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MSC Malaysia Go Global Directory 2010/11

  1. 1. Go Global DirectoryMalaysia ICT Companie Malaysia ICT Companies
  2. 2. Table of ContentsMessage from CEO Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) 04Message from President Malaysian Association of Bumiputera ICT 05Industry And Entrepreneurs (NEF)Information about Go Global 06Infopro Sdn Bhd 07eBworx Berhad 13Macro Kiosk Berhad 17Open Dynamics Sdn Bhd Berhad 29Sigmax-e Services Sdn Bhd 33Silverlake Axis Sdn Bhd 39Rexit Berhad 43Authentic Venture Sdn Bhd 47Netinfinium Corporation Sdn Bhd 51iSentric Sdn Bhd 55N2N Connect Sdn Bhd 59Terato Tech Sdn Bhd 65SyQic Capital Sdn Bhd 71Polarizone Technologies Sdn Bhd 77XYBASE Sdn Bhd 83GlobeOSS Sdn Bhd 89Commerce Dot Com Sdn Bhd 95EssentialBiz Sdn Bhd 101ItraMAS Corporation Sdn Bhd 105Pentasoft Malaysia Sdn Bhd 109Century Software (M) Sdn Bhd 115Arahe Solutions Sdn Bhd 119ePROTEA Technologies Sdn Bhd 123Microlink Solutions Berhad 127CALMS Technologies Sdn Bhd 131MOL AccessPortal Berhad 137Fexsoft (M) Sdn Bhd 141CWorks Systems Berhad 147DBV Technologies Sdn Bhd 151Index 153 Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 01
  3. 3. MESSAGE FROM CEO MULTIMEDIA DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (MDeC) Assalamualaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and Greetings, Malaysia’s success in the global ICT industry is built on the determination of our people and companies, to relentlessly pursue efficiencies, excellence and innovation to make ourselves a competitive force in world markets. The Malaysian ICT industry has evolved and Malaysian ICT firms have boldly moved forward and become global icons themselves. With the world’s economy increasingly driven by technological innovations, it has become imperative to harness the necessary ICT knowledge to stay current and ahead. I am heartened to see this admirable effort by Technopreneurs Association of Malaysia (TeAM) and Bumiputera ICT Entrepreneur Association of Malaysia (NEF) in creating reliable avenue to generate ICT investment and participation. Not only does it seamlessly sync with Malaysia’s Vision 2020 to transform the nation into a knowledge-based Economy through the utilization of application and services of Information and Communication Technology; it will also promote wider utilization of services enabled by ICT for the general public. This collection of reputable ICT service providers share the same vision and for those of us who have long believed in Malaysia’s ICT potential to become a competitive global player, we are delighted to provide them with this opportunity. We also believe that technological partnerships through sharing, transfer and funding is the essential catalyst to ensure continuous growth and progress. So it is with great pleasure that I present the inaugural issue of Go Global directory 2010/11. I would also like to congratulate and commend TeAM and NEF for a job well done with hopes that the effort will flourish alongside Malaysia’s ICT industry by leaps and bounds. With warm regards, Datuk Badlisham Ghazali CEO Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC)02 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  4. 4. MESSAGE FROM PRESIDENTTECHNOPRENEURS ASSOCIATION OFMALAYSIA (TeAM)The Go Global Directory was mooted as a means As an organization, TeAM has always placed greatin which to assist Malaysian technology companies importance on professional development. Wetackle a persistent challenge in the effort to attract are constantly working to come up with ideas andglobal buyers and clients. Research and surveys programs which will assist technopreneurs under ouramongst Malaysian ICT companies conducted umbrella organization and their companies leapfrogby MDeC, and on a smaller scale, by TeAM and into the global arena via our Go Global initiative. TheNEF amongst their members, revealed that many Go Global Directory is but one of the products of ourinternational buyers and potential customers found efforts in this area and the first of many efforts by TeAMit time-consuming to isolate and determine which to help our members and the nascent Malaysian ICTMalaysian ICT companies were seeking to export industry tap into the global ICT services and products to the global marketplace.Ascertaining the specific services and products of the I would like to take this opportunity to expressexport-ready Malaysian ICT companies was also a my thanks to our partners on this project, thechallenge for international buyers. Malaysian Association of Bumiputera ICT Industry and Entrepreneurs (NEF) and the MultimediaThe Go Global Directory therefore was conceived Development Corporation (MDeC) for their assistancespecifically to deal with this problem. Unlike in bringing the Go Global Directory to fruition. TeAMconventional ICT directories, the Go Global looks forward to future collaborations with both NEFDirectory is a select catalogue, consisting solely and MDeC as we all work towards putting Malaysiaof Malaysia’s best-of-breed ICT companies that are on the map in the field of ICT.focused on export-centric products and services. Toprovide a high level of comfort and validation tointernational buyers, these companies have further Koh Lee Chingbeen evaluated and assessed stringently by MDeC, PRESIDENTTeAM and the NEF to ensure that they are able to Technopreneurs Association of Malaysia (TeAM)meet the international product and service demandsof global customers. Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 03
  5. 5. MESSAGE FROM PRESIDENT MALAYSIAN ASSOCIATION OF BUMIPUTERA ICT INDUSTRY AND ENTREPRENEURS (NEF) Assalamualaikum W.B.T, Alhamdulillah, by the infinite blessing of Allah s.a.w, TeAM, NEF and MSC Malaysia have successfully published the inaugural issue of Go Global Directory 2010/11. This is indeed another milestone in our aim to get more companies to tackle the overseas market. The Go Global program is designed as such where participating companies leverage the power of the group in going abroad. It is this synergistic efforts that we hope will be able to catalyze these companies further in their various targetted markets. They have created a presence in their home country and now it is time to take on the world. It is our hope that with this Go Global Directory, which will be circulated around the world via the network of government offices in various countries, the companies will gain better traction in the global market. This of course cannot be done in isolation, we would also like to thank MATRADE in their support to circulate this directory to its overseas offices. With this publication of Go Global Directory 2010/11, we hope the companies will be able to foster new business opportunity overseas and other potential ventures and hence, supports Malaysia’s aspiration towards service industry as the main economic driver. I would like to also express our special appreciation to Chairman of Go Global program from both TeAM and NEF, MDeC and MATRADE. It is their effort and drive that has brought the program to where it is today. Many thanks to everyone involved in this initiative. Thank you. With warm regards and Salaams, Ashran Dato’ Ghazi President, Malaysian Association of Bumiputera ICT Industry and Entrepreneurs (NEF) | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  6. 6. INFORMATION ABOUT GO GLOBALThe Go Global Directory is designed to be a one-stop source of information forforeign companies looking to do business with or procure the services of Information,Communications and Technology (ICT) service providers in Malaysia.Every company featured in the Go Global Directory hasbeen carefully screened and assessed by TeAM, MDeCand NEF to ensure that their products and servicesare of international export standards, and that thecompanies have the capacity and capabilities requiredto meet the service demands and requirements ofinternational customers.Armed with this Directory, foreign and internationalbuyers will be able to focus their search for serviceor product suppliers on Malaysian companies andservice providers of the highest repute and who holdthemselves to international world-class standards ofservice delivery and product excellence.The Go Global Directory is also positioned to enableMalaysian ICT companies and service providers togain greater exposure in the international marketplace.In addition to distribution by MDeC at all major ITtrade events, the Directory will be utilised by variousgovernment bodies and agencies to promote MalaysianICT companies at various international exhibitions andconferences.The Go Global Directory currently contains only 30companies but TeAM and NEF are confident that thisDirector will only grow and expand as MalaysianICT companies continue to achieve new heightsin innovation, service quality and research anddevelopment. Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 05
  7. 7. This page is intentionally left blank06 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  8. 8. Go Global Directory 2010/11 Infopro Sdn Bhd Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 07
  9. 9. The Company About Us INFOPRO is an ISO 9001 certified and CMMI assessed global financial solution provider. We design, implement, and support financial solutions to over 80 financial institutions worldwide. Headquarter in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. INFOPRO has been serving the global financial industry for over 23 years. INFOPRO’s processes and procedures are well in place to ensure first-rate services and deliverables. The company’s impressive achievement of 100% successful implementation track record is a testament to its aggressive engagement of Research and Development, leading to enhanced levels of competency. By aligning client’s IT needs to their businesses, INFOPRO releases powerful tools for its clients in the highly-competitive financial markets. Stellar Growth in Established and Emerging Markets In every geography region that we operate, our market approach is a pragmatic blend of playing to our strength and providing solutions according to the unique requirements of each market. INFOPRO accordingly uses the most suitable business model of each market-such as a joint venture in the Middle East, community-based-service model in South East Asia. Starting from its first oversea operation within the South East Asian region in the mid 1990s, it has now expanded to the Middle East, Africa and China. We are strengthening our foothold in the Asia Pacific region and planning to expand across the pacific towards the Americas. To date, INFOPRO has operational sites in over 28 countries.08 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  10. 10. Industry FocusGeographical Diversification of Revenues,Employees and CustomersIn every geography region that we operate, ourmarket approach is a pragmatic blend of playing toour strength and providing solutions according tothe unique requirements of each market. INFOPROaccordingly uses the most suitable business model foreach market such as a joint venture in the Middle East,community-based service model in South East Asia.“We have proven 100% track record of implementationand migration. An achievement that help propelled usthe forefront of the industry”CEO Mr. Chuah Wan Pin• Focused… We are focused on Service Sector• Specialist… We are specialist in the banking industry• Leadership… We are leading solutions provider• Established… Almost a quarter of a century• Regarded as the competition… We are the competition• Product Breadth… We have huge intellectual property• Loyal Customers… We have a good track record• Cutting Edge… We spend 25% our turnover on R&D• International… We support customers across 3 continents Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 09
  11. 11. Business Activities eICBA System- A Total Banking Solution Seamless Integration INFOPRO embraces the latest technology and the world-class banking practices in the development of its flagship banking solutions- eICBA System. It provides the full spectrum of Conventional Banking, Islamic Banking and Electronic Banking solutions, and it is able to run on all open system platforms provided by all ATM major vendors. INFOPRO has invested more than MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) 170 million in the development of eICBA Customer Database System over the past 23 years. eICBA is designed to suit various types and sizes Data Warehouse of financial originations. It supports various type of workflows to ensure accurate information reaches the right people at the right time. Decision Support System Email & Groupware Credit, Debit and Smartcard Over-The-Counter Attended Transactions SMS Banking Corporate Terminal & Internet Banking Telebanking10 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  12. 12. Mix of Global and Regional Partnerships To Advantages: Facilitate Local Adoption • Rich Functionality INFOPRO has a range of partnerships both at global • Up-to-date Technology and regional levels to facilitate local adoption. • Scalability INFOPRO has strong and established partnership with • Support Multilingual Function global technology leaders such as Microsoft, Oracle • uilt-in rules to ensure information B & IBM. Equally well chosen and effective are its local accuracy security maintained partnerships that provide critical advantage in customer • Seamless integration engagement by understanding local market challenges • tilizes international and local U and product requirements ensuring the offered standard solutions support the company’s growth strategies in emerging markets. Our thoughtful approach to partnership selection has contributed both to our successful globalization and to the foundation of every Features successful partnership. • Based on Open Systems – supports multiple OS (Windows, Unix, Linux, Z/OS) Standardization of Quality across the Globe • J2EE Compliant The main feature distinguishing INFOPRO from • Browser (Web) Based Thin Client other top IT solution providers of the world is the • n-Tier Architecture resolute focus on development of new technology • Supports Cluster Technology and superior usage of IT platform and solution • Security: SSL,Triple DES & Digital Certs technology architecture, and infrastructure. With early • Tools: Oracle Tools, Java adoption of new technology applications and global availability of software, INFOPRO is ahead of the J2EE Compliant technology adoption curve, when compared to others • Highly scalable in its industry, and is able to service better quality to • Ease of integration customers. Equally important is the seamless integration of their skilled workforce providing low-cost and high- quality technology with local delivery capabilities. “Over 25% of our total revenue goes to investment of R&D. We need to always adapt the changes around us. Production Only then can we technologically and culturally be Database relevant” Server COO Mr. Mathew Chuah Production Application Server• Branches• Off-site locations• Corporate Terminal Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 11
  13. 13. Contact Us Malaysia (Corporate Office) INFOPRO SDN BHD Block B3 level 8, Leisure Commerce Square, No 9 Jalan PJS 8/9, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia Tel: +603-7876 6666 Fax: +603-7876 1233 The Philippiness INFOPRO SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL Unit 303, Hanston Building Emerald Avenue Ortigas Center Pasig City, Philippines 1605 Tel: +632-910 6296 Fax: +632-631 3041 United Arab Emirates INFOPRO INTERNATIONAL FZCO PO Box 54565 Unit 3EG05 East Wing 3, Dubai Airport Free Zone Dubai, UAE Tel: +971-4 299 2297 Fax: +977-4 299 4252 Other Offices & Representatives: Singapore | Shanghai, China | Accra, Ghana Website: | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  14. 14. Go Global Directory 2010/11 eBworx Berhad Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 13
  15. 15. The Company eBworx is a leading international consulting eBworx is focused in providing solutions in the banking and technology solutions firm specialising in the sector and its integrated suite of credit management financial services industry. Banks are the center of solution (Loans Origination and Collection & Recovery) our business and we deliver innovative and high- and delivery channel solutions (Cash Management, performance solution to our clients, supporting them Internet and Mobile Banking, Branch Delivery) and in their business objectives. The turn of the century Trade Finance provides best of breed solutions to banks has seen our clients faced with new challenges in in the region. risk management, BASEL II compliancy, merger and acquisition, changing technology environment and at The company boasts an impressive list of blue-chip the heart of it, the drive to achieve increased customer clients which include regional banking giants such as centricity. OCBC and CIMB Group; Tier-1 banks in Malaysia such as RHB Banking Group, AmBank Group, EON Banking We begin by understanding our client’s requirements. Group and Alliance Financial Group; PT Bank Central We couple our solution consulting with leading Asia, PT Bank Danamon Indonesia and BII Maybank in practices. And most of all, we help our clients leverage Indonesia; KASIKORNBANK in Thailand and Hua Xia on technology as an enabler, delivering solutions which Bank in China. propel them to the next stage. With our vast experiences in many project eBworx was founded on May 2, 1998 with a vision to implementations, supported by our domain expertise develop the company into a leading global financial in financial services industry, eBworx is able to solutions provider. In line with this vision, eBworx has differentiate itself from a pure software company into a remained focused on helping financial institutions in full service solutions firm. We are able to bring about three main areas: solutions which will address the banks’ business needs • To gear towards electronic banking whilst providing banks with consulting services in our • To be more customer-centric in sales & operations areas of expertise. • o better manage lending practices & to move T towards Basel II compliance eBworx was granted MSC Malaysia status on 11 February 2002 by Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) and was listed on the ACE Market (previously MESDAQ) on 17 November 2003. The eBworx Group is a regional financial solutions specialist, providing a wide array of innovative digital commerce solutions to the financial services industry. We have presence and clients across the region in countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong and China. eBworx offshore development centre is based in Chengdu, China where we focus on research and development for strategic applications.14 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  17. 17. Business Activities eBworx solutions are flexible and modular and our consultants are domain experts, working to bring our wealth of consulting and implementation experience to our clients, enhancing and ensuring their competitive advantage. Our solution offering includes the following: 1. Digital Delivery Channels Suite 3. Information Management Services • Digital Retail Internet Banking (DRIB) • Customer Information Files (CIF) • igital Mobile Banking (DMB) covering various D • Collateral Management devices ranging from Apple iOS to Android to • Central Liability Management Symbian • igital Transaction Banking (DTB) which includes D 4. TradeSpring Cash Management and Trade Front-End • Digital Branch Delivery System (DBDS) 5. Digital Portal Manager 2. Digital Business Centre Suite • Digital Credit Management System (DCMS) • Digital Collection and Recovery System (DCRS) • Digital Credit Evaluation Engine (DCES) Industry Focus Banking Contact us eBWORX BERHAD (521609-T) Level 3A Block B, Axis Business Park, No. 10 Jalan Bersatu 13/4, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia Tel: +603-7956 9822 Fax: +603-7957 2661 Website: Contact Person: Andrew Goh Email: andrewgoh@ebworx.com16 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  18. 18. Go Global Directory 2010/11 Macro Kiosk Berhad Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 17
  19. 19. The Company MACROKIOSK is a multi-country mobile messaging technology enabler mobilizing technologies specifically in the area of mobile services, mobile monetization and telco-grade solutions. Year 2000 saw the inception of Macro Kiosk Berhad MACROKIOSK is committed to providing scalable (“MACROKIOSK”), a subsidiary of Goldis Berhad mobile messaging solutions to conveniently with the vision to become the leading Mobile disseminate mission-critical services over borderless Messaging Technology Enabler in Asia. MACROKIOSK market and constantly satisfying beyond customer provides world-class mobile messaging connectivity expectations. and solutions to a large-scale customer base with instantaneous mobile messaging connectivity to more MACROKIOSK obtained its MSC Malaysia status in than 2 billion mobile subscribers around the world. year 2001, allowing the company to undertake research and development in the area of mobile messaging Combining continual innovation and revolution, technology. MACROKIOSK continuously improve its MACROKIOSK’s Global Mobile Messaging Network - pursuit in mobile technology enhancement locally etracker is robustly connected to more than 500 mobile and regionally, to be a top of emerging mobility trends operators worldwide for 2-way bulk messaging, and is powering customers from 18 different industries. directly connected to more than 130 mobile operators for premium messaging. MACROKIOSK is an award-winning company, with a string of accolades awarded by internationally Primarily focusing on mobile messaging gateway acclaimed establishment and faculties. Presence in and mobile messaging solutions, MACROKIOSK’s 10 countries, namely Brunei, China, Hong Kong, services cater to different stakeholders of the mobile Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, industry namely mobile operators, solution providers, Thailand and Vietnam makes MACROKIOSK the application developers, content providers, and system preferred Mobile Messaging Gateway and Solutions integrators - as well as to any companies who wants to Enabler to a multitude of local and global clienteles. leverage on the mobile channel, ranging from banks to airlines to television networks to retail stores, aside from many others in different industries. Such distinct companies by and large have international and global presence; MACROKIOSK will be the perfect business partner to work with.18 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  20. 20. MACROKIOSK Corporate Website Snapshot: MACROKIOSK Accreditation and Accolades MCMC Licensed Company Malaysia iDa Nationwide ICP Licensed Company Licensed Company Singapore China2009 MSC Malaysia CDP Achievement Award2008 ASEAN Business Award2007 | 2006 Enterprise 50 Award2007 Frost & Sullivan Malaysia Telecoms Award2006 Ernst & Young Emerging Entrepreneur Of The Year Award2006 | 2005 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific Award2006 | 2005 | 2004 ACM Best @ Show Awards Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 19
  21. 21. MACROKIOSK Offerings Mobile Enterprise Services (MES) Mobile Financial Services (MFS) MACROKIOSK Mobile Enterprise Services (MES) MACROKIOSK suite of Mobile Financial Services enables the immediate delivery of bulk messages comprises of multiple mobile channels namely around the world. Transacting on our etracker network, SMS, MMS, WAP, authentication and downloadable MES is able to route 2-way messages with more than applications to mobile phones. Mobile Fund Transfers, 500 mobile operators worldwide, making it possible Transaction Authorization Code (TAC), Mobile for you to communicate and reach your clients Alerts, Mobile Reminders, Mobile Enquiries, Mobile efficiently and cost-effectively without the limitation Request, Mobile Payments and Mobile Top-Ups are of geographical boundaries. MES enables anyone from some examples that MACROKIOSK Mobile Financial governments, multinationals, SMIs, SMEs, to SOHOs to Services caters for. This solution allows mobile phones leverage on mobile messaging to achieve their business to be used as a channel to execute mobile commerce communication goals. whereby transfers, payments and enquiries can be done seamlessly regardless of geographical locations and Mobile Interactive Services (MIS) mobile phone types. MACROKIOSK Mobile Interactive Services (MIS) is Mobile Aviation Services a secure and reliable platform designed for you to monetize your mobile contents/services. Connected to MACROKIOSK offers a total mobility experience etracker, you are able to engage in premium chargeable in Mobile Aviation Services that includes Mobile messaging service with the customer base of more than Booking, Mobile Ticketing and Airline Transaction 130 mobile operators. MIS essentially acts as the selling SMS Alerts. MACROKIOSK suite of Mobile Aviation middleware between you and mobile operators for the Services comprises of multiple mobile channels namely delivery of your mobile contents/services to millions SMS, MMS, WAP, authentication and downloadable of mobile subscribers. Operating with a charging applications to mobile phones. This solution allows component, the platform facilitates an efficient reverse- mobile phones to be used as a channel to execute charging payment system where MACROKIOSK mobile commerce whereby booking, purchasing and contracts with the mobile operator to fulfill your sales authenticating can be done seamlessly regardless of pay-out. geographical locations and mobile phone types. Mobile Authentication Services (MAS) Mobile Monetization Services MACROKIOSK Mobile Authentication Services (MAS) MACROKIOSK Mobile Monetization Services platform revolutionizes the paradigm of authentication through enable application developers to gain an accelerated the use of SMS. MAS combine a two-dimensional monetization channel, integrates sales and distribution (2D) barcode technology with GSM picture messaging components effectively while also allowing the technology to provide you a paperless solution for your high flexibility in establishing the preferred revenue authenticating needs. Supporting various 2D barcode model. Be it social games, videos or business tools, formats such as Quick Response Code, Datamatrix and MACROKIOSK offers a robust merchandizing platform mCode, MAS converts text or picture messages into a that supports different charging models such as flat-rate, 2D barcode to be transmitted to the mobile phone via per-usage, per-session or subscription basis. etracker SMS or WAP push. Each code delivered to the mobile direct access to the mobile operators also provides user is a unique code that is non-replicable to other the advantage of having multiple shortcodes for mobile users, thus ensuring a single usage expiry. simultaneous connectivity to different country markets.20 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  22. 22. Industry FocusTo date MACROKIOSK is powering 18 industries namely:• Advertising / Marketing • Hospitality / Hotel Services• Aviation • Information Technology / Solutions / e-Commerce• Banking / Finance / Securities • Insurance• Broadcasting • Publishing• Education • Property / Real Estate• Entertainment • Retail / Wholesale• Logistics / Supply Chain / Transportation • SOHOs / SMIs / SMEs• Food & Beverage • Telecommunications• Healthcare • Tourism / Travel Contact usMACRO KIOSK BERHADCompany Brand: MACROKIOSKMezzanine Floor,Menara Tan & Tan,207, Jalan Tun Razak,50400 Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaTel: +603 2164 8100Fax: +603 2164 9100Website: www.macrokiosk.comCompany Presence: Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, VietnamContact person: Kenny GohEmail: Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 21
  23. 23. This page is intentionally left blank22 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  24. 24. Go Global Directory 2010/11Open Dynamics Sdn Bhd Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 23
  25. 25. The Company Staying competitive in today’s high-powered, on- Open Dynamics’ flagship product, Joget Workflow, demand business landscape means recognizing the is a people-driven form-based open source workflow day-to-day challenges of organizations and integrating management system. It is a stand-alone application that the right skill and creative approach to meet them can manage and automate processes that are unique to effectively. Open Dynamics understands that and each organization, creating added value. Incorporated always tries to find the better way. Leveraging more in Malaysia in 2009 and the United States (CA) in than 30 years of combined experience in software 2010, Open Dynamics provides training, support, design and development, this team of enthusiastic consultancy services and partnership opportunities for professionals is committed to developing open source Joget Workflow, a robust workflow management system software solutions that help organizations generate that can serve as a pivotal factor for today’s bustling operational speed and increase productivity through businesses. business workflow processes that can be captured and managed easily and intuitively. Design via Workflow Designer and Deploy to the server Design Co e nfig Updat Designing Et u re Map participants to Enchance and update processes when necessary Deploying a users and activities to forms and plug-ins Process using Joget Workflow Execute Start process and perform tasks24 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  26. 26. Business ActivitiesOpen Dynamics operates primarily in the free and open source software sector and is the proponent and sponsor of theopen source Joget Workflow Project.What is Joget Workflow?Joget Workflow (jōgĕt wûrk’flō’) is a people-driven, form-based workflow management system. This stand-aloneapplication can manage and automate processes that are unique to each organization, creating added value.The system serves as a platform for users to design, deploy and run different types of workflows for different types oforganizational processes. Workflow designers can create dynamic workflows that can be updated anytime. Each activitycan be mapped with a form to capture the user’s input, while serving as a plug-in for system integration.Joget Workflow is XPDL compliant and has a plug-in architecture to extend its usability. The system can be used on its ownto manage the flow of processes and data captured from forms, or it can be seamlessly integrated in various ways to yourexisting systems to build complete applications tailor-fit to your unique needs. Capable of synchronous and asynchronousintegration, Joget Workflow provides the ability to automate, manage and continuously improve business processes, while reducing the burden of paper-based work. It can be integrated to other portals or system applications using AJAX or JSON API. Joget Workflow Workflow Designer Workflow Engine Workflow Management Console Inbox/Task Form Workflow User System Manager Builder Monitor Manager Settings Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 25
  27. 27. Business processes can now be supported and maintained, deployed across the enterprise and quickly modified as processes evolve. Joget Workflow’s simple and rapid deployment, coupled with its graphical point-and-click tools, built-in workflow logic and reusable object libraries, enables even complex processes to be easily designed and deployed. Key Benefits of Joget Workflow Increased Efficiency and Productivity • limination of unnecessary steps due to automation E Ease of Use and Simplicity of business processes • isually configurable rules and actions, allowing V • aster and more consistent completion of manual F business processes to be automated without custom processes, and with minimal errors programming • oint-and-click configuration, enabling rapid P Improved Process Control development and deployment • tandardization of processes and availability of audit S • apacity to accommodate all business needs C trails regardless of process complexity • Predefined and documented steps • ntuitive user interface to easily design work I • Consistent business practices processes • mproved efficiency in organizations as a result of I transparency in processes Lowered Cost • ewer mistakes and work delays results in increased F Focus on Business Needs productivity and faster delivery. • usiness managers can now focus on important B • mployees can be guided through complex E business decisions rather than routine task procedures, hence reducing the cost of training. assignments and reporting. • onsistency in business processes allows for better C anticipation of customer demands and greater predictability in levels of customer response. Business Process Improvement • lexibility over processes enables quick redesign in F line with evolving business needs. • ocus on business processes leads to better F streamlining and simplification. • mprovement of internal processes increases I efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.26 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  28. 28. Open Dynamics ServicesOpen Dynamics offers a full range of services under the Joget Workflow Project:• nterprise Support - Technical support services provide direct access to our engineers who are ready to assist you in the E design, development, deployment, and management of workflow processes on Joget Workflow.• echnical Consultancy - Need to integrate with other software or systems? Tap into our consultants’ technical know- T how.• oftware Training - Need to be up and running fast with Joget Workflow? Get our trainers to provide you with in-house S basic and advance training.• artnerships - We are constantly looking for business partners for Joget Workflow, whether for training, distribution, P technology sharing or OEM opportunities. Industry Focus • Participation in government open source initiatives • Horizontal businesses Contact usOPEN DYNAMICS SDN BHD C-01-3, Block C, Plaza GlomacNo.6, Jalan SS7/19, Kelana Jaya47301 Petaling Jaya,Selangor, MalaysiaTel: +603-7885 8032Fax: +603-7885 8035OPEN DYNAMICS INC. 440 N. Wolfe Rd. - Sunnyvale,CA 94085, USATel: +1 408-480 5105Fax: +1 408-773 8462Website: http://joget.orgContact person: Jack HiiEmail: jakku@joget.orgFacebook: Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 27
  29. 29. This page is intentionally left blank28 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  30. 30. Go Global Directory 2010/ Berhad Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 29
  31. 31. The Company The company was founded in August 2008 with Vision the vision to provide a complete end-to-end We believe the great coaching from Guy Kawasaki e-commerce platform to the Asia industry by easily who states that a business that operates with a “great setting up online-businesses and trading in the global meaning in mind”, profit will follow. It is our vision to marketplace. In a short span of three months, we have become Asia’s largest, complete e-commerce platform, obtained the MSC Malaysia status from Multimedia bringing the world back to you. We have crafted Development Corporation (MDeC) in early January our business objective by delivering our belief in 2009 in recognition for our innovative research and e-commerce changing lifestyle. development efforts in e-Commerce era. 1. Global optimization In April 2009, when was just five will establish its status as a major months old, we are proud to launch our brainchild, player, possibly to be the largest e-commerce, the fourth generation e-commerce platform in the Asia. We aim to land our footprint solution to the public. Being young and energetic, onto at least more than thirteen countries as was well received and we were pleased we expand, as well as to glocalize our system that in a glimpse; our community grew to several and operation. We will continue to pursue our hundred merchants and still growing. growth strategy in future to prepare us for global competition. Today, we penetrated into three countries, mainly Malaysia, Philippines and Hong Kong and employ over 2. reating New Opportunities and Changing Lifestyle C 40 people from these countries. We’ve experienced aims to see and enable everyone major, rapid change but have held fast to our company to operate their business online. With the slow aspirations to attract not the best knowledge workers downturn of the economy, we hope to assist SME/ in the market, instead a committed, determined and SMIs to expand their market reach as well as to assist passionate team, who puts away individual pride fresh graduates and unemployed to join us in our and personal agenda in achieving our never-ending e-entrepreneur program. We believe with correct mission. training and education in e-commerce, they are able to start up their own dream and excel during time of Our commitment to innovation reflected in our values, crisis. Apart from that, we pursue a dream and aim, which underpin to our devotion to our customers’ believing that e-commerce will soon dominate and success in e-commerce, and eventually changing for a change our future lifestyle. better lifestyle in this bloating Internet industry. 3. ncreasing Competitiveness in Internet Retailing I TM Business The perfect e-commerce ecosystem would be intelligent enough to know not only the sales and profit gain, but also to forecast and advice the business trend for the next few years, preparing our business partners to face the changes. Given the state of the e-commerce technology today, that’s a far-reaching vision requiring research, development and innovation to realize. is committed to blaze that trail, thus increasing our TM competitiveness among existing e-commerce market players.30 | Go Global Directory 2010/11 TM
  32. 32. Business solely focuses on providing a complete • ustomer Relationship Management (CRM) System Ce-commerce ecosystem from deployment of the ‘Customers First’ is the all time businesses favouritebackend system to the development of design and quote…support as well as consultation on online businesses.As more and more people enter the busy working Another important component in our SMilDS.comlife, demand for having any kind of a 1-stop service system is built in with CRM system, which enableshas indeed increased over the time. is you to track and organize your customer contactsdesigned, equipped with an end-to-end e-commerce as well as to approach your potential customers. Ittrading platform to cater such massive demand in the is an effective sales-network approach to know andmarket today. understand your customer’s needs and requirements, which eventually boost company profit. Our Overview consists of Front-office operation, is an innovative and easiest solution operation, Business relationships, and advancedfor you to be part of global trend by transforming phase of business intelligence analysis.traditional business concept into a borderless e-tradingplatform. We call this platform the e-commerce 4.0, • E-Payment Gateway Systemthe fourth generation e-commerce solution that features Highly secured and designed with fraud preventionnot only a complete e-Commerce tools you need, but and detection mechanism, our e-payment system isalso a business intelligent trading engine. SMilDS. able to accept more than 15 mainstream currenciescom is also a platform with low entry barrier for SMEs in the world. Our payment gateway business partnerin Asia, designed and glocalized with simplicity and is a Malaysia government authorised company whichuser-friendly to suit all group demands from non-IT to is highly trained and expertise in online paymentIT savvies. services. Apart from accepting a variety of payments from credit cards to online banking, Platform2u.comEquipped with complete e-commerce tools and owning acts as a Facilitator in managing your transactions,your own customer database, nothing can stop from lowering frauds with our built-in detection tools, astransforming YOU into an e-commerce GURU! Take well as a impose risk management system to protectadvantage of features and see for yourself data privacy. These ensure all payment transactionshow can change your business trend and are processed efficiently and a part of your lifestyle! • E-Logistic SystemKey Components incorporates the e-logistic system,• Advance e-commerce Web Store whereby we integrate our tracking system and a ready-customised a trendy yet simple built-in consignment note printing feature with our and user-friendly web-store for you, with more than logistic partners such as PosLaju, Citylink Express, hundreds of designed and sophisticated templates UPS, and Fedex to simplify the shipping process for to choose. All you need to do is just to upload your all our merchants. Our logistic partners are from products as well as your company logo into your reputable backgrounds, reliable and professional Back Office and you are ready for business. in ensuring the shipment is delivered timely and soundly. We also introduce the FIRST cross-selling e-trading engine in the world through Cross- Apart from that, we incorporate our online system selling allows other merchants to sell different whereby customers can track their respective products in their web-store, where they can earn shipments in real time. will act as commissions set by the product owner. This helps a facilitator to monitor the shipment, ensuring both not only to expand your product range, but also our buyers and merchants are well informed on the expanding customer base and market reach. Thus, shipment status as well as ensuring all damages and through this function, products can be sold and investigation is done accordingly. bought in the global marketplace and creates a healthy competitiveness amongst the web-store owners. Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 31
  33. 33. Our Partners Businesses around the globe are actively looking for niche consultancy services to take on challenges and opportunities, and to raise competitiveness in the market. As a borderless business platform and gateway to the biggest marketplace, the Internet, is the perfect marketing channel for shrewd business. Based on such an understanding of the intricate need for a realistic platform in the market that will deliver genuine and solid results that promises to reach the right consumers and to optimize limited resources, can help, providing businesses with an innovative and alternative marketing channel. Some of our partners include: Industry Focus Online Retail and Promotion for SMIs and SMEs. Contact us PLATFORM2U.COM Malaysia Headquarters: 60, Jalan Puteri 2/2, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia Hong Kong Office: Unit 1-2, 18 Floor, No. 26, Nathan Road, TST, Kawloon, Hong Kong Philippines Office: 10th Floor, Herrera Tower, 98 V.A., Rufino Street, Makati City, 1227 Philippines. Tel: +603 8068 4607 Fax: +603 8068 5718 Website: | Email: info@platform2u.com32 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  34. 34. Go Global Directory 2010/11Sigmax-e Services Sdn Bhd Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 33
  35. 35. The Company Located in the cost - quality sweet spot of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, SigMax-e is able to offer a great low- cost location coupled with world-class infrastructure! It is no surprise therefore that, within a short span of five years, it has been able to attract some of the best-known brands in the world to its books. Dell, Sony, Panasonic, The Commonwealth to name just a few! When you are looking to enhance the productivity of your back office, you have two big options… You may look at process re-engineering and deploy well known methods like six sigma, OR… • f the process is not strategic to your core business, i you may choose to outsource to a low cost partner. SigMax E Services has been established to address exactly these needs. Sigmax-E specializes in providing productivity solutions to enhance the quality and reduce the costs of your back-office processes. It deploys process management best practices from world class companies and proven methodologies like Six Sigma to achieve these ends for its clients.34 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  36. 36. Business Activities Business Activities SigMax-e provides two lines of services: Process Outsourcing • Book Keeping • Account Reconciliation • Financial analysis • Customised Reports • Expense claims processing • Billing • Data Capture • Transaction Processing Project Management • TrainingSigMax-e helps UK accounting firm to cut • Facilitating:costs and speed-up book-keeping - Quality improvement - Cost-cuttingContext: - New process design• ccountancy firm (AF) in London looks to cut costs A • esign and implementation of D in book keeping and data entry to provide more plans for Shared Services and cost-effective services to its clients OutsourcingAction: Results: (after 12 Months)• F outsources the functions from receipt of A • Process works effectively and is stable vouchers, invoices, bank statements, etc to • rained employee at SigMax-e, successfully trains T preparation of Trial Balance. After a detailed study, other staff AF prefers Malaysia due to availability of large • Scope expanded to cover 40 companies numbers of UK-trained accountants and stable • SLA implementation timelines improved infrastructure. • F expresses satisfaction with progress and agrees to A• t outsources the process to Sigmax-e based on its I expand scope further to include analysis of accounts knowledgeable accounting staff, stable infrastructure and preparation of Audit Files by SigMax-e and proven capability of delivering to SLAs• AF sends trainer to train SigMax-e staff for one week. Learning:• rocess established for scanning all documents in P Key success factors are: London and storing them on secure server. SigMax-e Partnership model logs in accesses documents, captures data, saves Flexibility in crafting solutions ‘back-up’ file on server for B to access and process Transparency in discussing defects and problems further.• Outsourcing commenced with 4 accounts Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 35
  37. 37. The way it works… 1. Invoices and other paper-based inputs are scanned and stored in electronic form, 2. Inputs received electronically, via fax or the web are stored in the same way. 3. This data is transmitted via periodic file transfers or a accessed direct via 3270 / terminal server / web solutions, 4. ransaction processing / ERP systems accessed via T 3270 sessions / terminal server or other web-based solutions. 5. In most cases, data is retained at customer site and not duplicated. 6. State of the art security and compression systems used to ensure confidentiality and minimize bandwidth usage. Sigmax-e deploys proven methodologies and best practices to migrate client processes to its offices and then goes about systematically eliminating waste and fat from them to ensure continuous improvement. The graph below depicts SigMax-e’s systematic approach from prospecting to operations. 1 Opportunity Identification 2 Solution Design 3 Process Transition 4 Service Delivery 5 Billing & Collections • Explore Opportunity • nderstand U • Hire & Train Staff • easure outputs vs. M • apture output C • Contact Client ‘Bostomer’ needs • et sign-off on G targets data on Quality & • tudy process S proficiency Volumes • Earn Trust • easure process M dynamics, Metrics & • Set up infrastructure variance • Raise invoices • Explain Value staff profile • Pursue collections • Identify ‘Bostomer(s)’ • evelop ‘Bostomer’ D • Manage staff • Id. Regulatory issues comm. plan • Respond to RFI • IS, Dashboards & M • esign Process & IT • Test systems & skills D Performance Analysis • btain RFP / sign-off O solution • SLA with Exit clauses • ontinuous C for Solution design • Submit proposal • Get OK for cut-over improvement & • Close sale ‘Bostomer’ feedback 2 Toll 5 Toll Gates, Gates FMEA36 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  38. 38. Client Endorsement Industry Focus1. Companies with a global focus2. Start-up dot coms Contact usSIGMAX-E SERVICES SDN BHDUnit IB 1&2,MSC Malaysia Technology Commercialisation Centre,Persiaran Multimedia,63000 Cyberjaya,Selangor, MalaysiaTel: +603-8313 8135Fax: +603-8313 8136Website: www.sigmax-e.comEmail: Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 37
  39. 39. This page is intentionally left blank38 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
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  41. 41. The Company Today’s economic climate and competitive business landscape give rise to the need for financial institutions to address various challenges and requirements. In addition, these institutions also have to look into providing solutions to meet the needs of their discerning customers. Silverlake Axis has a proven history in helping financial institutions stay agile. We have been a leading provider of end-to-end universal integrated banking solution to major financial institutions since 1989. Our installed Silverlake Axis empowers financial base in Asia and Middle East exceeds 100 customers institutions with the right solution including 40% of the Top 20 largest banks in South East foundation to continuously improve Asia. their world-class business delivery Our years of experience has helped us understand and customer services capabilities. the challenges that financial institutions are facing in meeting the demands of their customers, in staying ahead of the competition, in responding to the changing economic climate, be it locally or within the region. Hence, we are a trusted solutions provider and have a 100% success track record in delivering end-to- end core banking implementation and enhancement, backed by strong management and key software development team.40 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
  42. 42. Solution OfferingsSilverlake Axis Integrated Banking Solution (SIBS) Silverlake Axis Integrated Islamic Banking SolutionSilverlake Axis Integrated Banking Solution (SIBS) assists (SIIBS)financial institutions address challenges and leverages Silverlake Axis Integrated Islamic Banking Solutionopportunities driven primarily by market forces such (SIIBS) is a complete suite of applications that meet theas customer choices, compliance requirements, requirement of any Islamic Bank. SIIBS incorporates allneed for cost efficiency, business consolidations and features necessary to be an adaptive platform to supportcompetition. a world-class financial institution while complying to Syariah requirement.SIBS is designed on the Silverlake Axis SolutionArchitecture comprising the Representation, Logistics Silverlake Axis Integrated Provident Fund Systemand Core Layers. (SIPFS) Silverlake Axis Integrated Provident Fund SystemThe Representation Layer is powered by SIBS Customer (SIPFS) is a comprehensive employee provident fundFacing Software Engines to deliver world-class customer registration module. Its main function is registering ofinteractions and experience through multiple customer new members such as Government and Private Sectorstouch points. and to keep current and accurate lifetime member profile information, including nominees’ details. ThisThe Logistics Layer provides the enabling technologies module provides a wide range of capabilities thatto deliver straight through business process and allows users to seamlessly access information via ainformation integration at the front office, middle office single user-interface.and back office to achieve greater business processefficiency, transparency and control. Silverlake Axis Card System (SCS) Silverlake Axis Card System (SCS) is one of the mostThe Core Layer, anchored on the SIBS Product advanced and complete card solutions used by bothFactory and Information Repository, enables speedy financial institutions and card processors today. Adefinition of new products and services through more global payments system, SCS transcends nationalthan 10,000 user configurable and pre-integrated boundaries, offering 24X7 authorisation and differentsolution attributes/parameters and objects. SIBS types of settlement capability.supports Customer Centricity for all transactions andinteractions, throughout the entire life cycle of the Silverlake Axis Retail Merchandising System (PROFIT)customer relationships. Comprising more than 7,000 Silverlake Axis Retail Merchandising System (PROFIT)Banking Tables, the SIBS Information Repository can be is a fully integrated retail system with a completeleveraged for risk management, data mining, customer integrated solution developed for retailers based on theanalytics, cross-selling, customer care, product actual dynamics of the merchandising cycle. PROFITdevelopment, customer behavioural analysis and provides comprehensive end-to-end business process,performance management. opportunity management, performance reporting and decision support to retail management.SIBS offers a suite of over 40 modules catering toConventional, Islamic and Micro banking that supportfront office, middle office and back office operations. Go Global Directory 2010/11 | 41
  43. 43. Service Offerings Implementation and Customisation Services Application Management Services Our end-to-end implementation services include: Our Application Management team assigns resources • Project Management with the required skills and experience to plan, manage • Requirements Definitions and deliver the functional requirements, to leverage • Software Customisation and enhance our banking solution. • Life-cycle Testing • Data Conversion Business and IT Consulting Services • ardware Requirements Assessment & H Our Consulting Services aim to assist customers by Environment Setup providing strategic technology planning and analysis to • Training for Trainers & End Users find opportunities for competitive advantage. • Migration & Rollout • Pilot Implementation Outsourcing Services • Post Implementation Support Our Outsourcing Services provide a foundation for continuous strategic change through flexible, Program Management Services outsourced delivery model and consulting expertise. Our Program Management Services framework supports and manage multiple related projects as a whole to IT Systems Management achieve common strategic business goals. Our IT Systems Management includes marketing, implementing and maintaining tools for software Application Maintenance and Support Services change and deployment controls, hot-site data Our Maintenance and Support Services include 24 X 7 mirroring and application recovery, reports Customer Support Services and Customer Specific Release management and distribution, security management. Services for software supplied and installed by us. Contact Us SILVERLAKE AXIS SDN BHD Kuala Lumpur Suite 3A-3, Level 3, Block 3A, Plaza Sentral Jalan Stesen Sentral 5, Kuala Lumpur Sentral, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Tel: +603-92073000 Fax: +603-92073111 Email: Lot 5.04, 5th Floor, Menara 1, Faber Towers, Jalan Desa Bahagia, Taman Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Tel: +603-79832288 Fax: +603-79836555 Email: Website: www.silverlakegroup.com42 | Go Global Directory 2010/11
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  45. 45. Rexit Berhad (“Rexit”) is a company that focuses on delivering solutions and services to the Insurance industry. Rexit’s intimate knowledge and understanding of the business processes and operations of the industry, its capability to continually identify advances in technology and successfully adapting those for the benefit of its customers have made Rexit the solutions partner of choice. Rexit is currently listed on the ACE market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Bhd. The Company Rexit has grown from four-person operations in 1998 The e-Cover application has since been expanded to into a public listed company in November 2005. cover all classes of general insurance. Currently, more than 35,000 intermediaries, 10 insurance companies, Rexit offers several web-based insurance solutions over twenty unit trust companies, four banks, a which cater for the front-end marketing and sales statutory body and telcos are participating in one of functions, as well as the back-end operations and the largest e-commerce portals in the country with management requirements of insurance companies. over 500,000 transactions a month. The e-Cover portal currently transact over MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) 1.5 Rexit is a key Shared Services and Outsourcing (“SSO”) billion in terms of premium value annually. partner to the financial services industry by offering its solutions on an Applications Service Provider (“ASP”) Through a common interface, agents can transact model. Rexit has recognized that this ‘pay per use’ for multi-principals using the same device instead of model can greatly benefit its customers, as there is different terminals and operating environments in the no need for upfront capital expenditure, the high cost past. The capability is extended to any location so of developing and upgrading an application or the long as there is access to the Internet. This fits into the related costs of maintaining and managing the required business model of providing service anytime, anywhere hardware. which most insurance agents operate in. A major milestone was reached in January 2005 when Rexit Software has met all the regulatory requirements, the Malaysian Government mandated that all insurance especially those of Central Bank of Malaysia on the information to be transmitted electronically to the Guidelines on Management of IT Environment (GPIS1) Road Transport Department (“JPJ”) via the paperless for its solutions to the insurance industry. electronic insurance (“eInsurans”) service only and that physical insurance cover was no longer in use. In As a public-listed entity, Rexit not only has the financial conjunction with the eInsurans initiative, JPJ appointed capacity to undertake large IT projects but also has Rexit’s 20% - owned associated company, Reward- the experience in managing large IT infrastructures. Sdn Bhd to be an electronic gateway provider It also operates under the stringent requirements of between JPJ and the insurance companies. various regulatory bodies ensuring that there is proper corporate governance and prudence in its operations. With the launch of the eInsurans initiative, Rexit introduced its e-Cover application through its wholly Rexit expanded its operations overseas with the owned subsidiary, Rexit Software Sdn Bhd (“Rexit incorporation of Rexit International Sdn Bhd (“Rexit Software”). The e-Cover application enabled the International”). In 2008, Rexit signed agreements insurance companies to utilize their agency network with Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. and its subsidiary in partnership to capture the policyholders’ information at Hong Kong Sompo Japan Insurance (Hong Kong) Co. the point of customer contact. This meant that source Ltd. for the implementation of our IIMS. The system data is now entered by thousands of agents instead implemented at their Hong Kong office has since gone of relying on personnel of insurance companies and live in January 2010. the system is simple to use and easily accessible. This has greatly helped to enhance the delivery system and customer service of the insurance companies.44 | Go Global Directory 2010/11