Qinetics case study


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Qinetics case study

  1. 1. Microsoft Office System Customer Solution Case Study Qinetics’ Enterprise Information Portal automates HR processes, boosts productivity system Overview “Qinetics decided to run Enterprise Information Portal Country or Region: Malaysia primarily on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Industry: Information Technology because it is more stable and secure.” Customer Profile Brent Lee, Senior Technical Manager, Qinetics Solutions Berhad Established in July 2000, Qinetics Solutions Berhad is a global company headquartered in Malaysia that delivers Internet services and enterprise solutions to customers around the world. Hood Abu Bakar, MISC General Manager, Information & Communication Technology Qinetics Solutions Berhad, which specializes in Internet services Business Situation and enterprise solutions in the region, saw the potential to develop To meet growing demand from corporations and small-medium products targeting management and automation solutions to enterprises, Qinetics developed a suite of corporations and small-medium enterprises. This resulted in the office collaboration applications to help companies increase productivity and office development of its Enterprise Information Portal (EIP), a suite of efficiency. office collaboration applications that enables companies to Solution increase staff productivity and office efficiency by improving Qinetics opted to develop its Enterprise collaboration and workflow. Qinetics leveraged on Microsoft .NET Information Portal (EIP) on Microsoft .NET technologies and Microsoft Office technologies and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server to offer SharePoint Server. automation tools for efficient management of complex operational Benefits processes and functions on a platform that strengthens user  Automation and increased productivity control, boosts security, as well as allows quick deployment and  Increased cost savings  User friendly and customizable customization to meet diverse policy environments and operational  Enhanced security configurations.
  2. 2. Situation eLeave application allows employees to apply Since its inception in July 2000, Qinetics for leave anytime and anywhere. The Solutions Berhad (Qinetics), a global application is eco-friendly as it creates a company headquartered in Malaysia, has paperless office environment that improves progressively expanded into Internet services the efficiency of leave application and and enterprise solutions in the region. approval processes. The eClaim application, meanwhile, allows employees to make claims Its subsidiary Web Commerce using a structured process. It has advanced Communications Limited (WEBCC) is the configurable features to automate and largest ICANN Accredited Registrar in standardize much of the detailed calculations Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. such as mileage claims and multicurrency Qinetics, which has recorded and managed support. more than 600,000 domain name registrations in 40 countries, is committed to “EIP is an evolving suite of applications with provide solutions and services that are the existing flagship applications continually flexible, intuitive and cost-effective. being upgraded and enhanced. Qinetics plans to add more modules such as As a Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) eRequisition, eResourceBooking, eHelpdesk pioneer-status company capitalizing on and eInventory”, says Brent Lee, Senior research and development, Qinetics is Technical Manager of Qinetics. backed by a 60-strong team of professionals, resources and technologies that continually EIP incorporates web2.0 and unified innovate to address business opportunities communications to enhance collaborations and challenges faced by its clients and among employees, which includes blogs, partners. These growing challenges that forums, instant messaging, calendar/event demand consistent quality meant Qinetics sharing, announcements, etc. Users can had to ensure its in-house customization of personalize their landing site according to products, solutions and systems for a wide their preference and work priority. There is no range of Internet focused businesses can be technical learning curve for administrators as effectively sustained by the right use of EIP features drag-and-drop and user friendly advanced technologies. content management. Other features such as multi-site support, access control and Qinetics recognized the need to develop document sharing are among the many products for the local market targeting others that have already been incorporated management and automation solutions to with ongoing improvements. corporations and small-medium enterprises. This provided the impetus for the development of the Enterprise Information Solution Portal (EIP), a modular off-the-shelf Enterprise In the building of EIP, the Microsoft platform Collaboration System for Human Resource provided a definitive technological boost, and Intranet management, in 2007. offering rich online resources above its suite of cutting edge technologies as well as the EIP is essentially a suite of office promise of reducing development time. collaboration applications that enable companies to increase staff productivity and Riding on the advantage of Microsoft .NET office efficiency by improving collaboration technologies and Microsoft Office SharePoint and workflow. For example, the component Server nicely complements EIP’s unique
  3. 3. selling points, which promises quick Automation and increased productivity deployment within a week, enhanced user An EIP implementation essentially helps control, flexibility and leveraging on Active companies to eliminate manual processes Directory. and paperwork. In the case of Berjaya Sompo Insurance, the EIP eLeave system is currently Developed on VB.NET, EIP is based on built-in benefiting its more than 500 staff. industry practices and user-friendly interfaces resulting from Qinetics’ extensive research With the eLeave system, the leave application with small and medium industry (SMI) process was entirely automated, minimizing companies. Lee adds that Qinetics decided to the need for HR to support user enquiries. run EIP primarily on Microsoft Office This benefits the HR personnel as it enables SharePoint Server which allows programmers them to better utilize their time for other key to build dynamic websites, applications and areas of work. “The EIP system has a services and for users to work in a Web- complete set of features that any HR based collaborative environment. department would appreciate such as tools for year-end closures, carry forwards, leave EIP also supports multiple content adjustments and so on,” says Lee. management systems (CMS) to meet the policy environments typical of diversely-run Likewise with eClaims, claims are automated Human Resource departments. The company and this again eliminates a lot of paper work. provides the option for customers to deploy When the data is entered into the system, the EIP on the free and professional versions of total records can be churned out for dotNetNuke, an Open Source Web content particular months and imported into the management system and application accounting system as well. All records are development framework for Microsoft .NET. tallied and do not need to be manually verified one by one. The EIP system has already made a significant impact for a number of businesses “These advanced features greatly reduce the as Qinetics has clinched deals with manual mistakes and enhances efficiency in corporations such Berjaya Group, U Mobile the claims process, and the result is and Berjaya Sompo Insurance Bhd (BSI) for employees get their claims approval faster system development and enhancement work and the finance department saves time in the of its EIP system. verification process. The work flow is also improved. For example, Benefits a leave application requires approval of the supervisor or immediate head before the Qinetics has leveraged on the Microsoft application moves up to the next level of advantage to offer companies automation scrutiny. “As it is now automated, when an tools for efficient management of otherwise immediate supervisor is not available, the complex operational processes and functions application automatically shifts to the next across subsidiaries on a platform that higher up authority for approval,” Lee says. strengthens user control, boosts security, as well as allows quick deployment and Cost savings customization to meet diverse policy Lee points out that one of the main benefits environments and operational configurations. of using EIP for internal management of operations and data is cost savings.
  4. 4. “Compared to conventional management, Enhanced security companies using the solution could cut costs The use of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server up to 40 percent.” in EIP provides customers with the added assurance that their company’s data is well All the time that could be saved processing protected. Lee points out that Qinetics claims, requisitions, leaves and finance decided to run EIP primarily on Microsoft matters related to Human Resource Office SharePoint Server 2007 because it is translates into substantial cost savings. “more stable and secure in that Qinetics Instead of spending hours manually cross- could run a lot of codes and settings on it checking files and records for transaction that could be programmed to effectively vet accuracy, staff expertise could be redeployed user access and unknown installations.” effectively for higher value-added tasks. With Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, Lee Even integrating data from Human Resource adds, plug-ins need to be configured before it and other departments into the accounting could be in the application, and this adds to system, means double entries by users and better security as unauthorized users and relevant departments could be eliminated. unknown installations can be blocked. Lee “Essentially, centralized document control explains that EIP essentially provides helps to track and avoid missing or misplaced companies with a secure unified access point documents. Time previously used to recover and is designed to integrate the information or locate documents is saved,” says Lee. within the organization through internet services. On top of it all, the time needed to deploy EIP is less than a week, and this in itself ensures To sum up, Lee states the EIP applications the solution is up and running in no time. enable companies to increase staff productivity and office efficiency by improving User friendly and customizable collaboration and workflow. “They will As EIP supports multiple companies with transform your company into an intelligent diverse configurations, those with enterprise,” he adds. subsidiaries stand to benefit from using the solution as all that is required is to add the branch number and assign the relevant staff to that particular branch following the right Human Resource codes. “In other words, EIP is highly configurable and it can be done by the company itself as it is very user friendly,” says Lee. Users also benefit from sharing a lot of information through the network. This means the HR department does not need to process a mountain of records manually and repeatedly as leaves, claims, and requisitions could all be automated.
  5. 5. For More Information Microsoft Office System For more information about Microsoft The Microsoft Office system is the business products and services, call the Microsoft world’s chosen environment for information Sales Information Center at (800) 426- work, providing the programs, servers, and 9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft services that help you succeed by Canada Information Centre at (877) 568- transforming information into impact. 2495. Customers who are deaf or hard-of- hearing can reach Microsoft text telephone For more information about the Microsoft (TTY/TDD) services at (800) 892-5234 in Office system, go to: the United States or (905) 568-9641 in www.microsoft.com/office Canada. Outside the 50 United States and Canada, please contact your local Microsoft subsidiary. To access information using the World Wide Web, go to: www.microsoft.com For more information about Qinetics Solutions Berhad’s products and services, call +(603) 8996 6788 or visit the Web site at: www.qinetics.net Software and Services  Technologies Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 © 2010 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This case  Products study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Microsoft, Example: Active Directory, Windows, the Windows logo, Windows Server, and Windows Server System are either − registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. Document published August 2010