Company team building ideas


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Company team building ideas

  1. 1. Brought To You By http://teambuildingactivitieshq.comCompany Team Building Ideas Brought to you by Team Building Activities HQAll Rights Reserved © 2011 Team Building Activities HQ
  2. 2. Brought To You By http://teambuildingactivitieshq.comWhen you own or manage a company there are many ways to helpyour team grow and become the best. One of the best ways to do thisis through team building. Team building is any activity or event thatbonds your team in a positive way. These can be events such asbirthday parties, retreats or simple games. Whatever your companychooses to do in regards to team building, you will see huge results inthe staff productivity.When it comes to company team building ideas, the chose will alwayscome down to two things, time and money. The more time and moneythat you have to spend on team building the more complex it can be.This does not mean that team building needs large amounts of time ormoney, in fact neither one is a requirement.Some steps to team buildingIn order to build a strong team you need to follow the following set ofsteps:•Set realistic expectations.•Gain commitment to the objectives.•Establish ground rules for your team (team norms).•Consider team member’s ideas as valuable.•Encourage listening and brainstorming amongst the team.•Put the ownership on the team members; provide the team withenough freedom and empowerment. Support the team’s decision.•Build trust and reinforce the team’s sense of purposeAll Rights Reserved © 2011 Team Building Activities HQ
  3. 3. Brought To You By http://teambuildingactivitieshq.comThese things are the cornerstone of any and all team building ideas andplans. As they teach both staff and leaders the role that team buildingmust play.Why team build?Another reason why companies need team building is because of theamount of people. When a large group of people gathers, there arebound to be issues that come up. A team would be worthless ifeveryone agreed on every issue. The purpose of teams is to facilitatediscussions and foster creativity. Sometimes the same discussions andcreative thoughts that help the team can also bring about conflict.Nobody is perfect and not everyone is going to get along. Its importantthat teams identify and target any problems before they escalate. Atthe end of this course youll have the skills needed to recognize whyteams stop working, identify why battles begin, learn how to targetteam problems, and develop the skills to discuss problems as a team.Once your company knows how to handle a situation, or can workthings out amongst each other, things will progress well. In the eventfurther training is needed team building should be done at least onceevery 6 months in order to keep the changes and bonds that have beencreated with team building.A company can never spend too much time or money on buildingrelations and team spirit, as it is the cornerstone of every thing thecompany does. Team building ideas for companies are many, and thebenefits of these are astounding.All Rights Reserved © 2011 Team Building Activities HQ
  4. 4. Brought To You By http://teambuildingactivitieshq.comTo learn more about team building activities for theworkplace come visit us at:http://teambuildingactivitieshq.comIf you’d like 31 free icebreakers to take your teambuilding activities to the next level you can get that forfree by visiting: if you’d like an advanced toolbox of team buildingactivities, then I recommend you take a look at this: Rights Reserved © 2011 Team Building Activities HQ