Invitation to Stage 1 of Commercialisation Lab


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Invitation to Stage 1 of Commercialisation Lab

  1. 1. 30 May 2011Dear Sir/Madam,Re. INVITATION TO COMMERCIALISATION LABThe business environment is getting tougher and globalisation means that if yourcustomers are not satisfied they can easily go to China, Vietnam, Europe or the USAto find products and services to fulfil their needs. Malaysian businesses now need tofight and work harder just to survive and keep pace with the rapidly changing world.To be successful and stay one step ahead of the competition, companies need to bewilling to adapt, push boundaries and explore new ways of fulfilling their customers’needs; they need to innovate. Innovation can create new wealth for businessesthrough revenue generation and cost savings; innovation is the defining factorbetween being an industry leader, and being part of the chasing pack.AIM (Agensi Inovasi Malaysia), a statutory body managed by the PMO (PrimeMinister’s Office), has been mandated with two key tasks, namely to facilitate wealthcreation through innovation, and to boost the innovation eco-system. To facilitatewealth creation AIM wants to introduce innovations to Malaysian businesses to assistthem to grow. AIM has identified 43 innovations that solve problems and fufill theneeds faced by companies and their customers today.Each of the 43 innovations clearly address and relieve “pain points” that are felt bythe relevant markets. Offering these innovations to the market would providecompanies with a clear advantage over their competitors and allow them todifferentiate themselves from other industry players.AIM is seeking interested parties who are keen to grow their business, generate newrevenue and become industry leaders to commercialise the 45 innovations. Wewould like to offer you the opportunity to supply new products and services to yourcustomers; products and services that will offer potential profits for you, and deliverbenefits for your customers.To facilitate the process and enhance the success rate AIM is conducting aCommercialisation Lab for the 43 innovations. During the Commercialisation Lab theowners of the innovations and the interested parties will: 1. Learn more about the innovations 2. Build a business case for the innovations 3. Discuss and agree licensing/purchase terms for the innovations 4. Develop a detailed roadmap that specifies the steps that need to be taken, and the milestones that need to be achieved to bring the innovation to the market 1
  2. 2. The first stage of the Lab, Introduction to the Innovations, will be a 3-day process thatwill consist of presentations by the innovation owners and display booths where youcan touch, feel and hold the innovations as well as discuss them with the owners.Please view the attached agenda for further details on Stage 1 of the Lab.Following Stage 1 of the Lab, interested parties will be asked to identify whichinnovations they are interested in commercialising and to commit to Stages 2-4 of theLab which will take place over a duration of four consecutive working weeks. Inreturn for their commitment interested parties will be given access to regulators;financers such as banks, VCs, and Angel Investors; potential customers; lawyers;government; and the innovation owners. The purpose of the Lab is to rapidly andeffectively overcome all of the hinderances and difficulties that the interested partieswill face when commercialising the innovations and allow them to exploit the fullpotential of the innovations.We encourage you to take this opportunity to attend Stage 1 of theCommercialisation Lab and look for new products or services that will give you anadvantage over your competitors and generate new revenue. Some information oneach of the 45 innovations can be found at look forward to meeting you at the Commercialisation Lab.Yours sincerely,Dato’ Dr. Kamal Jit SinghCEO 2
  3. 3. LocationSunway Resort Hotel & Spa,Persiaran Lagoon,Bandar Sunway,46150 Petaling Jaya,SelangorA map to Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa can be found at: TimeMonday 6 June 2011 8:30 AM – 6:00 PMTuesday 7 June 2011 8:30 AM – 6:00 PMWednesday 8 June 2011 8:30 AM – 4:30 PMRegistration opens at 8:30 AM and the presentations begin at 9:00 AM. For adetailed schedule please refer to the attached agenda.Lunch along with tea and coffee breaks will be catered for. Please inform us of anyspecial dietry needs at least 72 hours before the event.Please confirm your attendance by either:Faxing this response form to +603 8319 3499;Or emailing your confirmation to address:Telephone Number: Morning Session Afternoon Session Monday 6 June 2011 Attending/Not Attending Attending/Not Attending Tuesday 7 June 2011 Attending/Not Attending Attending/Not AttendingWednesday 8 June 2011 Attending/Not Attending Attending/Not Attending 3
  4. 4. COMMERCIALISATION LAB STAGE 1 INTRODUCTION TO THE INNOVATIONSAgenda for Day 1: 6 June 2011, Monday Time Projects By 9:00 AM Introduction AIM Agro-Bio or Food New Chilli Varieties for Improved Productivity and Greater Consumer Choice 9:10 AM UKM (ABUK001) Natural red-purple colourant for food, drink, cosmetics, and other 9:40 AM UPM applications (ABUP002) An efficient system to remove mercury to improve safety of fish and fish 10:10 AM UPM products (ABUP003) 10:40 AM Rapid and sensitive Halal testing kit (ABUP004) UPM Rapid and cost-effective bioassay for pesticide residue in vegetables 11:10 AM UPM (ABUP005) 11:40 AM KardioMate - a healthy salt replacing seaweed additive (ABUP006) UPM 12:10 PM Cosmetics with active ingredients from natural sources (ABSI008) SIRIM - Lunch Break (12:40 to 2:00 PM) - Agro-Bio or Food 2:00 PM Chemical Engineering Pilot Plant (CEPP): Well being products (ABSI009) UTM Medical Devices or Bio-Medical A diagnostic test for Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea (CDAD) 2:30 PM UKM (MDUK001) 3:00 PM Pelvic Binder ready to be used in hospitals across Malaysia (MDUK002) UKM Emergency Resuscitation Room – practical solution to increasing amounts 3:30 PM UKM of equipment (MDUK003) New Formulation of Natural Repellent to combat Mosquitoes and other 4:00 PM UKM insects (MDUK004) Simulation and training tool for laryngotracheal surgical procedures 4:30 PM UM (MDUM005) 5:00 PM Simulation and training tool for otology diagnosis and treatment (MDUM006) UM 5:30 PM ATDM for testing, coating and cleaning purposes (MDUM007) UM - End of Day 1 (6:00 PM) - 4
  5. 5. Agenda for Day 2: 7 June 2011, Tuesday Time Projects By 9:00 AM Introduction AIM Medical Devices or Bio-Medical All-in-one assay for detecting S. aureus and predicting its drug resistance 9:10 AM UM (MDUM008) Rapid MyDENKit(TM) for the diagnosis of the killer dengue disease 9:40 AM UM (MDUM009) Real Time PCR kit for the detection of S. pneumonia and prediction of its 10:10 AM UM drug resistance to fluoroquinolones (MDUM010) Real Time PCR kit for rapid detection and quantification of CMV 10:40 AM UM (MDUM011) 11:10 AM A rapid molecular test to diagnose Melioidosis (MDUM012) UM 11:40 AM A rapid and cost-effective Candida test (MDUP013) UPM 12:10 PM Healex(TM) – a natural wound healing plant extract (MDUP014) UPM - Lunch Break (12:40 to 2:00 PM) - Medical Devices or Bio-Medical 2:00 PM Low-cost PCR diagnostics for emerging economies (MDUS015) USM 2:30 PM A saliva-based testing method to detect insecticide poisoning (MDIM016) IMR An enzyme-based testing method to detect insecticide resistance 3:00 PM IMR (MDIM017) 3:30 PM Halal Certified Artificial Bone Technologies (MDSI019) SIRIM ICT Fast and easy to use, child reading test that detects reading and learning 4:00 PM UKM difficulties (ICUK001) Measuring efficiency and quality of care in Malaysian hospitals 4:30 PM UKM (ICUK003) Highly secure, standalone, software using steganography and 5:00 PM UM cryptography (ICUM004) Software for Passive Distributed Network and Security Monitoring 5:30 PM USM (ICUS005) 6:00 PM Stress Profiling and Treatment for Teachers (ICUT006) UTM - End of Day 2 (6:30 PM) - 5
  6. 6. Agenda for Day 3: 8 June 2011, Wednesday Time Projects By 9:00 AM Introduction AIM Others (Industrial & Green Tech) BioSENS technology for on-site detection of formaldehyde in food and 9:10 AM UKM other applications (OTUK001) Low cost method for synthesizing wax ester from palm oil derivatives 9:40 AM UKM (OTUK002) 10:10 AM A portable, intelligent power quality analyzer (OTUK003) UKM Composite enzyme-based Xenoassay Kits for detecting environmental 10:40 AM UPM toxicants (OTUP004) 11:10 AM High rate in-vessel composter (OTUP005) UPM 11:40 AM 4-in-1 drilling mud additive (OTUS007) USM High Sensitivity, Low Cost Product to Measure Crack Movement in 12:10 PM USM Concrete Structures (OTUS008) - Lunch Break (12:40 to 2:00 PM) - Others (Industrial & Green Tech) 2:00 PM Low Cost solution for treating heavy metals in Wastewater (OTUS009) USM 2:30 PM Extra safe, stylish motorcycle lock (OTUS010) USM 3:00 PM 8-Axis Tool Cutting and Grinding Machine (OTSI012) SIRIM SIRIM 3:30 PM Palm waste processing for bioethanol production (OTSI013) 4:00 PM Fast Track Wall System for affordable home (OTUT014) UTM - The End (4:30 PM) - 6