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Easy team building activities for adults


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Easy team building activities for adults

  1. 1. Easy team building activities for adults
  2. 2. Easy team building activities for adultsAdults can be hard to keep busy if you donot supply the right entertainment. That iswhy team building companies all over theworld are coming up with new and creativeways to train employees. The reason thatteam building has exploded in the last fewyears is because the need is great. For more info
  3. 3. Easy team building activities for adultsPeople are having more and more issues inthe workplace, which can lead to poor workhabits and a lack of determination. Largecompanies and small businesses alike areable to combat these issues by instilling asense of pride and ownership in staffmembers. For more info
  4. 4. Easy team building activities for adultsTeam building is not something that needsto cost a lot of money or take days toprepare for; easy team building activities foradults are readily available. For more info
  5. 5. Easy team building activities for adultsEasy team building activities for adults aresimple games and activities that will bond agroup of any size. These range from simpleout door activities to “name game” quizzes.Each one of these activities below are easyto do, and will help your team bond. For more info
  6. 6. Team building activitiesFor more info
  7. 7. ANIMAL/BARNYARD SOUNDSThink of five or six different animals thatmake distinct animal sounds such as: cat,dog, snake, monkey, cow, pig, etc. Give eachparticipant a piece of paper with one of theanimal names and have them find eachother by making that animal sound. Forexample, all the dogs would find each otherby barking. For more info
  8. 8. SENTENCE COMPLETIONHave the group introduce themselves bycompleting a low risk sentence. Examples:favorite food, animal, cartoon strip, musicalgroup, funniest story you have ever heard,best joke, hobbies or interests, funniestrelative, what would you like to do if you hadtwo extra hours today, what would youwould do if you won the lottery, etc. For more info
  9. 9. WALLET/PURSE INTRODUCTIONSParticipants pull an object out of their walletor purse, which represents them andexplains why. For more info
  10. 10. TOSS A NAMEStanding in a circle, the person with the ballcalls someone by name and tosses the ballto them. When the other person catches it,they say, “Thank you, _____________” (thename of the person who threw it tohim/her) and then calls upon anotherperson to toss the ball to. For more info
  11. 11. TOSS A NAMEAfter the balls have been tossed for a coupleof minutes, start a second ball going at thesame time, then a third, and finally a fourth. For more info
  12. 12. HUMAN KNOTParticipants should stand shoulder toshoulder in a circle. Each person should puthis/her right hand into the middle of thecircle and join hands with someone acrossthe circle (and not directly to his/her right orleft). Each person then places their left handinto the circle and joins hands with adifferent person, and not the person directlyto their left or right. For more info
  13. 13. Easy team building activities for adultsAll of the above team building activities arevery easy to do, and very easy to set up.Most require no set up or planning. Teambuilding was meant to be something thathelps a team bond and unite, rather than bea costly operation. Team building will helpyour workplace become everything it can be. For more info