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Leverage Cloud Computing for the enterprise market


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Leverage Cloud Computing for the enterprise market

  1. 1. GRAHA + CITRA + DATA Cloud Computing 101 Shedding Light on Cloud Computing Cloud+IA Presented by Ismail Awab CEO of PT. Graha Citra DataWE SECURE YOUR DATA
  2. 2. GRAHA + CITRA + DATA 2 Agenda Introduction to Cloud Computing IaaS and GCD’s Cloud + IA How Does Cloud + IA Work Cloud+IAWE SECURE YOUR DATA
  3. 3. GRAHA + CITRA + DATA 3 Shedding Light on Cloud Computing So what is Cloud Computing? Cloud is infrastructure that is: • Multi-tenant: Shared infrastructure components to reduce individual cost • Elastic: Scalable, flexible resource allocation; Ability to burst into available resources • Virtual: Infrastructure is abstracted from the buyer; Buyer incurs cost as variable OPEXWE SECURE YOUR DATA
  4. 4. GRAHA + CITRA + DATA 4 “ Cloud Computing is a style of delivering IT services to users without the need for the user to buy, install, manage or own any infrastructure. Everything will be delivered to you as a service – from computing power to business “ processes to personal interactions – wherever, however, and whenever you need it.WE SECURE YOUR DATA
  5. 5. GRAHA + CITRA + DATA 6 Cloud offers broad choices of delivery models Private Public IT capabilities are provided “as a IT activities / functions are service,” over an intranet, within the provided “as a service,” enterprise and behind own firewall over the Internet Private Shared Public 1 2 3 4 Enterprise A Enterprise Enterprise Enterprise Deployment User A User B User C data center data center Enterprise B models Enterprise C User D User E Private Managed Hosted cloud private cloud private cloud DC owned & DC Shared Public access to operated operated cloud services cloud services Internal and external service delivery Hybrid methods are integratedWE SECURE YOUR DATA
  6. 6. GRAHA + CITRA + DATA 7 IT Dilemma: Without CloudWE SECURE YOUR DATA
  7. 7. GRAHA + CITRA + DATA 8 IT Solution: With CloudWE SECURE YOUR DATA
  8. 8. GRAHA + CITRA + DATA 9 Benefits of Moving to the CloudWE SECURE YOUR DATA
  9. 9. GRAHA + CITRA + DATA 10 Cloud Solves Customer Challenges CHALLENGE SOLUTION PROVIDED BY CLOUD Greater Competition Allows you to get to market faster with new and enhanced services, surpassing competition by generating more sales and satisfying more customers. GCD provides the IT equipment and infrastructure management. Only minimal IT Limited IT Resources personnel needed on the customer end to sign up for, and administer, the service. Plus, no capital resources or contracts are required since the service is usage- based (pay only for what you use). By leaving nonrevenue-generating IT tasks to GCD, your staff is free to focus on Pressure to Achieve improving and differentiating your core business. Plus, costs are predictable More with Less and controlled through spending limits and spending alerts, allowing you to maximise spending, manage budgets and justify business cases. Allows you to scale capacity or launch new services instantly to meet changing Anticipating customer demands. Prevents over - and under-provisioning, while allowing Customer Demands you to keep customers satisfied. Plus, it’s a local service, reducing latency and delivering a premium customer experience. Inability to Quickly Computing capacity can be scaled up or down instantly over the Internet, Change IT Capacity reducing product delays, improving productivity, increasing customer satisfaction, reducing idle resources and capital waste.WE SECURE YOUR DATA
  10. 10. GRAHA + CITRA + DATA 11 Where to Start? Software Development Project Development & Staging Environment SoHo DRC, Back-up, Office Storage System, e.g Business Financial, Continuity HR, Email system Enterprise Applications Enterprise Internet Solution Applications Website Applications, Expansion SaaS On demand ApplicationsWE SECURE YOUR DATA
  11. 11. GRAHA + CITRA + DATA 12 Cloud vs. Traditional Hosting - Implementation Co-Location Dedicated Hosting Cloud Hosting Time Weeks to Months Days to Weeks Minutes Scalability Slowest, Rigid & Slower, somewhat Instant, Flexible, Pay-per- Costly flexible, costly usage Cost High CAPEX Costly, sometimes OPEX based month/year contracts, no CAPEXWE SECURE YOUR DATA
  12. 12. GRAHA + CITRA + DATA 13 IntroductionWE SECURE YOUR DATA
  13. 13. GRAHA + CITRA + DATA 14 Cloud + IA Cloud + IA; Pronounce ‘Claudia’ is short for “Cloud + Integrated Appliances” is designed for ease of mind in Managing IT Operations. Our promise to Customers are: “ Managing IT Operations through Operational Expenses (OPEX), Service Level Objectives (SLO) & “ Service Level Agreement (SLA)WE SECURE YOUR DATA
  14. 14. GRAHA + CITRA + DATA 15 Cloud + IA How it works What it is? • Managed through a self-service web portal that • GRAHA + CITRA + DATA’ flexible, cost-effective IaaS offers business-class controls and features solution • Allows dynamic addition and removal of virtual • Variable computing power required to meet changing servers, storage capacity and metered Internet business needs, exactly when needed connectivity in real-time • Offers pay-per-use pricing, security and a service level agreement Why GRAHA + CITRA + DATA? Why Indonesia ─ why now? • Unique strengths come together via the cloud • Proactively enabling Indonesia Enterprise • The integrated value of a regional network and Computing users to solve pressing, timely business managed services provider challenges • Global reach - local expertise • Leveraging our local knowledge and global reach • Provides the ability to conduct business in different to launch in Indonesia, region, then worldwide currencies across several buying modelsWE SECURE YOUR DATA
  15. 15. GRAHA + CITRA + DATA 16 How does Cloud + IA work? Sign up for the service Use our online form or speak with a sales representative Choose a payment method Your choice of pre and- post-paid options or corporate invoicing Instantly provision virtual servers Pick an OS image; load balance with a click of a button Scale up or down Server instances, storage and bandwidth are easily scaled as neededWE SECURE YOUR DATA
  16. 16. GRAHA + CITRA + DATA 17 Our Offerings We offer highly scalable hosting platform & on- demand burst computing What we offer? • CPU, Memory, Disk • Sold by the hour or on subscription • Prices from US80/month for a small server. • You are only billed for what you use (pre-paid & post-paid)WE SECURE YOUR DATA
  17. 17. GRAHA + CITRA + DATA 18 Ultra-flexible computing power, as you need it: • Scale your server up or down, depending on the resources you need. • Fully self-managed via web control panel or API, with Root access. • Add new server instances, in minutes • Turn them off when not needed.WE SECURE YOUR DATA
  18. 18. GRAHA + CITRA + DATA Broad Overview of Cloud Service Offerings Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) Infrastructure-As-A-Service (IaaS) PUBLIC CLOUD PRIVATE PUBLIC CLOUD HYBRID CLOUD Virtual Machines CLOUD Virtual Machines and/or Physical Machines Solutions VAS Options Connectivity (Provided by Partners) Accounting/Financial/HR Acceleration-as-a-Service Managed Services Point-to-Point M Solutions Storage-as-a-Service Managed Network Meg@POP Biz Software Suite Solutions BackUp-as-a-Service Connect Plus Data Security & Protections Monitoring-as-a-Service Biz Intelligence/Workflow Solutions Content Delivery-as-a- Service CRM/Communications/M arketing Solutions Security-as-a-Service SME’s Large EnterpriseWE SECURE YOUR DATA
  19. 19. GRAHA + CITRA + DATA 21 Business Class Security Cloud + IA offers built-in security features including: Business grade firewalls that limit unauthorised access to customer data A secure MPLS on-ramp. MPLS customers are provided (upon request) with no-charge MPLS VPN connections to the Cloud + IA platform for added security over the network connection User/project controls built into the web portal that allow Master User to oversee access and permissions for security and cost control Operations and data centers built to highest security standards (GRAHA + CITRA + DATA data center adheres to the most stringent international standards in data and information security management such as ISO 20000, ISO 27001, TIA 942 and SAS 70 Type II)WE SECURE YOUR DATA
  20. 20. GRAHA + CITRA + DATA 23 Why Choose Cloud + IA Competitive Pricing Buy exactly the capacity you need, when you need it, by the hour or by monthly subscription. Run PC Operating Standard installs of Debian Linux, Ubuntu Linux, Centos Linux and System and Software Windows Server 2008. Many Open Source CDs available, including Red Hat, Fedora Linux, FreeBSD and OpenSolaris. Multiple Data Centers Multiple local data centers; CXJ (Jakarta), Biznet (Bogor) and Elitery (Bogor). Fast direct links to CX2 and CX5 (Cyberjaya, Malaysia). 99.95% SLA, 50x credits 100% availability for your running servers. Credit of 50 times the fees for periods of unavailability. See our Terms of Service for legal terms. Scalable web hosting Instantly add cloud computing capacity for growth or peaks in demand. Back Up & Disaster Maintain backups in the cloud of your servers elsewhere, ready to bring Recovery online. Prototype & Demos Instant capacity, no commitment, globally accessible. Cloud Bursting Burst to our on-demand capacity when your own servers are full.WE SECURE YOUR DATA
  21. 21. GRAHA + CITRA + DATA 24 Key Advantages • Lower cost of ownership – ZERO CAPEX • Reduce infrastructure management responsibility • Allow for unexpected resource loads • Faster application rollout • No more expensive IT expenditures and resourcesWE SECURE YOUR DATA
  22. 22. GRAHA + CITRA + DATA 25 GCD Unique Proposition • Scalability - the flexibility to increase or decrease capacity, storage, and functionality without purchasing additional hardware or software . Budgeting for IT becomes exponentially easier. • Reliability - virtual elimination of downtime due to hardware failure, power interruption in your office, Virus/ Malware which can cause tragic data loss • Eliminates expenses and Improve Cash Flow – Your IT Infrastructure resources can be dynamically scale up based on your business, projects or even employees. .. When you only pay for what you use, your IT overhead is reduced and money is saved. GOODBYE TO HARDWAREWE SECURE YOUR DATA
  23. 23. Thank YouGRAHA + CITRA + DATA WE SECURE YOUR DATA © 2010 GRAHA + CITRA + DATA Ltd., All Rights Reserved