windows) ○ Hardware capabilities? (webcam, etc.) ○ Access to reliable internet connection?
  10. 10. How Will We Be Ensuring Each User Updates TheirSoftware To The Latest Version?● Centralized Management● Do not allow access to the app until the user updates● Send out communications● Make new documents compatible, only with the new version● Use SAAS-based services
  11. 11. Conclusion● Go over the scope of your project and the tasks● Make sure the software has the appropriate features● Create a list, do not depend on mobile features● Assess your audience. Make an agenda!● User capabilities need to be met● Handle your updates appropriately
  12. 12. Questions● What is your experience with these technologies? Did you rely on their mobile support?● What software do you use at work/school? How was this decided?