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Joomla Request To Response


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Joomla request to response explains the flow of request and how Joomla framework handles it.

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Joomla Request To Response

  1. 1. Joomla: Request To Response
  2. 3. Request and Response
  3. 4. Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scene? I am here to tell you that…
  4. 5. Request is made
  5. 6. Load Framework
  6. 7. Create and Initialize Application Creating Initializing
  7. 8. onAfterInitialise event is fired Is utilized by system plugins like backlink, cache, legacy and remember me.
  8. 9. Route
  9. 10. onAfterRoute event is fired Is utilized by system plugin legacy.
  10. 11. Dispatch
  11. 12. onAfterDispatch event is fired Currently not utilized by core plugins
  12. 13. Render
  13. 14. onAfterRender event is fired Is utilized by system plugin like cache, SEF and Debug
  14. 15. Response received
  15. 16. Summary
  16. 17. Thank You!! Email : [email_address] Twitter : @thecancerus & @onlyPHP