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2010-11-27 weekly meeting


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Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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2010-11-27 weekly meeting

  1. 1. weekly meeting 2010/11/27 jooddang
  2. 2. agenda welcome y******** (share SOP) & download a "lock-in" idea project naming - make up google sites update from daybreaker, c****** update from j****, jooddang ARs
  3. 3. youngjoon's session welcome y******** (clap your hands) share SOP (to be uploaded on project website) download a "lock-in" idea
  4. 4. project naming project naming make up google sites
  5. 5. system dept. session web framework python ok. flask? ; productivity web server apache + lighty? nginx? license (lighty; revised BSD, nginx;2-clause BSD-like license. ) DB; Local MySQL (master) + Raw MySQL (slave) on Amazon permalink 중요 designer co-work 용이성 API docs
  6. 6. service dept. session update from j****, jooddang
  7. 7. service dept. session recruit (on-going) AI researcher. sentiment analysis (지옥에서 온 개발자..ㅋㅋ) service part. intel. sociology. candidate collaborators in US William D. Eggers; gov2.0 thought leader ( Laurel Ruma; O'Reilly Media Gov 2.0 Evangelist ( John Clippinger; professor in Harvard Law School Todd Park; CTO of Health and Human Services NA docs 한자 처리. 어려운 용어, 문장 처리 -> 쉽게 need help of assemblyman staffs
  8. 8. AR(Action Required)s monthly system service; complete biz plan 1st draft weekly system; news scrap (features;rating? outsource?) service