Be a leader 11 qualities


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A leader is a Dealer in Hope/..............still to be a great leader he needs to possess some extraordinary qualities...........

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Be a leader 11 qualities

  2. 2. What are thequalities of goodleadership?How can you be adynamic, confidentand enthusiasticleader?
  3. 3. The first quality ofleadership is to setan example.A leader doesn’t justorder things; he doesit so that others cando it.
  4. 4. • Second aspect is that a leadertakes good care of thosewhom he is leading.
  5. 5. Third aspect is that he doesn’tcreate followers.A good leader creates leaders. Aleader should delegateresponsibility.
  6. 6. • The fourth quality is that a leaderdoes not depend on authority. Hejust does a thing, whetherauthority is invested or not.
  7. 7. • The fifth aspect of leadership is that hedoes not worry about position. Therespect you get through a position isshort-lived and temporary. The respectyou gain because you are a nice person,is genuine, it lasts long. It isspontaneous.
  8. 8. • The sixth quality is that a leaderis alert and when challengescome, he is not disturbed. Agood leader is one who doesnot drop things whenchallenges appear.
  9. 9. The seventh quality of agood leader is one whodoes not care for comfort,but who stretches himselfbeyond the comfort zone.
  10. 10. The eighth aspect is that a leader shouldnot mix head and heart. When you haveto work, you work with commitment andyou live with your head.In life, in situations other than when youare working, listen to your heart.
  11. 11. • The ninth quality of a good leader is thathe should be multi-dimensional and seefrom the other’s point of view. Putyourself in other person’s shoes, lookfrom the other person’s point of view.
  12. 12. The tenth aspect is that the leader doesn’tdepend on one-sided information.When you get some news from one side,don’t take any decision or conclusion tillyou hear from the other side also. Aleader should be a good communicator.
  13. 13. • The eleventh is that a leadershould have a direct approach.
  14. 14. The twelfth quality of a good leader is not tojudge oneself. You have this tendency ofjudging yourself,The self-judgment is an obstruction. A child isso innocent, why? Because the child doesn’tjudge itself.