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What is a Virtual Administrative Professional?


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This PowerPoint presentation will help you get a better understanding on how a Virtual Administrative Professional can benefit you and your business.

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What is a Virtual Administrative Professional?

  1. 1.  Virtual Assistants (VA)  Real Estate Virtual Assistants (REVA) – specializing in administrative support for the Real Estate Industry.  Virtual Administrative Consultants  Virtual Administrative Partners  Online Business Consultants  Each Virtual Professional may have their own reason for the title that they use.
  2. 2. A Virtual Administrative Professional handles the administrative responsibilities that need to be completed in order for a business to keep functioning; just as an Administrative Assistant does that works in an office.  Differences are:  1-The way work is received and delivered.  2-The Virtual Assistant works from their own location, which is normally their home office.  3-A Virtual Administrative Professional is an Independent Contractor.  4-Your Virtual Administrative Professional completes the agreed upon tasks, works the amount of hours agreed upon or completes work based on the project.
  3. 3.  You can transfer and/or share work with your Virtual Assistant by means of:  Dropbox  Google Drive  Microsoft SkyDrive  Email  Fax
  4. 4.  In-house Admin. Assistant – you will:  Need office space.  Need to provide a computer and other supplies.  Need to pay a promised salary .  Need to pay payroll taxes.  Virtual Admin Prof:  * As a business owner, a Virtual Admin. Prof. (VA) understands the need for your business to be successful and the need for your business to grow.  Pay is based on Contract /Agreement – weekly/monthly/project.
  5. 5.  Real Estate Administrative Support for:  R. E. Transactions  Short Sales  Expired Listings  Landlord/Property Management  Investors  General Administrative Support:  Internet Research  Scheduling/Maintaining Calendar  Monitor Email/-Check Voicemail and transcribe messages  Follow Up by phone/email  Electronic file maintenance  Data Entry into excel or word  Standard Letters/Reports  Scanning/-File conversion, PDF to Word or Excel
  6. 6. Don't sacrifice the growth of your business by spending your time completing non-income producing administrative tasks. A Virtual Administrative Professional can help you save time and energy. Your VA can handle the administrative responsibilities while you focus on the continued growth and success of your business.
  7. 7. Virtual Administrative Support Angela Jones Virtual Administrative Professional Tel: (516)564-3587 Email: Website LinkedIn Profile