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  1. 1. Team: IRISCreated by-Radiowave
  2. 2. Company SummaryStephanie Thoeuk, a high-school student has been involved in technovationfor two years, decided to join this team as the designerHang Nguyen is the one responsible for distributing our survey around ourcommunity as well as creating the layout for our app.Giselle Verbera our CEO, is responsible for leading our group to success.Vi Nguyen is responsible for marketing.
  3. 3. Executive SummaryWhat do we want to accomplish?Our main priority in creating this app is to help our community by aiding the foundation of the community-PARENTS!
  4. 4. Product DescriptionWho is Iris?• A budget and reminder app.• Iris focuses on personal and business needs.• You can manage your money• You set reminders for yourself
  5. 5. Iris- in Action
  6. 6. Iris Budget
  7. 7. Iris Budget Scan
  8. 8. Iris budget Box
  9. 9. Iris Remember
  10. 10. IRIS Remember
  11. 11. Remember Box
  12. 12. Market Analysis• Hard- working parents that need to better organize their time and manage their money• Desired Market Range: World Wide, but if not, we wish to at least gain attention of the parent Android users in California.• Competitors: Budget(APPLE), CER and COR (ANROID) - keeping track of budgets and appointment dates• IRIS - combination of budget and reminders
  13. 13. Strategy & Implementation• Use an affiliate network, social networks• Advertise through editors and writers in articles• Launch app: Limited time deals• Post launch: feedback from customers, and how to improve• Distribute through Google Play....
  14. 14. Financial Analysis• Low price - just $2.99• Banks sponsor Iris• Private business owners can also donate money by paying to have an advertisements of their company on Iris.• This year- 200 customers Next year- 300 customers Our revenue for the next two years should be around $1500.
  15. 15. Thank you for listening!