Are you aware of these 10 reasons to buy a home now?


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Are you aware of these 10 reasons to buy a home now?
If not you should be!

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Are you aware of these 10 reasons to buy a home now?

  1. 1. #1 MORTGAGE RATES WILL RISE Though at historic lows, there are factors that play into current rates, such as support from the Federal Reserve and moderate economic growth. Rates have gone up and may continue to do so.
  2. 2. #2 FEDERAL RESERVE SUPPORTS WILL END Speaking of support, the question is open as to how long the Fed will manage rates.
  3. 3. #3 HOME PRICES ARE INCREASING With sellers markets forming in many areas around the country, homebuyers should act now before prices rise even more.
  4. 4. #4 FHA INCREASING COSTS In order to boost the FHA reserve fund that was wiped out in the housing crash, lawmakers have increased mortgage insurance premiums and raising credit score requirements.
  5. 5. #5 HOMES SALES ARE INCREASING Home sales are increasing which is making it harder to find the perfect home. If you wait too long, there is a good chance you will not find many suitable homes to choose from.
  6. 6. #6 RISING RENTS With rents rising at round 3% growth each year, taking advantage of affordable homes right now can benefit the buyer in the long run.
  7. 7. #7 MORTGAGE-INTEREST DEDUCTION Certain lawmakers have proposed reducing the deduction or doing away with it altogether. Currently, the deduction is still in play and hasn’t been reduced yet.
  8. 8. #8 INCREASED AFFORDABILITY The National Housing Affordability index predicts the third-highest reading on record for 2013. In simple terms, this means that 2013 is a great time to buy before home prices and mortgage interest rates rise.
  9. 9. #9 DELINQUENCIES HAVE BEGUN TO WANE The continued decline of mortgage delinquencies will help to firm home prices and increase confidence of those looking to purchase.
  10. 10. #10 DESIRABILITY IS BACK As opposed to ten years ago, people are less worried about losing their jobs. Prices have stopped falling in many areas. Home sales have picked up and banks are seeing fewer foreclosures.
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