Road2Ideas_Aadarsh_Pen_Team_Renegade (MICA-II)


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Road2Ideas_Aadarsh_Pen_Team_Renegade (MICA-II)

  1. 1. Innovation 3 – Aadarsh Pen Case Study By Team Renegade (MICA - II) Arpita Sahoo | Jagriti Chhateja Sneha Chaturvedi | Noor Salam Khan 1
  2. 2. Preface Greetings from Team Renegade!!! We would like to take this opportunity to thank Road2Ideas Team for providing this wonderful opportunity… We appeal you to “Go Green” with Road2Ideas 2012 and request you not to print this Case Study unless really needed. Our presentation theme symbolizes our spirit of “Go Green” Initiative and we request you to read “Go Green Tip” on Thank You Slide  Cheers Team RenegadeTeam Renegade 2
  3. 3. Education Technology  Recent UNICEF report  Education system in India plagued by shortages:  Teachers  Resources  Schools  Classrooms  India has the world’s largest Visually Challenged population, which is 15 million out of the 47 million worldwide  On an average every 3–4 students of a class suffer from varying levels of dyslexia.Team Renegade 3
  4. 4. Aadarsh Pen - Social Revolution in Education System  ‘The Talking Pen - Multimedia Print Reader’  Aadarsh Pvt. Ltd., a trusted name in the education sector and Central India’s leading publishing house- introduced this unique education technology to revolutionise the current traditional education pattern and learning process in India  Giant leap in the educational technology, which uses listening skills along with traditional reading.Team Renegade 4
  5. 5. Key Features  In-built speaker  Camera  Earphones  2 GB memory card  7 hour battery backup  Can be charged like a cellphone  No fear of piracy as the text cannot be copied or scanned. Aadarsh holds the global patent for the product.Team Renegade 5
  6. 6. Insights from Field Team (Primary Research) Pictures taken on fieldInnovation Venue: Nvis Technology Innovation Point of Contact: Mr. Sudhir PuloriaInnovations Snapshot:•Aadarsh Pen reads the sticker (which is pre-published) on the Book.•Sticker has a certain code which is recognized by the Pen and the Pen speaks out the correspondingrecorded file.•For this sticker to work the pre-requisite are : a) The book should be coded with the sticker b) thecorresponding file for the sticker must be downloaded from the Aadarsh website for the respectivebooks•The pen should be placed on the sticker in order to hear the contentTeam Renegade 6
  7. 7. Process to use  Technology developed to elevate learning experience of students by focusing on the enormous benefits of listening.  Unique concept where the Pen recites the written text.  MPR ‘Talking Pen’ comes with an in-built speaker, camera and 2 GB memory card  When the MPR pen is positioned over a book with MPR codes, it activates the pre-loaded audio files  A reader is also able to hear the text they are reading.  This technology gives a human face through voice in the learning process, making it interactive, interesting and educational.Team Renegade 7
  8. 8. ACHIEVEMENTS  License holders of International characters like Barbie and Ben-10 for India & Pakistan  Hot Wheels, Fisher Price for the Indian Market, becoming perfect partner for designing, co-publishing and printing.  Various national and international NGOs, Publishers, Government organizations, International firms and have received most encouraging feedback from all.  IEC, UNICEF, IGNOU in talks for using pen to communicate important issues:  Sanitation  Reproductive Health Founder Felicitated  MalnutritionTeam Renegade 8
  9. 9. AADARSH Pen is UNIQUE because...  Numerous advantages for the students  Special needs of the visually challenged population and people suffering from Dyslexia.  Empowers volunteers responsible for public service education or vocational training with technological proficiency.  Beneficial for publishers as any book can be printed in Multiple Languages using multiple downloadable audio files.  MPR Books will help in combating the serious threat of piracy which publishers are facing today.  Help language learning with improved pronunciation by countering regional influences.Team Renegade 9
  10. 10. USP for Bottom of Pyramid  MPR will foster a self-learning process, specially in the rural areas  Encouraging the students to work independently in the absence of teachers or teacher’s attention  Heighten results even in a poor student–teacher ratio.  Organisations with special children benefit  Use of technology in future by UNICEF to spread awareness on AIDSTeam Renegade 10
  11. 11. Cost Structure Every pen by Aadarsh Pen costs Rs. 4500-5000/- Priced High as Cost will be low when: Volumes low currently 1.) Volumes increase 2.) Get donors for the pen 3.) Get sponsors for the pen 4.)Cross subsidizing happensTeam Renegade 11
  12. 12. SWOT Analysis Strength: Weaknesses: • Useful for Education •Special books required so limitation •Useful for less privileged, blind, in no. of books connected suffering from Dyslexia •Priced high Rs.4500-5000/- •Unique Innovation •Less memory •Support by Govt,IEC,UNICEF,UGC Opportunities: Threats: • To scale up the innovation • New competitors may rise • Use in many states •Up gradation of technology with • Can be used for Vocational Training new such products •Once sponsors, donors and volumes •Commercialization of Product increase prices low •Effective MarketingTeam Renegade 12
  13. 13. Stage I – Table Analysis Rating the innovation on a scale of 0 to 5 (5 being the highest score) on each of the parameters outlined in the sandbox, the self assessment scores are:Team Renegade 13
  14. 14. Stage II - C.K. Prahlad’s Sandbox HIGH HIGH MODERATE HIGH MODERATE MODERATETeam Renegade 14
  15. 15. Combine Study and justifications : Scale of Innovation :  The Innovation is capable of being scaled up as it is relevant to a lot of government schools which have a high rate of absenteeism  IEC wants to talk about various issues. Printed books are not read because  Volunteers have different communication levels  Transmission loss is there  So this technology acts as a boon  For E.g. Aasha NGO works in rural areas.  Ladies are VIII pass who have to spread health manuals. Communication is difficult for them as they are less educated and they are not comfortable to talk bout them  Here the innovation can be scaled concentrating on for example Health Sector, likewise Sanitation etc.Team Renegade 15
  16. 16. Scalability in Figures Current Status:  Works in Education Sector in 5 States currently  5 publishers working with Aadarsh Pen  5 NGOs aligned with Aadarsh Pen  20 proposals with government in pipeline Future:  100 publishers joining soon  Plan to come with 1000 books this year  Fields: Education, Fiction, Entertainment, Dictionary, Language learning  Want to make pen available free of cost (Rs. 0/-)Team Renegade 16
  17. 17. Treading the Road2Ideas – Key Recommendations  Wireless :- Wireless technology can help to increase the reach by adding books and reaching those in purview of wireless  Memory Increase :- Memory can be increased so that more number of books can be read.Team Renegade 17
  18. 18. Way Forward AADARSH CAPE TOWN BOOK FAIR  Technology Accessibility  Technology Up gradation  Maximize Reach  Increase Market Share  Spread Awareness  Maximize benefits at Bottom of Pyramid  Boon for patients of Blindness, Less Vision, Dyslexia  Spread Use in Music Industry, Graphic Industry  Marketing for promotionTeam Renegade 18
  19. 19. Thank You Go Green Tip : Walk or bike to work. This saves on gas and parking costs while improving your cardiovascular health and reducing your risk of obesity. Team Renegade 19