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Free team building exercises


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Free team building exercises

  1. 1. Free team building exercises
  2. 2. Free team building exercisesInstilling a great sense of team and selfworth in your employees doe not have tocost an arm and a leg. This can be not onlycost effective but free! Nothing about teambuilding has to be fancy or expensive; in factit can be more fun to get creative with alimited budget. For more info
  3. 3. Free team building exercisesTeam building has gone through a largemany studies and research phases in orderto determine if it really does work. Theconclusions were, yes team building has ahuge impact on the way that businesses arerun and the way that people work together. For more info
  4. 4. Free team building exercisesTeam building deepens and creates trustbetween co workers and managementteams; this is something that is no easilygained. The reason that trust is so importantin a work environment is because in orderfor one person to do a job correctly, they willneed to ask for help from others. For more info
  5. 5. Free team building exercisesIf you want to do some free team buildingexercises based on trust, you can play gamessuch as: catch me, 2 truths 1 lie and humanknot. For more info
  6. 6. Free team building exercisesTeam building also works on team work.Learning how to accept help from others,and help others can be a hard lesson forsome to learn. For more info
  7. 7. Free team building exercisesGames such as: G.P.S games, gumballbuilding and mock problem solving. All ofthese games are free (if you have the G.P.Sunits) and can help teams learn more aboutthe way team work needs to be done. For more info
  8. 8. Free team building exercisesCreating bonds is important when you workon a team, and these bonds can last alifetime. Team building can help create thesebonds and allow them to grow. For more info
  9. 9. Free team building exercisesIf you are looking to create bonds within thework place, perhaps some of these teambuilding ideas can help: celebratebirthdays, play outdoor games and hold staffpicnics. These events and activities can helpyour team bond outside of work hours. For more info
  10. 10. Free team building exercisesThe basic principal of team building islearning about each other and acceptingpeople for who they are. A workenvironment can never do well when peopledo not get along or have poor team spirit. For more info
  11. 11. Free team building exercisesTeam building will also help productivity goup, and create a happier atmosphere inwhich to be. None of these things costmoney, and every person who attends theseteam building sessions will feel like they arepart of a community, rather then aworkplace. For more info
  12. 12. Free team building exercises Below are a few more ideas on how to maketeam building exercises free at yourworkplace! Field games Ice breakers (name games, quizzes) The wallet game (empty contents and show the group) For more info
  13. 13. Free team building exercises Below are a few more ideas on how to maketeam building exercises free at yourworkplace! Capture the flag (2 teams are needed) Create a group flag ( put staff in groups of 3 and each team can create a flag) Lunch together For more info