BFM Enterprise Breakaway 2012


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BFM Enterprise Breakaway 2012

  2. 2. Bfm enterprise breakaway 2012The annual conference and exhibition that brings together business WHY YOU MUST PARTNERowners and aspiring entrepreneurs - the BFM Enterprise Breakaway2012 - is back! AND ATTEND?  Learn from the BEST!: The BFMIn 2011… … ENTERPRISE BREAKAWAY is the bestThe BFM ENTERPRISE BREAKAWAY was a roaring success last year with place for you to hear and learn frommore than 600 entrepreneurs and business owners turning up at the the best in the business. Ask questions,Sime Darby Convention Centre to meet, network and learn from debate ideas and exchange viewseach other. Business experts and industry leaders provided insights with the some of the mostand know-how freely at the conference whilst established business experienced and successful from theowners shared their arduous journeys to success. Delegates enjoyed Malaysian business community.the honest and heartfelt discussions by leading entrepreneursincluding our very own founder, Malek Ali. At the end of the  Be INSPIRED. Renew yourconference, attendees left with actionable takeaways, sales motivation!: Featuring a mix of caseenquiries and new sales leads, potential partners and suppliers and studies, thought leader presentations,even new customers! panel discussions, business expert opinions and open floor discussionWhat to expect this year … … sessions, you will leave with new ideas,You gave us your feedback last year so this year, you can expect a practical to-do lists, knowledge andhighly interactive programme with more opportunity for discussions on examples to inspire yourself and theand off the stage and plenty of time for questions you may have for rest of your team.the speakers and panelists. Themed “Real People, Real  MAXIMISE your networkingStories, Real Results”, we have lined up even more of those opportunities: Hundreds ofinspirational entrepreneurial stories that you enjoy. Simply put, BFM entrepreneurs will gather at theEnterprise Breakaway 2012 is all about businesses like yours sharing conference and exhibition and thetheir mistakes, their challenges, how they rose above it, how they venue will be buzzing with discussionsflourished beyond it and the current business trends in the market. amongst business owners from all types of industries. Learning fromEntrepreneurship is all about hard work with no short cuts. There is no fellow businessmen who have dealtsecret formula to success and it is not something you can learn from with the problem you are currentlytextbooks and classrooms. This conference will give you access to the facing will be one of the greatestencyclopedia of entrepreneurial experiences, a collection of real-life benefits of attending this conference.and very practical approaches to dealing with the hardship thatentrepreneurship throws your way.  KEEP ABREAST of key industry developments today: Highlighting aBFM connects businesses … … range of hot topics affectingThe BFM Enterprise Breakaway is a platform which we created so Malaysian businesses, the Enterprisebusiness owners and aspiring entrepreneurs can come together every Breakaway will provide insights intoyear to benchmark their own performance, exchange ideas and key trends and developmentsknowledge with their fellow peers and seek out potential business shaping the markets today. Thepartnerships. At the heart of the Malaysian business community, BFM conference is the best way for you towill continue to build on this platform so as to create a network of stay informed of the current issuessupport to help businesses like you in your entrepreneurial that matter to your business now andendeavours. in the future.WHO WILL ATTEND?Designed to advance Malaysian enterprises, the BFM  CEOs, Managing Directors, General ManagersENTERPRISE BREAKAWAY is the most important  Business Ownersgathering for business owners and entrepreneurs. It is  Business Start-Upsthe venue where they come to assess and revise their  Existing and Potential Entrepreneursbusiness strategies, to acquire new skills and  Venture Capitalistsperspectives and to network with leading players  Investorsacross industries. At this conference, entrepreneurs  Strategic Partnerscan get their questions answered in a neutral forum  Regulators Involved in SME developmentorganized by Malaysia’s foremost business station.  Trade Development Organizations  AssociationsWith more than 600 entrepreneurs expected at the  Chambers of Commerceconference and showcase, you will meet and network  Vendors, Consultants, Specialists and Service Providerswith:  Bankers and Financiers  Media Commentators and Domain Experts 1/5
  3. 3. Bfm enterprise breakaway 2012 Conference agenda 9.00 WELCOME ADDRESS 9.05 FROM ENTREPRENEURS TO ANGEL INVESTORS So they’ve made it. They now run listed companies with millions in turnover with shareholders to answer to. However, that’s not the only thing our panelists share in common. In fact, they are all entrepreneurs who started their businesses from scratch having rolled up their sleeves and gotten their hands dirty. They’ve paid their dues, grown and listed their companies, and are now bona fide investors looking for businesses to invest in and acquire. Join them as we decipher the differing mindsets of a business owner and an investor and gain insights from these investors on how you can attract investments for your business. Opening remarks by Malek Ali, Founder/Managing Director, BFM Media Mark Chang, Founder/Executive Director, Puvanesan Subenthiran, Founder/Group CEO, Privasia Group Panel discussion moderated and led by Malek Ali, Founder/Managing Director, BFM Media 9.50 FROM ENTREPRENEURS TO ANGEL INVESTORS: Open floor discussion Q&A session facilitated by Freda Liu, Presenter, Enterprise 10.30 COFFEE BREAK 11.00 PIMP MY BIZ 2012: SIMPLE SOLUTIONS TO COMMON SME PROBLEMS This year saw two new participants for “Pimp My Biz” – a BFM programme series aimed at helping SMEs push through existing boundaries to take their businesses further. Spanning eight weeks, the programme forced its participants to take a hard look at how they can improve on all aspects of their businesses and reshape the way they run their businesses. With the support of eight leading business coaches and consultants, participants received professional advice in the areas of business, HR, marketing & PR, branding, new media, sales and even life! In this session, we hear from the participants as they reveal how this series have changed the way they see their businesses, some of the hard truths that they’ve had to face up to, the radical or very simply action plans they’ve had to put in place, the lessons they took away from the series and advice they have for their fellow entrepreneurs. Opening remarks by Freda Liu, Presenter, Enterprise @ BFM89.9 – The Business Station Joshua Rayan, Founder/CEO, Words Wizards Creative Communications Yusuff Yakob, Founder/Managing Director, Home Nursing Providers Panel discussion moderated and led by Shankar Santhiram, Principal Consultant, EQTD Consulting 11.45 GEARING UP FOR BUSINESS EXPANSION: HOW TO ENGINEER GROWTH SUCCESSFULLY You now run a successful business. Your business has survived startup and you are all geared up for business expansion. Growth is fraught with both opportunities and perils so choosing the most suitable form of growth is critical. From forming business alliances, diversifying your business portfolio, increasing your local market share to penetrating the market overseas, how do you decide on the best way to grow? In this session, we hear from established business owners on the choices they made when expanding, how they came to their decisions, the factors they considered and the lessons they learnt from growing their business empire. Opening remarks by Raymond Phoon, Author, Sales Psychologist & International Motivational Speaker, PowerUpSuccess Group Gaik Wong, Founder/ Director, The Chicken Rice Shop (tbc) Tam Wah Fiong, Founder/Chairman, Thumbprints Utd Sdn Bhd Henry Goh, Co-Founder/Group Chief Operating Officer, MACROKIOSK Group of Companies Panel discussion moderated and led by Raymond Phoon, PowerUpSuccess Group Please note that all topics and speakers are subject to change and are strictly for reference only. This draft is not an indication of the final and confirmed agenda, and speakers indicated could strictly be for future invitation purposes. For more information on the updated and confirmed agenda and speaker list, please log on to 2/5
  4. 4. Bfm enterprise breakaway 2012 12.30 GEARING UP FOR BUSINESS EXPANSION: Open floor discussion Q&A session facilitated by Raymond Phoon, PowerUpSuccess Group 13.00 NETWORKING LUNCH 14.30 BRANDING AND YOUR BUSINESS STRATEGY: IMPORTANCE OF GETTING IT RIGHT Say “branding” and the first things that come to mind are advertising, marketing and sales. Branding is more than just about having a beautifully designed company logo and a creative tagline. Strong branding is crucial to a business. Get it right and branding could mean attracting talents, a bigger local market share and even opportunities to expand into new markets abroad. Join us at this session as we learn from fellow entrepreneurs who have successfully branded their business locally or globally and discover how you can start aligning your business strategy with your branding strategy. Opening remarks by Lee Jia Ping, Managing Partner, The Listening Tree Rudy Foo, Managing Director, Madam Kwan’s Choong Kar Weng, Founder/Managing Director, Macy Home Furnishings Sdn Bhd Malek Ali, Founder/Managing Director, BFM Media Panel discussion moderated and led by Lee Jia Ping, Managing Partner, The Listening Tree 15.15 BRANDING AND YOUR BUSINESS STRATEGY: Open floor discussion Q&A session facilitated by Freda Liu, Presenter, Enterprise 15.45 COFFEE BREAK 16.15 ENTREPRENEUR IN DA HOUSE!: BEEN THERE, DONE THAT! From one entrepreneur to another, this is a heart-to-heart session where Malaysia’s foremost entrepreneurs openly discuss their journeys so far, their trials and tribulations and how they overcame their challenges. Designed to give you an insight into the makings of a leading business owner, this session will be your best opportunity to get into their heads to learn how you can become a successful entrepreneur yourself! An open dialogue platform, this also serves as a mentoring session amongst entrepreneurs where you are encouraged to seek answers to your burning questions. Opening remarks by Jeevan Sahadevan, Action COACH Datin Chan-Low Kam Yoke, Co-Founder/Group Chief Executive Officer, HELP University Tan Thiam Hock, Founder/Director, Alliance Cosmetics Group Ir Dr Nehemiah Lee Chee Hai, Founder/Chairman, Nehemiah Reinforced Soil Sdn Bhd Panel discussion moderated and led by Jeevan Sahadevan, Action Coach 17.00 ENTREPRENEUR IN THE DA HOUSE!: Open Floor Discussion Q&A session facilitated by Malek Ali, Founder/Managing Director, BFM Media 17.45 LUCKY DRAW PRIZE GIVEAWAY 18.00 END OF BFM ENTERPRISE BREAKAWAY CONFERENCE 2012 Please note that all topics and speakers are subject to change and are strictly for reference only. This draft is not an indication of the final and confirmed agenda, and speakers indicated could strictly be for future invitation purposes. For more information on the updated and confirmed agenda and speaker list, please log on to 3/5
  5. 5. Bfm enterprise breakaway 2012PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIESThe BFM ENTERPRISE BREAKAWAY, through its interesting and compelling mix of keynote sessions, briefings and paneldiscussions, will bring together some of the movers and shakers in Malaysia to discuss common challenges, learn aboutnew approaches to business and management, innovative products and services, and keep abreast with theindustries’ development and trends.This makes the BFM Enterprise Breakaway the most important event for any vendor and service provider that are seriousabout their product and service offerings to Malaysian businesses. PARTNERSHIP PACKAGES OVERALL EVENT SPONSORSHIP NETWORKING SPONSORSHIP Presenter (maximum 1 only) Cocktail Networking Sponsor (maximum 1 only) Co-Sponsor (maximum 2 only) Associate Sponsor (maximum 8 only)BFM ENTERPRISE SHOWCASE 2012Held in conjunction with the BFM Enterprise Breakaway 2012 conference, the BFM ENTERPRISE BREAKAWAY SHOWCASEwill feature innovative products and services from a host of solution and service providers instrumental in the strategicgrowth and success of a business. These exhibitors will have the attention of more than 600 delegates from theMalaysian business community expected to attend the BFM Enterprise Breakaway 2012. With an exciting programmeline-up, renowned expert speakers and an extensive industry showcase, this premier event is set to become the hub forMalaysian businesses to review and plan their strategies and investments. SHOWCASE PACKAGES PREMIER BOOTH BASIC BOOTH - 9 square metres shell space for 1 day - 9 square metres bare space for 1 day - Premier booth set-up includes: - Exhibitor need to appoint their own  Partitions designers/ planners to build the booth  Single phase power outlet (1)  Standard lighting with fascia board indicating exhibitor’s nameCONTACT USFor sponsorship/exhibition opportunities, please contact:Charles Peters / Tel: +603-2035 5900 / Email: charles@bfm.myFor registration and/or all other enquiries, please contact:Greta Han Choo / Tel: +603-2035 5900 x 3217 / Email: events@bfm.myAnnie Wong / Tel: +603-2035 5900 x 3217 / Email: events@bfm.myBFM is a 24 hour independent radio station focused on business news and current affairs. The station’s core programmes spanmarketing, finance, technology and business productivity to raise the management proficiency of the Malaysian business community.BFM also offers other programmes that are of interest to their working professional audience, including health, culture, arts, music andproperty. BFM can be heard on frequency FM89.9 in Wilayah Persekutuan, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan and parts of Melaka. 4/5