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Get Latest Updates on Pinterest News

  1. 1. Nowadays Pinterest having more popular day by day,because lots of the peoples are using for making their collection viral over the internet. Basically, Pinterest is like a virtual pin board where you can organize all the pretty things that you find over the internet. Now till this point you understand "what ispinterest" but now I will revel, how can you use Pinterest in search engine optimization Perspective. It is wrong tosay that pinterest is just a social bookmarking website, nopinterest stands out among the other social bookmarking websites. Pinterest having the following characteristics:
  2. 2. Actually, Pinterest is nothing but a virtual pin board usedto manage all the beautiful images get from all around the world. As is also a social-networking website but used just for sharing the Images alone. It is such a nice way to show the world your creativity or can say your perspective.
  3. 3. Believe it or not but the user interface i.e where you tag up or pin the images is very user-friendly and easy to understand. This is such a nice platform for a normal user, but my friend if you are a Professional InternetMarketer you can use this platform as a SEO tool for your online business. Here SEO stands for the Search Engine Optimization. So pinterest is not just a social ismore than a media. In my opinion it is a big source of freetraffic. Ok let me tell you some of the specific functions of pinterest. These are:
  4. 4. Set up your Profile:-set up your keyword centric profile regarding yourself and your company or business. Share your Pages:-It makes pinterest easy and simple. Youshould share a link but how let me explain. Select a photoand pin it. Now share the link more than one time as long as it has more photos to share on it. All the links you created should valid links because they add an authority to your web pages.
  5. 5. Create Keyword Centric Richboard:-To get more about aniche or a specific industry, create a relevant pinboard andpost the images regarding your stuff and leave the links as well.
  6. 6. But also keep one important thing in mind that is Google Search Engine always validates you created links, whether they are under their algorithm or not and also on the Keyword Centric means the keywords for which you wantto get ranked. Here I am going to share my past experience with you, that how to use pinterest as a SEO tool: Set up your Profile:-first Construct up a keyword reach profile at pinterest concerning about yourself and your business!!
  7. 7. Share your Pages: As I told you it is very flexible in use and user friendly. For SEO you have to the share the link, but let me teach you, how can you implement this. Firstchoose an image relevant to your niche and tag it or pin it to in pin board area. Do one more thing try to hang multiple images and now share the links. Now the folks will analyze your images and redirect to website or blog through your links.
  8. 8. instead of using http:// as a prefix.. One more thing dont use html for anchor text. So these are the simple steps how you can promote your online business using
  9. 9.