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Why Giving Is Important


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The Team Reed Foundation, in partnership with Patrick Reed, is fully aware of the importance of giving. Please share this presentation to show that importance to others as well.

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Why Giving Is Important

  2. 2. Remember back to a time when you were feeling uneasy about a decision, or were in need of financial aid and needed a little help. Most likely, you had a support system there to help you. And if you didn’t, it likely made the hardship even more difficult to deal with.
  3. 3. For Patrick Reed and the Team Reed Foundation, giving to those who are in need of a metaphorical or literal shoulder to cry on is a duty, not a choice. There are countless reasons as to why it’s important to our team on a personal level, but why is it necessary on a global level? Here is just a brief explanation of why it’s necessary and how it’s working.
  4. 4. According to, a site that collects charitable giving data, a total of $390 billion was given to charitable organizations in 2016 alone. That’s a lot of money! With a lot of money comes a lot of responsibility, and thankfully this money was put to very good use. STATISTICALLY SPEAKING
  5. 5. STATISTICALLY SPEAKING 15% 8% 12% of 2016 donations went to education- based charities of 2016 donations went to health- based groups of 2016 donations went to human services groups
  6. 6. HEALTHIER AND HAPPIER HUMANS Giving to charitable causes and nonprofits actually causes you to feel more positive. Found on the site, “The Life You Can Save,” the National Institute of Health stated that those who donate actually receive a jolt to the pleasure centers of their brain.
  7. 7. HEALTHIER AND HAPPIER HUMANS Adding more meaning to your life in order to give others a chance at an equally happy and meaningful life can have amazing affects on a personal level and a societal level. Spreading positivity can promote giving to younger generations as well as encourage your friends and family to join in, creating a giant giving circle.
  8. 8. BECAUSE IT WORKS Through our own donations and time given to causes in Houston, Texas, we have seen firsthand the positive impacts on charitable giving to society. There’s always room for critiquing and bettering charitable practices around the world, but there is no denying that the impact is felt by society, businesses, and those in need.