Smart Map solution for franchise - Telekom Malaysia


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Smart Map solution for franchise - Telekom Malaysia

  1. 1. For Effective & Informed Decision Making
  2. 2. Business Needs Business Business Business Planning Operation PerformanceAnswering questions Demarcation Assess your business regarding your & Delivery area, performance against business planning Marketing campaign, your location Asset recording
  3. 3. What is SmartMap?Import User Data into SmartMap SmartMap Informed • web based application Business Decision • geo spatial analysis tools SmartMap contents
  4. 4. SmartMapTM Contents Expenditure DemographicSatelliteimagery Property value & Property lotBase Map Yellow Pages Point of Interests
  5. 5. What is Smartmap?Cloud computingapplication- Softwareas a Service (SaaS) Share data across your organization
  6. 6. SAMPLE CASE STUDY:#1: Business Expansion: Where is the best location to set up my new branch?
  7. 7. How many people in this area?What is their income level?What is their spending pattern like?How many business customers in this area? Where are my competitors?
  8. 8. Search location of interest
  9. 9. Market potential analysis (ring analysis)
  10. 10. Verify number of households and its concentration
  11. 11. Business information; Identify Competitors
  12. 12. View what is really on the ground
  13. 13. SAMPLE CASE STUDY:#2: Business Performance: What is my market share?
  14. 14. What is my market share? Why is this outlet not performing well compared to my other outlets?Any correlation of outlet’s performance with theoutlet’s location?
  15. 15. Visualize Your Branches Revenue RM2.80M Why SS20 outlet revenue is higher compared to Mutiara Damansara? RM3.60M
  16. 16. What is the population within 1km radius?
  17. 17. Mutiara Damansara ~ Number of population & its concentration No of households: 5,128 Revenue: RM2,800,000
  18. 18. SS20 ~ Number of population & its concentration No of households: 4,150 Revenue: RM3,600,000
  19. 19. Comparisons Analysis Items Mutiara SS20’s Outlet Comparison Damansara’s OutletNo of 5,128 4,150 24%Household (Mutiara Damansara higher)Yearly 2,800,000 3,600,000 22%Revenue (Mutiara(RM) Damansara lesser) Why is this happening?
  20. 20. Check My Competitions Mutiara Damansara has more competitors within the same radius. Do similar analysis to other outlets and see whether there is a pattern between best and worst performed branches
  21. 21. SAMPLE CASE STUDY:#3: Business Operation: Did I cover effectively all my potential market?
  22. 22. Do I serve all my potential customer?Which area should I focus on marketing?
  23. 23. Branch’s service area
  24. 24. Populate existing customers on the map
  25. 25. Comparison between current vs potential customer Potential customers: 172 Existing customers: 21 Potential customers: 364 Existing customers: 31Potential customers: 355Existing customers: 18 Potential customers: 405 Existing customers: 5
  26. 26. Where are the potential customers? No. of potential customers: 364 No. of existing customers: 31
  27. 27. SAMPLE CASE STUDY:#4: Business Operation: Did I cover effectively all my potential market?
  28. 28. Is this area within the delivery area?Which branch does the service areabelongs to?
  29. 29. Draw service or delivery area
  30. 30. Identify the road/street in an service/delivery area
  31. 31. Visit us 1300-88-iMAP (4627)Email: Thank you!