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The CAR Simulation – Basic Business Skills


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The “CAR” Simulation is all about teaching students those basic business skills that they will need to understand no matter what industry they end up working in.

Due to market conditions, a car manufacturing division must close! The learning then focuses on how to continuously improve a business using the basic operational processes of a large scale manufacturing business.

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The CAR Simulation – Basic Business Skills

  1. 1. TEAM BUSINESS ™ The Real Life Business GameExecutive Overview for Education
  2. 2. Contents: Company Background. Program Descriptions. “CAR” Program Description and Learning Outcomes. Quick Facts.
  3. 3. What is Team Business? Team Business offers experiential business simulations where students learn about business, by running one in competition with other students. We’ve had 350K + participants and 250 + organizations attend our programs globally. Programs developed in 1995 – launched in the US in July 2002 and in Europe in 2007.
  4. 4. What is Team Business?Design Basics common to all our programs… Business Education Programs Instructor-led Business Simulations Team Building Elements Team-Based, 4-5 Member Teams Learn from Peers, Your Team and the Competition Experiential & Shared Learning Methodology Extremely Competitive Highly Engaging Run by Team Business or Certify Your Own Trainers
  5. 5. Our Simulation-Based Business WorkshopsTeams run real, hands-on businesses in competition with each other.Simulation Outcome1 Entrepreneurship2 Fundamentals of Business3 Team Building and Effectiveness4 Accounting and Financial Analysis5 Mini MBA
  6. 6. What the students get out of the CAR experience? Understand, hands on, what it means to run a business, to have a career in business or to work in a corporation. How to be successful working as a part of a team. How you can’t be successful, unless you work with your team… How important it is to communicate and listen to others… That there is no one right answer in business… How to read and complete an income statement – More importantly… Why it’s important that more money comes in and less money goes outStudents stay engaged for 4 hours…without digital technology…
  7. 7. More Detail about CAR and theLearning Outcomes
  8. 8. The Process…Participants are given the opportunity to run their own CarManufacturing Business, wherein they physically produce cars thatare sold into the market at the end of each production period.Using basic financial tools to plan production activities, resourcerequirements, measure performance and benchmark against thecompetition, participants get to observe the outcome of theirbusiness decisionsThey acquire an understanding of causality… the relationshipbetween decisions made and outcomes realized.
  9. 9. Learning OutcomesA crisp understanding of the Key Business Drivers (Quality, Volume& Cost), their relationship to one another and their impact onprofitability.Clarity regarding the Critical Business Inputs (Staff, Time, Resources,Information and Processes) that determine how effectively businessobjectives are achieved.The ability to identify and define shortcomings and opportunities forimprovement within the business.
  10. 10. Quick Facts Gain a crisp understanding of the key business drivers: Quality, Volume and Cost Understand the relationship between these key drivers and their impact on profitabilityKey Understand the critical business inputs of Staff, Time, Resources,Concepts Information and Process that determine how effective business objectives can be achieved Learn how to identify and define shortcomings and opportunities for improvement within a business 7-10 member teams; up to 120 participantsWorkshop Size Any audience with a need or desire to create an environment of& Audience creativity, innovation and continuous improvementTime CAR Simulation: 4 hours
  11. 11. Thank you..For further discussions, or to contact Team Business, call Lara Azzam at 301 537 8980 Or e-mail: