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Calms Technologies case study


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Calms Technologies case study

  1. 1. Microsoft .NET Framework Customer Solution Case Study CALMS revolutionizes smartcard usage in Malaysia Overview “CALMS runs on the Microsoft .NET and Microsoft SQL Country or Region: Malaysia Server, which are highly stable, scalable and reliable. Industry: Information Technology It enables our customers to benefit from the user Customer Profile friendly attributes of the Microsoft platform.” Formed in 2002, Calms Technologies Sdn Bhd offers cost effective and leading edge Adam Tan, Sales Director, Calms Technologies Sdn Bhd smartcard based solutions focusing on multiple applications in One Card Calms Technologies Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian company formed to environment. offer cost effective and leading edge smartcard based solutions Business Situation enabling companies to benefit from One Card environment. Calms Calms saw that many companies embarking on the use of smartcards faced realized that many companies embarking on the use of smartcards problems as they often required multiple faced problems affecting smooth implementation as they required applications and cards. A system was needed that could allow more applications multiple applications, and the use of multiple cards became a to be shared and subsequently added onto nagging deterrent to productivity. Calms Technologies recognized the same card. the need to integrate these fragmented systems and customized its Solution Card Application Life Cycle Management System (CALMS) to Calms developed its Card Application Life Cycle Management System (CALMS) on the improve data sharing to simplify processes and reduce operational Microsoft .NET platform and the Microsoft costs. With CALMS, companies are able to overcome problems SQL Server database platform to to integrate fragmented smartcard systems. posed by such disparate systems to simplify the implementation and management of card issuance and control. Benefits  Slashes costs  Productivity boost  Enhances security and control  Better market penetration
  2. 2. “CALMS is a versatile Situation When Calms Technologies Sdn Bhd was CALMS runs on the Microsoft .NET platform solution that allows formed in March 2002, its founders CEO Koh and the Microsoft SQL Server database corporations to Lee Ching and two of her pioneer staff who platform, which Tan says is “highly stable, later became partners of the company, scalable and reliable”. It enables Calms determine how they Technical Director Chin Swee Hong and Sales Technologies‟ customers to benefit from the want users to use the Director Adam Tan targeted a growing user friendly attributes of the Microsoft business niche among many industries by platform. And this means that for companies smartcard and we just focusing on expanding its range of services which already have a system for membership help to automate their based on its core smartcard solution – the cards on the Microsoft platform, the Card Application Life Cycle Management migration and integration to CALMS would be many processes.” System (CALMS). relatively easy. Adam Tan, Sales Director, Calms Technologies Sdn Bhd The market then was thriving with many Benefits companies embarking on the use of The CALMS smartcard solution helps smartcards which typically encountered corporations and organizations automate and cumbersome processes affecting smooth improve their operational processes, cut implementation. As most companies required costs and boost productivity without multiple applications, the use of multiple compromising security. cards became a nagging deterrent to productivity. A system was needed that could Slashes costs allow more applications to be shared and The implementation of CALMS results in even subsequently added onto the same controlled issuance and tracking of card. individuals leading to enhanced productivity and improved business processes that saves Calms Technologies recognized the critical time and optimizes resources while ensuring need to integrate existing and often better security. “The solution primarily fragmented systems and customized its simplifies operation processes for clients, CALMS solution to improve data sharing in a and this translates into huge costs savings. way that would simplify processes and reduce Whatever system they may be using, we help operational costs. By leveraging on CALMS, to simplify their operations and give them companies are able to overcome problems peace of mind on card handling from posed by such fragmented systems to beginning to end,” Tan says. simplify the implementation and management of card issuance and control, “For example, in collaboration with IRIS says Calms Technologies‟ Sales Director Corporation Berhad, CALMS‟ MyKad Adam Tan. Integrator System allows customers to extract common MyKad information for automated Solution registration while authenticating the CALMS handles the process of encoding and fingerprints for identification purposes.” printing, including card policy for access and exit by incorporating the various devices This cuts costs, time and labor that would be including the door and alarm systems. In otherwise incurred in manual registration and addition, other CALMS software would authorization at entry or exit points to a manage information like meal allowances by company‟s premises. The fast and easy plug- linking with appropriate reader devices at the and-play deployment of the system boosts company‟s cafeteria. productivity and reduces manpower either at
  3. 3. guard houses or receptions while eliminating CALMS system in all 24 branches in Malaysia the need to obtain and keep visitors‟ driving eliminated this security risk. licences or equivalent documents. Multiple usage Productivity boost The implementation of the Access Control The implementation of CALMS has helped System in the smartcard not only helps some of the country‟s biggest corporations to ensure security by controlling who could reap major productivity gains in the access which points and at what time, it can management of their smartcard systems. also be encoded with other applications that Prior to deployment of Calms Technologies‟ help track meal purchases and subsidies solution, one of the region‟s biggest budget allocated to the user. airlines services provider would typically plough through a long series of loops before So when local financial institution wanted to cards could be issued and distributed. Such include finger print use in its automation procedures when repeated and multiplied process, Calms Technologies helped to many times over in a company with a huge include these features by riding its user base of thousands would translate into applications onto the MyKad of the bank very high costs involving time and labour. staff. “CALMS is thus a versatile solution that allows corporations to determine how they With the deployment, the airline‟s backend want users to use the smartcard and we just HR system is integrated with CALMS to help to automate their many processes,” says retrieve latest staff records as well as Tan. integrated with existing card printer and door access systems. “After implementing the “Whether the card system is radio frequency CALMS solution, the process of issuance and identification (RFID) enabled, „touch and go‟ setting policy for cards has become more or contact type, we can customize CALMS‟ efficient and automated. This has enabled one-card solution on any platform to help the airline to reap major productivity gains customers integrate and simplify their system and substantial cost savings,” states Tan. to free up resources and even interface with existing devices to raise productivity and Enhances security and control profits,” Tan concludes. CALMS gives peace of mind to customers by ensuring card handling is secure and efficiently processed. Financial institution clients have benefited from CALMS Visitor Management System that tracks not only the movement of visitors to the company‟s premises but that of its staff and contractors. The system has a feature which alerts the management against blacklisted visitors. In the case of an insurance company, the insurer previously issued cheques based on physical identification without ensuring the chips in the MyKad were accurately matched to the agents. This potentially posed a security threat. However, implementing the
  4. 4. For More Information Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 .NET provides you with a comprehensive and To access information using the World consistent programming model and a Wide Web, go to: common set of APIs across all tiers of your application. .NET helps you to build applications that work the way you want, in For more information about IFCA products the programming language you prefer, across and services, call (+603) 7805 3838 or software, services, and devices. .NET helps visit the Web site at: developers move quickly from idea to the creation of rich, responsive applications that people want to use. .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 expands and improves offerings in the .NET Framework and Visual Studio 2008. .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 introduces the ADO.NET Entity Framework and ADO.NET Data Services, which simplify data access code in applications by providing an extensible, conceptual model for accessing data from any source. For more information about the .NET Framework 3.5, please go to: Software and Services  Microsoft Visual Studio 2008  Microsoft SQL Server 2008  Technologies − Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY. Document published August 2010