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Indoor team building activities for adults


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Indoor team building activities for adults

  1. 1. Indoor team building activities for adults
  2. 2. Indoor team building activities for adultsIn many cases team building outside is agreat idea, the open space and the fresh airis great for building confidence and selfesteem. Although other times working insidecan be the best bet. For more info
  3. 3. Indoor team building activities for adultsIf you have a group who does not do welloutdoors, or if you have no outdoor space,indoor team building can be just as fun.Working with a team does not only meanthat everyone “must” get along it meansthat others should better understand thepeople they work with, and the whole teamshould work for a common goal. For more info
  4. 4. Indoor team building activities for adultsIndoor team building activities for adults arenot only a great way to insure your staff arecommunicating properly, but it is also thebest way to increase productivity in the workplace. Studies have shown that teambuilding increases the productivity of aworkplace quite substantially. For more info
  5. 5. Indoor team building activities for adultsIf you are looking for some great indoorteam building activities, you can find a fewlisted below. For more info
  6. 6. Team building activates for the indoors:For more info
  7. 7. GOSSIPThe group sits in a circle and Gossip beginswith the facilitator sharing a secret with theperson next in the circle. The secret ispassed as each person shares it with thenext person. In telling the secret, it may notbe repeated twice to the same person (sothe listener must get it all the first time.) For more info
  8. 8. GOSSIPWhen the secret is finally back to thefacilitator, it is shared out loud. Thefacilitator then reads the original andcomparisons made. For more info
  9. 9. IMPORTANT ITEMHave each person bring something to themeeting that means something special tohim or her, and then take turns telling aboutit. Could have people try to guess who itemsbelong to. For more info
  10. 10. PAT ON THE BACKHave everyone draw an outline of their handon a sheet of paper, then tape it to theirback. Have group members mingle and writethings on everyone’s back that tells themsomething positive. For more info
  11. 11. LIFELINESThis exercise uses a huge sheet of paper witha long “lifeline” drawn across it. Eachmember marks dates on the line torepresent the highs, lows, significant events,turning points, etc. of her/his life to date.(Can also project the future) For more info
  12. 12. LIFELINESEach date should be labeled to help explainit. Members of the group each share theirdates with other members. The group mayask questions about each other’s lifelines. For more info
  13. 13. BLIND POLYGONAsk the participants to form a circle and puton their blindfolds. Give them a rope. Askeach person to grab hold of the rope, andthen, as a group, to form a perfect square. For more info
  14. 14. BLIND POLYGONWhen they believe the task is accomplished,they are to stand in position and remove theblindfolds. Using the same procedure, askthem to form any geometric shape you thinkis possible with the group. For more info
  15. 15. PERSONAL COAT OF ARMSGive each person a sheet of paper with ablank coat of arms on it. There are fourquadrants on the “shield” and you askparticipants to respond to specificquestions/statements in each quadrant. Forexample, where your favorite place toescape is, favorite childhood memory,greatest fear, person who’s most importantto you, etc. For more info
  16. 16. PERSONAL COAT OF ARMSThen ask each participant to draw a symbolor motto about his/her shield thatrepresents him/her. Go around the groupand have each participant share whatthey’re willing of their shield with the group. For more info