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Is Mobile Media strategy relevant for big corporate?


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Is Mobile Media strategy relevant for big corporate?

  1. 1. CIMB Niaga Branchless Banking“Internet and Mobile Banking” September 2012
  2. 2. Overview  1 billion users estimated in 2014  65% in Asia Pacific  Quadruple rate of growth in 2011 onwards  5-20% bank income from online transaction & mobile banking (source: Berg Insight & Juniper Research)Massive Opportunity  Indonesia’s middle class will get wealthier  73% of population in indonesia use mobile phone
  3. 3. Survey and Research In the course of the next 10 years, a new generation—Generation C—will emerge. Born after 1990, these “digital natives,” just now beginning to attend university and enter the July 2011: Based on Nielsens survey workforce, will transform the world as we know 48 percent of Internet users in Indonesia used a it. Their interests will help drive massive change mobile phone to access the Internet, whereas another 13 percent used other handheld multimedia in how people around the world socialize, work, devices, the highest dependence on mobile Internet and live their passions—and in the information access in Southeast Asia and communication technologies they use to do so. May 2011: Based on TNS research Source : Booz & Company analysis Indonesia is the worlds second largest number of Facebook users and the third largest number of Twitter users. 87 percent of Indonesians who go online have social networking site accounts Are you ready to Based on Yahoo Net Index survey released in July 2011 Internet in Indonesia sat in the second row after television. 89 percent of users connected to social networking, 72 percent web browsing and 61 percent read the news
  4. 4. The Fastest & Widest AccessPrima All DevicesBersama Bill Payment
  5. 5. Capabilities
  6. 6. Who Are The Target Customers? The Market What They Need Connectivity Unbanked Gen C Accessibility Gen Y Flexibility Gen C : Born after 1990 Gen Y : Born after 198073% of Indonesia Middle-Class Population Uses Mobile Phone
  7. 7. Brand Association Cool Secure Easy Wide Fast Access Convenience Flexible
  8. 8. Thank You
  9. 9. Instant Internet Banking
  10. 10. Fitur Lainnya Manage My AccountTransfer - Account Inquiry- to my CIMB account - View/download transactions- to other’s CIMB account - View scheduled transactions- to accounts in other banks • Clearing (SKN) • RTGS- Overseas remittanceBill Payments- Mobile phone Prepaid Reload- Electricity - Mobile phone- Education - Entertainment:- Loan instalment (Blitzmegaplex)- Internet/Cable TV - Prepaid Electricity- Insurance- Flight ticketsContact Us Other Services- Compose Message - Change mPIN profile• Inquiries - Change email address• Others - Change password - Manage account view - Manage transaction limit
  11. 11. mPIN registration via ATM, mPIN is additional dynamic SST, Website password security required to perform financial transaction in Activation via Website CIMB Clicks. It is only sent to registered mobile number for Manage & send mPIN added security and can only be request used once.Use mPIN to transact in CIMB Clicks
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