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Team Bacon apps for good, Final prenstation


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Team Bacon, Apps for good,presentation, 2014

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Team Bacon apps for good, Final prenstation

  1. 1. By Team Bacon Stephen Stewart Max Howell Jake Howes Rhodri Coleman
  2. 2. • Who? Students/ Gamers • What? Young people who need to get up for study or work • When? Early Morning • Where? In the bedroom • Why? Too easy to turn off alarm and snooze and go back to bed
  3. 3. “Too easy to snooze” Mark: Full time student / part time job “Busy Student” Has to get to work, has to get to college, He says he is unhappy as he snoozes a lot even when his alarm wakes him up which makes him late for college and work, and instead of snoozing he wants to wake up, get up and go.
  4. 4. How do we stop people snoozing and motivate them to get out of bed? We have found within our user interviews that many young people snooze regularly and this stops people getting to college / work on time.
  5. 5. 1) People who have problems waking up in the morning currently try to use an alarm clock. This solution does not work because people just hit the snooze button and go back to sleep. Our key insight is that people DO wake up in the morning, but they just hit the snooze button and go back to sleep. We aim to stop them snoozing by making them play a quick minigame before they can snooze. By the end of the minigame the user will feel energised and awake, and the user will feel ready to get up in the morning.
  6. 6. Team bacon is developing a native app for ios to help young people, students / gamers to get up in the morning by stopping them using the snooze button with a persistent alarm that can’t be cancelled until the user completes a game.
  7. 7. Kyle Harmer Full time student/ part time job About Kyle Harmer:  Full time student/ part time job  Leyland  Busy student  Wake up  To get up in the morning  Have good alarm tunes  Be stimulated with the minigames  Not happy as his mornings are stressful and tedious Rob Full time student About Rob:  Full time student, Runshaw College  Horwich  Busy student  Wake up  To get up in the morning  Have good alarm tunes  Be stimulated with the minigames  Not happy as he uses snooze a lot as well as rushing in a morning to get to college Ben Garrett Study support Runshaw College staff About Ben:  ESW at Runshaw college and Preston college  Preston  Busy staff member  Get out of the house on time  Wake up  Be stimulated with the minigames  Have good alarm tunes  Not happy as he wants to be disciplined so that he doesn’t back to sleep These are some of the user profiles that we collected. There are 10 user profiles including the ones on screen with many saying they use snooze regularly in the morning and would like to stop snoozing in the morning.
  8. 8. We feel our solution is better than any other as ours provides a simple game that makes the user feel more awake in the morning, and give the user some enjoyment whilst waking up and making them more motivated to get up. The other competitors don’t solve the problem as they are only gimmicks. They do work as alarm clocks; however our solution provides not only a way to wake up but, they minimize the opportunity to snooze in the morning. We also found that the other competitors use music or gimmicks to wake the user and don’t focus on preventing the overuse of the snooze button. Alarm name Price Features Platform Sleep Cycle alarm clock 0.69£ Tracks your sleeping pattern IOS Alarm clock HD free free use your own music and link to social networks IOS The clocks: Alarm clock, world clock free Displays different clocks and times for other countires IOS Alarm clock pro 0.69£ use your own music and see weather / customization IOS Sleep time alarm clock free Analyse's your sleep pattern/ best time to wake up IOS Walk Me Up free/ unknown price for more features Stops the alarm when you walk a certain distance IOS Maths Alarm Clock free Solve a maths question to turn off the alarm IOS Nightstand central: a music alarm clock app free wake up to your own music and fall alsleep with your music IOS idigital big2 alarm clock app free Displays the alarm big to help those with poor sight IOS Wave Alarm motion control alarm clock app free use gestures to turn the alarm off IOS Wake N Shake alarm clock 1.49£ Shake your phone to shut the alarm off IOS CARROT alarm 1.49£ Tasks where you upgrade and have a sentinet voice to wake up you Android Bomax - The Cranky alarm 0.99$ Play minigames to shut the alarm off Android FeakyAlarm app 1.99$ Play minigames and scan items to turn off the alarm IOS/Andoid
  9. 9. As someone who has important deadlines, I want the alarm to get me out of bed so that I am not missing important deadlines. Functional/Emotional, personal It is functional as the user wants to meet a deadline, its emotional as they will feel good if they meet the deadline. As a user I would want the app to make sure I am awake and ready for the morning if need a shower or I am running late. Functional It is functional as the user requires the alarm to wake them up and get the user to have a shower. As a user, I want the alarm to reactivate after 30 seconds of inactivity. Functional It is functional as the alarm is working to meet the users requirements. Feature: Setting alarm time Noisy alarm Can’t snooze until game is complete User story. Functional/Emotional. Reason why they are functional, emotional.
  10. 10. Through testing we found that, users would want the levels for each difficulty to be around: Easy: 30 seconds Medium: 15 seconds Hard: 11 seconds
  11. 11. Main Menu Set alarm DifficultyThese are the screens for the main menu app as you can set the alarm, play the game and change the difficulty
  12. 12. Maze A Maze B Maze C Maze D Big Snooze Maze End maze screen These screens show the levels throughout the game.
  13. 13. This transition goes from the menu to the maze A This transitions from maze A to maze B This transitions from maze B to maze C This transitions from maze C to maze D This transitions from maze D to Big Snooze Maze This transitions from Big Snooze Maze to End maze screen This transitions from End maze screen back to the main menu The main menu button always goes back to the first screen. You set the alarm on the second screen and chose the difficulty on the third screen. Key: Flow of the maze Go's to the main menu Go’s to another option screen (set alarm and difficulty)
  14. 14. This an embedded demo of you snooze, you lose. The first screen of the game is the menu where you can navigate to access the difficulty options (these are placeholders), the set alarm option (this is a placeholder). The start game button will transition you into the game, you navigate the game by using the arrow keys and direct the player towards the stairs so that you can progress to the end and turn off the alarm. Whilst going through the levels, you still hear the alarm in the background which will play throughout until you complete the game also, the layout of the menus would be the same on a mobile device but this prototype is designed to be played on a keyboard. Embedded demo not working? Click this link to the team bacon you snooze you lose maze app prototype.
  15. 15. Our app doesn’t rely on data from external sources and it would be possible to run independently on a mobile device. Our app is technically feasible as we have already created the prototype; however, we could develop the app further with more time and investment and then move the prototype from a PC to a mobile device. We created the app in Stencyl which has the facility to port the game onto mobile devices that run : IOS and Android.
  16. 16. We have decided to make the app free. The app will have advertisements that you can pay to disable. We made this decision because we want as many people as possible to use the app so that we can get maximise ad revenue. If the user pays a small sum of money (69p) then the ads will be disabled for that user. We collected 6 customer pledges which said users would pay around 69p to £2 for the app. However, because users are comfortable with adverts in apps, we feel that having in app advertisements wouldn't take away from the experience of the app for the users.
  17. 17. We will need to advertise our app to a wide audience, we will go by this by doing the following: • Social media marketing: For example we will advertise on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. • Open evening at Runshaw College, for example we will demonstrate the app to users and let them try the app for themselves. • For our marketing strategy we are going to use guerrilla marketing for example: we would let the public or college test the app with the prototype and get lots of feedback to generate more word of mouth.
  18. 18. This YouTube channel is team bacons YouTube where you can see the progress of our app development with some extra videos showing more of Team Bacon.