Washing room shower enclosures


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It is the ideal solution for a small bathroom and by installing washing room shower enclosures you can give a wider appearance to your bathroom and thus increase not only the aesthetic value of the bathroom but also the value of your house.

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Washing room shower enclosures

  1. 1. The importance of shower enclosures till a few decades ago, washing rooms meant glassenclosure with an aluminum frame aroundit or a simple shower curtain. After much research and study, the shower rooms have got a new getup and have been so modeled that it adds a modern feel and sophistication to your bathroom. In the 21st century, keepingin mind the growing demand of better lifestyle and modern amenities, newer models of shower enclosures are introduced in the market to spruce upyour bathroom and increase the value of your home on the whole. Washing room shower enclosures is a device that makes it possible to alter the function of a bathtub to allow the option of enjoying a tub bath or taking a shower. It can be created using relatively simple materials or be designed as per the requiredinstallation and sealing sections that completely box in the bathing area making your bathing experience comfortable and cozy. It accentuates your sense of style and adds an aesthetic value to your house by a simple change in the layout of your bathroom letting you increase the style quotient.
  2. 2. Frameless shower door is a very popular option right now because of itsflexibility. Itis a frameless glass enclosure that lends itself to any style, whether it's a clean, sleek design that appeals to modern tastes or a simple and understated one with an elegant and classic look. The glassitself is fairlyeasy to clean and maintain and is a great way to showcase your shower. Among an array or door types and series to choose from, when installing shower enclosures you can select the door that will suit your requirement and make your bathroom more spacious, utility friendly and give you’re bathing a new and fresh experience.
  3. 3. So installing a shower enclosure with a shower door can beautify your bathroom and make your bathing experience more cozy and comfortable. But a few things must be kept in mind wheninstalling which are as follows: 1) Functionality: To install the shower enclosure you must understand the functionality. Sokeep into account the parameters that happen to be essential to ones safety, and keeping water where it ought to be. 2) Shower door: You must determine the door that you wish to install. It can be curved, screened or straight,frameless or aluminum framed, frosted or clear glass, the choice is solely on your preference and requirements. The thing about frameless shower doors is that it adds a sense of style to the shower enclosure and the bathroom décor more sophisticated with a modern touch. 3) Proper installation: Just setting up a shower enclosure is notenough. One has to make sure that it has been properly installed so that after your shower water does notflow outinto puddles outside and also the frames and doors are securelyinstalled so that there is no gap between the frame and the door by which the water may flow out of the enclosure. Make sure to get it installed by professionals and see that the construction is done well. 4) Balanced division: Divide the shower space from the bathroom area and install the showers, cabinets and door in the place so that there isenough space in the bathroom andit does not look clumsy or small.
  4. 4. 5) Cost and maintenance: Be ready paying a good price for a superior quality shower enclosure together with shower door, as it is definitely investment that will last you for many years. On top of that the shower enclosures are reallyeasy to maintain and by simple methods can also be cleaned by you without any additional cost or labor. So get hold of the professionals and install washing room shower enclosures to give your bathroom the modern feel keeping in mind the aesthetic value and sophistication. For more details contact us on : Foshan Dabbl Sanitary Ware Company Address : Xingjiao Road,Sanzhou Hecheng,Gaoming District, Foshan City,Guangdong.China Zip – 528500 Website : http://www.dabbl.de/ email-id- sale3@dabbl.com Tel: 0086-757-8862986 , Fax: 0086-757-88629695