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  • Search email, twitter, dropbox, evernote, facebook, icloud
  • Create a topic for students to research Puts together in an interactive list for students to visualize Can comment on specific readings
  • Journal entries as your learn about the topic you searched Key Facts show important facts about the topic (with links to the original educational content page) Videos that will be appropriate Difficulty Slider adjusts the difficulty of the material Quizzes offer fun challenges that reinforce learning and encourage exploration Glossary defines important terms
  • Great to collaborate for group work Assignments and due dates for guided reading or writing project Set tasks by priority and check off when they are complete and who is responsible for what
  • Also has recorded books that will read to them Click on a word and it will read it aloud Great for beginning readers
  • Walks students through the writing process “ Publish a book in 7 easy steps Add student created pictures Link from your website, print a paper copy or purchase hardback books at a starting price of $24.95
  • Create their own Graphic Novels Print them and turn into a book UK website
  • Steve Jobs created Dipity Embed videos, text and links Work collaboratively
  • Use the sites artwork Beta Poetry site coming soon Embed books into site or wiki Read stories from many different categories
  • Fun Animations, turned into movies Flip your classroom Drop and drag and can work on at home
  • Students track reading minutes, pages or both Never say they lost their reading log, teacher checks each student’s account Can recommend books to class or individual student Much more motivating then paper pencil log
  • Similar to Goodreads Never hear “I don’t know what to read next.” Look up one book and they recommend others just like it Add to your shelf as you read or TBR list Connect with other readers -
  • Create a multimedia presentation that includes, videos, images, maps, text, links and timelines Embed onto website or wiki Voice recording to tell the story
  • Can’t do a presentation without a Google Product Hangout with other classes Try a hangout with authors Bring together classes to talk about current events, book chats or just to find out more info about their school
  • Webquests on Steriods
  • Download as a PDF, ePub
  • Seamlessly blend text, images, and video to create amazing school projects. Slidebooks are fun, flexible, and incredibly easy to use. Embed and work collaboritley on a scrapbook, portfolio, presentations, and posters
  • Limited settings, characters and props Finished product can email, or print into a foldable book Great for primary students to publish a book.
  • Student created books Can purchase a hard cover book for a cost Share links to student created books Similar to shutterfly or snapfish
  • Needs a webcam or document camera Students scan multiple choice questions with instant feedback Grades imported right into grade book within site Instant feedback for the students
  • Teacher creates a class with own unique code
  • Students pick 3 interests and skills they need help on Puts those into a quick model shown above Progress reports for the student and teacher Alternative to boring grammar sheets.
  • Very easy to edit Looks professional Students can have pages Blogs included
  • Group chat, collaboration, file exchange, URL shortner, youtube enabled, Very similar to moodle, facebook or edmodo.
  • Allow visitors to record messages onto your website Place PDF files on your site and allow students to record fluency Students leave messages with questions on homework issues or social issues
  • No username needed Use any sort of device Create on the fly
  • 60 in 60

    1. 1. 60 in 60 + 10 appsErik Wittmer5th GradeSouth Western School District
    2. 2. SendHubCreate a phone number to your cellSend text/voice messages to groupsAccess from the webSimilar to Remind101
    3. 3. Send text messagesout to select groupsModerator has totalcontrolPhone #s keptprivate
    4. 4. Reminds me of PinterestWithout the extra step of visiting the site to find theresourceCorrelates to Common Core
    5. 5. One-click screen capture recording onWindows or Mac computers with no install forFREE!Upgrade to Pro Version for $15.00/yearCreate video tutorials of “How to”Student created videos to help lower gradesRecord student reading PDF File or site
    6. 6. Search by topicShare out with othersCollaboration
    7. 7. EdshelfSearch for specific websites, apps overdifferent platformsCreate playlists for students to usespecific sitesSuggestions for parents for at homeremediation
    8. 8. Find whatever it is your looking for in thefollowing accounts:Gmail, Facebook, Twitter,Dropbox,Evernote, yahoo, Google Dive, iCloud,Outlook, and Google Calendar
    9. 9. Facebook for schoolsFile uploadOnline conversationsPDParent accounts
    10. 10. Create a canvas oftasks for students towork onCan include text, linksand videos
    11. 11. Library of passagesRecords WPM, type oferror(s)Email parents andother staff membersTeacher report showsclasses missed words
    12. 12. Brings PrimarySources andactivities togetherfor studentsStudent preferredover heavy, boringtext books
    13. 13. Type a noteRecord AudioTake a pictureSyncs to alldevices andcomputers“Remember Everything”
    14. 14. Similar to EvernoteCreate lists of almosteverythingKeep notebooks oneach studentSyncs to all devicesand computers
    15. 15. Tired of loosing yourthumb drive?Or have a few and youcan’t remember what ison what drive?My Favorite Tool!
    16. 16. Chrome Remote DesktopGain access to any computer using ChromeCheck in on students to make sure they are workingGive access to IT support to fix an issueCan be used with Mac, PC or Chromebook
    17. 17. Retrieve and share your paperdocuments as virtual copiesNever use email again toshare a documentQuick Response Codeinstantly placed on documentCan comment on documentprogress. Great for studentfeedback
    18. 18. StoryBird
    19. 19. OuiBox WriterCreate a paper as it will find resources for you.Example: type Phillies it will search for sites thathave information about PhilliesShare and comment from classmatesExports into Word
    20. 20. Create stunning online postersEmbed the poster onto your websiteInteractive with videos, images and linksSave trees
    21. 21. Historical figures in the year 2013Create a page for the Revolutionary WarStudents have a conversation asparticular person from this time frameGreat alternative assessment
    22. 22. Create a collaborativedocumentVery much like GoogleDocsNo sign-in required
    23. 23. Collaborate on a documentVery similar to Google DocumentsCreate a wiki with documents embeddedStudents can take notes as they watch avideoReceive feedback on a writing piece
    24. 24. Looking for feedback onyour classroom layout?New furniture?Finishing the basement?Collaboration
    25. 25. Digital MagazineEmbed Youtube, links, and PDF filesStudent created portfolio of their year inwritingInteractive to outside worldSchool Magazine with student writings
    26. 26. Create stunning videosStudents can collaborate as a groupUpload videos of class Reader’s TheatreShare with families
    27. 27. Use Youtube videos?Never want to show theentire video?Cut to what you wantto show
    28. 28. TeachercreatesaccountStudentsdemonstratesknowledge
    29. 29. Create a webpagewithout registrationGreat way to publishstudent workPaste this URL onyour website
    30. 30. Backchannelwithin theclassroomDiscuss a videobeing viewed in theroom
    31. 31. Create quizzesLook the sameon all devices
    32. 32. Sometimes we just needa breakBackpack.tv takeseducational videos andputs them intocategoriesGreat for review
    33. 33. 10 Useful iPad Apps
    34. 34. Record of ReadingRunning Record Formthat records studentShare with parents, co-workers withoutrecordingLexile, F & P and RRlevels
    35. 35. Explain EverythingImport Documents intoappRecord fluency andtrack student’s one-to-oneAllow students to listen $2.99
    36. 36. Board CamActs as a documentcameraShowcase studentwritingDemonstrate a scienceor art project
    37. 37. Book CreatorStudent created epubbooksImages, text, voice,movies or musicCombine other booksfrom same app$4.99
    38. 38. ToontasticGuides studentsthrough the setting,conflict, challenge,climax and resolutionImport studentbackgrounds or useapps
    39. 39. iCard SortCreate word lists forstudents to sortBeam lists from oneiPad to the nextStudents take ascreenshot to provethey completed work$5.99
    40. 40. Word MessWord finds withdifferent categoriesRhyming, categories,beginning soundsLooks like word clouds$1.99
    41. 41. Letris 2One or two player playTiles fly down and youmust put letterstogether to spell wordKeep spelling wordsuntil tiles reach the top
    42. 42. AppsGoneFreeShowcases apps thatgo free for thatparticular dayMany are educationalHit or Miss oneducation based apps
    43. 43. CommonCoreMath and LanguageArts specificBroken down by gradelevel K-12Use during conferences