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2010-12-04 weekly meeting


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Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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2010-12-04 weekly meeting

  1. 1. weekly meeting 2010/12/4 jooddang
  2. 2. agenda welcome s******* (share SOP) project popong update from system dept. update from jooddang update from unrealive study Engage chap. 1,2,3 ARs
  3. 3. welcome bahamut seungwoo kang K**** ‘0* majoring CS working in Webcash download SOP interests?
  4. 4. project POPONG We named our project!!! lol POPONG = Public Open POlitics engineeriNG socialpol, openpol, eyesonyou, public-driven => openpol or public-driven => 오타... 오픈퐁.. -_-; => 오픈퐁퐁, 국회퐁퐁, 퐁퐁퐁, etc... (domain occupied) => public pongpong => 포퐁... => 의미부여
  5. 5. system dept. session outlined system architecture set domain, and google apps download usage of google apps "", and mail setting site setting? wiki + groups (mailing) + file uploading + calendar? news scrapping? assemblymen info crawling?
  6. 6. jooddang session recruit (on-going) AI researcher(aka 지옥에서 온 개발자..ㅋㅋ): on discussion. will meet daybreaker in KAIST all-round player developer, bahamut: 낚았음! SNS researcher (Hwang in KAIST CT)? candidate collaborators in US push 1 month later after finishing project initiative 1st draft NA docs i've been sick.. sorry. :( discussed w/ suyeon kim, a former staff of an assemblyman
  7. 7. unrealive session ideas for web application? 고려해야 할 소셜 요소? target segment? (homogeneous, reachable, profitable(size/growth), measurable)
  8. 8. study "Engage" chap. 1,2,3 download from j**** discussion dismissed
  9. 9. AR(Action Required)s available?
  10. 10. AR(Action Required)s all: daybreaker: c******: bahamut: unrealive: j****: minshin: jooddang: 각자 메일로 받은 URL, engage 보고서 스터디해오 기