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Grow and engage with more customers via Social Media - the CIMB Niaga experience


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Grow and engage with more customers via Social Media - the CIMB Niaga experience

  1. 1. Grow and Engage with More Customers via Social MediaCIMB Niaga ExperienceCorporate Communication Group27 August, 2012
  2. 2. Agenda1. Internet Marketing and Social Media2. Grow and Engage the Customers with Optimizing Broadcast Media3. CIMB Niaga Experience
  3. 3. What is Internet Marketing? The marketing of your products or services over the Internet It is also referred to as Web Marketing, Online Marketing, or eMarketing An Internet marketing strategy is necessary to effectively compete in today’s business environment
  4. 4. How Can Internet Marketing Help?It can help you promote your business by: Allowing you to easily manage individual or mass communication Assisting you in managing your brand Creating and presenting your business identity Generating customer trust and loyalty
  5. 5. Internet Marketing is More Than a WebSite… Building a web site is a great first step I already have Internet Marketing is a web site… necessary to generate isn’t that enough? buzz and traffic Traffic generates business Business brings profits!
  6. 6. A Gas Station in the Forest A web site without effective marketing is like building a gas station in the middle of a forest!
  7. 7. Marketing Your Web SiteTraditional Marketing Internet Marketing• Television • Video sharing web sites• Radio • Blogs, Micro-blogs• Newspapers • Social Networks• Magazines • Widgets• Billboards • Search Advertising• Direct Mail • Direct Email• Word-of-Mouth • Word-of-mouth
  8. 8. Word-of-Mouth Marketing People buy products and services from companies they trust People are more likely to trust a friend’s recommendation than to trust an ad Positive word-of-mouth increases credibility
  9. 9. How Can Social Media Help You? It can connect you with customers, vendors, and potential business partners Spread the word about your business Increase your credibility and relevance on the Internet
  10. 10. Where Content is King… Social Media is all about: Content Delivery – putting it out there Content Visibility – letting some people see it Content Virality – broadcasting it to EVERYONE!
  11. 11. The benefit of Social Media Listening – seeking customer insights for use in marketing and development Talking – expanding your efforts to more interactive channels Energizing – finding your most enthusiastic customers and supercharging their word of mouth Supporting – helping your customers support each other Embracing – integrating your customers’ feedback Source: Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies
  12. 12. Agenda1. Internet Marketing and Social Media2. Grow and Engage the Customers with Optimizing Social Media Media3. CIMB Niaga Experience
  13. 13. The Rise of New Media (Social Media)Audiences in Asia have embraced new media in a bigway People’s Republic of China, South Korea, Japan, Singapore lead world’s social media users PRC alone has 220 million bloggers Southeast Asia has highest acceptance of Facebook in Asia Asian countries make up 37% of Tweets, Japan and Indonesia leads 30% of governments in Asia use some form of social media Asia is expected to account for 50% of internet users worldwide by 2012 Asia accounts for 47% of global mobile connections
  14. 14. Corporate Communication SHIFT…Traditional Approach: New Media Approach:• Use of broadcast and • Two-way, interactive communication print media • Enables feedback from stakeholders• Useful for • Responds to the increasing demand awareness/profile- for development to be more raising and knowledge- democratic, consultative, sharing transparent, and holistic• One-way • A way to reach out to new or under- communication served audiences• Constraints in • Cost effective way to reach out to a promoting greater number of stakeholders participatory • Communications during emergencies development, • Use for advocacy campaigns, fund transparency and raising, marketing, and recruitment accountability
  15. 15. The Challenges of Social Media Development Privacy and security Confidentiality and copyright Control over content / unfavorable comments Sustainability / dedicated resources Timely and appropriate feedback Access, fairness Integration of media platforms
  16. 16. Tips for Growing and Engaging Customers using Social Media Start out small Clearly define your marketing objectives Select your target market Assess your capabilities and know-how Execute your online strategy Measure your effectiveness Most importantly, experiment!
  17. 17. Social Media Disclaimer There is no silver bullet! Not all online strategies will be effective for all business types It is up to you as the marketer to determine the appropriate marketing channels and to constantly measure their effectiveness
  18. 18. Agenda1. Internet Marketing and Social Media2. Grow and Engage the Customers with Optimizing Social Media Media3. CIMB Niaga Experience (What We Have Done in H1 2012)
  19. 19. Current Position in Facebook As of Sept 7, 2012 454,484 166.753 118.430 91,523 33.946 Fans (Mar 2011) (Oct 2010) (April 2009) (April 2011) (Nov 2009) About - Information - Information - Information - Information - Information - Promotions - Promotions - Promotions - Promotions - Promotions - Customer - Greetings - Greetings - Greetings Services (“Good Morning, - Active Fans etc”) From 31,467 people talked about CIMB Indonesia, the stories reached 1,666,359 people as the viral effect. It was when we ran Kartu Berlagu campaign
  20. 20. What we’ve done in 2012 - Facebook The Brighter Days (27 Jan - 29 Feb) Sharing messages campaign to create engaging activities with existing fans and increase fans base. Register and get 5 coins, invite friends and get 3 coins. Share a message by posting it on your wall, get points for each referral. Drop coins on preferred product to be the most dropped coins and win the prizes Results 57,287 participants 105,908 new fans on Facebook Reach 70,231 people talking about CIMB Indonesia Acquisition cost IDR 9,700 per participants
  21. 21. What we’ve done in 2012 - Facebook Go Mobile Go Creative (1-31 March) A video contest about Go Mobile brand personalities to build brand awareness of Go Mobile. The participants are required to create a video with 30 seconds duration that shows one or combination of 7 Go Mobile Brand Personalities. Those are Cool, Easy, Fast, Flexible, Modern, Technology Savvy and Secure. Results 597 videos submission 17,753 participants 14,210 voters 42,914 new fans on Facebook Reach 1,233,418 people from twitter buzzer Acquisition cost IDR 17,067 per participants
  22. 22. What we’ve done in 2012 - Facebook Go Mobile Cosplay Photo Contest (1 - 13 July) To build brand awareness of Go Mobile and increase CIMB Indonesia’s fan base. Participants have to attend the workshop on their campus first and then they will upload their best picture taken in the workshop. All fans of CIMB Indonesia have a chance to vote the pictures. Results 219 participants 2,822 new fans on Facebook 2,184 voters 416 photo submission
  23. 23. What we’ve done in 2012 - Facebook Kartu Berlagu – Kemerdekaan and Lebaran version (2 – 31 August) Kartu Berlagu is CIMB Niaga corporate season greetings campaign. This Kartu Berlagu is a social media activity that implement viral as a concept and video as the medium. Every Kartu Berlagu that was shared will be converted in to donation and worth of IDR 1,000. Results Total cards sent : 102,281 cards New fans acquired : 79,117 fans Video chart : Selamat Hari Lebaran 13204 Baju Baru 28783 Tanah Airku 18009 Bendera 41632 0 20000 40000 60000
  24. 24. Current Activities- Facebook CRISP+ Town: Social Investment (13 August – 11 October) CIMB Preferred-Private Banking sees the need to raise awareness of the importance of investing for the future and target’s goals, whilst educating audience about mutual fund investment product and its features. Objectives To build an awareness of investment products especially CRISP Plus product. To educate the targeted consumer on practical investing instrument Mechanism Every player will be given the initial fund (depends on the number of their friends) that can be used to invest on which the product they picked, either by doing Social Share or Invite Friend.
  25. 25. Internal use only