Team building ideas wheather you are the leader of a team building


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Team building ideas wheather you are the leader of a team building

  1. 1. Brought To You By http://teambuildingactivitieshq.comTeam Building IdeasWheather You Are TheLeader Of A TeamBuildingAll Rights Reserved © 2011 Team Building Activities HQ
  2. 2. Brought To You By Brought to you by Team Building Activities HQWhether you are the leader of a team building companyor a college football coach, you are going to want someideas on how to bring your team together. A team can bemade up of several different types of people: co workers,team mates, student bodies, organizations andcommunities. All of these people’s work together on adaily basis, and need to know how to interact and behaveproperly.Each person who is part of the team brings in somethingdifferent. It is the need to embrace what others can bringto the table that makes team building so important.Some great team building ideas are:Team building ideasDefine a good leader: Part of the reason a team may notperform as good as expected is the leadership. It is theAll Rights Reserved © 2011 Team Building Activities HQ
  3. 3. Brought To You By http://teambuildingactivitieshq.comjob of the leader to direct and supervise. If a teammember is not doing as they should, it is theresponsibility of the leader to step in and take control.When the leader has full control, and knows how to usethat control the team will benefit from it.Create tasks: In order to find out how each team works,it is important to do a mock work flow. By doing this youwill be able to see how the team works together. In asmaller team of three or four every member will beaccountable for part of the process. When one of themembers struggles to catch up or continue, how do theothers react?Get outdoors: Allow employees to get out of the officeand enjoy some fresh air by playing games like cricket,flag football, relay races, volleyball, etc. Not only arethese fun activities, but they also demonstrate theimportance of team dynamics. Make sure you mix up theteams a bit - have employees who dont work with eachother on the same team.Start a tradition: Traditions create a sense of foundationand allegiance. Perhaps your department welcome’snewcomers by making them wear a distinctive name tagor pin. Maybe theres a trinket or plaque someone mustAll Rights Reserved © 2011 Team Building Activities HQ
  4. 4. Brought To You By http://teambuildingactivitieshq.comkeep with them if they’re the newest members of theteam. No matter what your tradition entails, it will helpcreate a sense of acceptance and camaraderie. It can besomething you take very seriously, or it can befun and silly.Recognize and celebrate: Recognizing co-workers byhonoring birthdays, work anniversaries, or thecompletion of a complicated project bolsters the teamand facilitates team-building. This doesnt mean that youmust do all the planning or pay for all the supplies. Forexample, for birthdays, you can set up a schedule inwhich the person who had the last birthday must beresponsible for buying a cake, getting a card, etc. for thenext co-workers birthday. This way, everyone equallycontributes, and the question of who will get thecelebration supplies is automatically answered.Ask: Have everyone write down what they really think ofthe way the team works together. This way you can get abetter perspective on what the people within the teamare thinking.Finding new and exciting team building ideas, can be ahard job. There are many resources online and withinAll Rights Reserved © 2011 Team Building Activities HQ
  5. 5. Brought To You By http://teambuildingactivitieshq.commost corporations HR departments on how to build teamspirit and create a more cohesive working environment.There are companies who can come into your workplace,in order to create a better sense of comradery.There is a great saying when it comes to team buildingideas. “We will never be better as a team than we arewith each other.” Help your team realize that no matterwhat team they work with, there will be issues andstruggles. Working with the team you already have, willbetter you for the next."Cooperate: to work or act together or jointly for aCommon purpose or benefit; to work or act withanother person or persons willingly and agreeably"When you have a team who can work together well, youhave created a well-oiled machine. This will allow work tobe done faster, and employees to enjoy what they aredoing on a daily basis.People will have to understand, part of being on a teammeans working with others. Finding a way to deal withpeople in a positive way, is something that can changethe dynamic of a team. There are good ways and badAll Rights Reserved © 2011 Team Building Activities HQ
  6. 6. Brought To You By http://teambuildingactivitieshq.comways of dealing with others, which will be covered in ateam building event.All Rights Reserved © 2011 Team Building Activities HQ
  7. 7. Brought To You By http://teambuildingactivitieshq.comTo learn more about team building activities for theworkplace come visit us at:http://teambuildingactivitieshq.comIf you’d like 31 free icebreakers to take your teambuilding activities to the next level you can get that forfree by visiting: if you’d like an advanced toolbox of team buildingactivities, then I recommend you take a look at this: Rights Reserved © 2011 Team Building Activities HQ