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DV 2016: Don't Track Me, Bro - Security and Privacy as a Differentiator


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Joe Christopher, Blast Analytics & Marketing

With the rise of Big Data, we’ve seen significant changes in innovation surrounding collecting, storing, and leveraging customer data. At the same time, consumers are expressing an increasing concern over their privacy and how their data is being used. Companies now have an opportunity to differentiate with the privacy and data security they offer to customers, and ultimately, win the trust of privacy conscious shoppers. In this session, Joe Christopher of Blast Analytics and Marketing explores how the government agency overseeing – the Health Insurance Marketplace - transformed their relationship with consumers by offering the most advanced, granular privacy controls available.

Published in: Technology
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DV 2016: Don't Track Me, Bro - Security and Privacy as a Differentiator

  1. 1. Don’t Track Me, Bro Security & Privacy as a Differentiator
  2. 2. Joe Christopher VP, Analytics @ Blast Analytics & Marketing • Analytics Consultant for 9+ Years • DAA Certified Web Analyst • Certified Expert: Adobe Analytics & Google Analytics Twitter: @joechristopher
  3. 3. Supporting Leaders To EVOLVE Their Organizations
  4. 4. DON’T TRACK ME, BRO • Increasing desire of users to control their privacy • Technology behind user privacy • Case Study:
  5. 5. I’M UNCOMFORTABLE WITH YOU TRACKING ME, BRO! Photo by Henry Zbyszynski
  6. 6. Problem Many consumers unaware of technology to opt out and control privacy Image from Aaron’s Animal
  7. 7. of Americans believe control over personal information is “very important” 74%
  8. 8. believe they have such control 9% Source:
  9. 9. of consumers are concerned about how their security is impacted by Ad Tracking 41% Source: Ghostery Extension Install Survey July/Aug 2015 8,518 Responses
  10. 10. LOW PRIORITY Upside is perceived as low so it is low priority But risk of major damage is high and underestimated
  11. 11. HIGH RISK Increasing risk with each passing day creates for your organization: Bad PR, Lawsuits, Penalties. Long-term adverse impacts on Brand Value and User Confidence with massive financial implications.
  12. 12. HOW & WHY ARE YOU TRACKING ME, BRO!? Photo by Britt Reints
  13. 13.  3rd Party Cookies  1st Party Cookies  Local Storage  IP Address How Companies Track You?
  14. 14. Test yours at How Companies Track You? Browser Fingerprinting
  15. 15. Advertising Tracking:  Make $$$  Increase relevancy of ads shown  Reach users when most likely to buy (remarketing)  Cost savings over showing ads to all users Web Analytics Tracking & Personalization:  Understand what works well (marketing, UX, etc)  Make websites easier to use and increase value  Personalize your experience Why Companies Track You?
  16. 16. Who you are  Name  Gender  Age  Race  Address  Phone  Fingerprint  Heart Rate  Weight  Gait  Government ID  etc. What can be tracked? What you did  Education  Career  Criminal Record  Press exposure  Awards  Publications  Associations  Credit score  Loans  Divorce  Legal  etc. What you like  Preferences  Settings  Avocations  Political Party  Social Groups  Social Likes  Entertainment  Hobbies  News feeds  Browser history  Brand affinity  etc. What you have  Income  Home  Car  Devices  Clothing style  Jewelry  Investments  Subscriptions  Relationships  Habits  Proclivities  etc. What you do  Keystrokes  Gestures  Eye tracking  Day part  Location  IP address  Social posts  Dining out  Purchases  Commute  TV viewing  etc.
  17. 17. What do they know about me? 35-44 Male San Diego, CA Technology, analytics, books, travel, food
  18. 18. Haircare35-44 Male San Diego, CA
  19. 19. Age Range Gender Location What Do They Know About You? Check Yourself  Google Ad Settings:  Digital Advertising Alliance:  About the Data (Acxiom): Interest Categories & More…
  20. 20. Responsible Marketing
  21. 21. As Marketers, We Need To…  Provide GREAT experiences  Assure trust in how we handle data  Be transparent in our privacy policies  Give consumers choice & control
  22. 22. But my data will no longer be accurate! NOOOOOOOOOO!
  23. 23. Your data is NOT 100% accurate – users have been opting out for years and bots have been plaguing your data Sorry to break the news, but…
  24. 24. Analytics is NOT a precise measurement tool Focus on the TRENDS
  25. 25. Consumers Controlling Privacy
  26. 26.  Browser setting exposed via JavaScript  All Modern Browsers Support DNT  Setting is OFF by default (should be)  April 2015, Microsoft no longer enables DNT as default What is DNT?
  27. 27. The signal sent MUST reflect the user’s preference, not the choice of some vendor, institution, site or network-imposed mechanism outside the user’s control; this applies equally to both the general preference and exceptions. -W3C Standards on DNT “ ”
  28. 28. Issues with DNT (Technology)  No legislation in United States to enforce  Most advertisers do not honor DNT setting  Microsoft issue  Good intent but does little
  29. 29. Do Not Track – Enablement % Q: What percentage of desktop users have this turned on? A: United States: 13% 2016 Blast Visitors: 8% Source:
  30. 30. Do Not Track – Enablement % Q: What percentage of mobile users have this turned on? A: United States: 4% 2016 Blast Visitors: 18% Source:
  31. 31. Opt Out  Browser setting  Expressing a Preference – Digital Advertising Alliance does not require members to honor setting  Primarily targets 3rd party advertising tracking DNT  Via plugins, browser settings, website controls  Explicitly Opting Out of Technology(s) and expects honored 100%  Can be granular setting tied to specific technology (e.g. Google Analytics) OR tied to specific Web Site  Targets both 3rd party advertising and web analytics tools vs
  32. 32. Sites to Opt Out of Tracking  Privacy Badger  Ghostery  Adblock Plus  Browser cookie settings  Many more… Tools to Control Privacy Options for Consumers to Control Privacy  DAA Opt Out:  Google Ad Settings:  Ghostery Global Opt-Out:  Google Analytics Opt-Out Plugin:  Adobe Analytics Opt-Out:
  33. 33. DON’T FORGET WHO USERS ARE… Real People like you and me
  34. 34. Be a responsible marketer… Proactively Increase Customer Access to Privacy Options
  36. 36. • US Federal Agency • Administers Medicare, Medicaid, Affordable Care Act, and more • CASE STUDY
  37. 37. Problem: You’re tracking my private info, bro
  38. 38. Negative PR: Personal Data Sharing (Jan 2015) Alleged sending personal health information (PII) to 3rd parties EFF confirmed data could be sent to 14 third-party domains Shopping for healthcare should be private… Source:
  39. 39. Developers unintentionally made a programming change that caused the full URL to include querystring parameters which were passed to tracking tags Source:;src=4037109; type=20142003;cat=201420;ord=7917385912018;~oref=https://www. smoker=1&parent=&pregnant=1&mec=&zip=85601&state=AZ&income=35000 & &step=4?
  40. 40. Taking Action User Privacy is Paramount
  41. 41. Where do we go from here?  Lack of an Existing Roadmap – No other US Federal Agency had implemented increased privacy options  Lack of Existing Regulation in US  Next steps: Identify technologies that have the right capabilities to meet Privacy Objectives
  42. 42. Solution iQ - Tag Management + Strategy, Implementation, Management, Training
  43. 43. Beyond Tealium implementation, we strategically led project: • Guided a Privacy Impact Assessment, • Provided stakeholder education to help them understand current tracking landscape and privacy risks, • Educated on value and need for governance and process enforcement Strategic Guidance
  44. 44.  Provide high level of security to users  Leverage features to accelerate and accurately provide consumers options to Opt Out  Honor DNT setting  Create a friendly experience  Restore confidence Objective
  45. 45. What features did we use?
  46. 46. Detects if visitor enabled DNT DNT selection placed in do_not_track data source (utag_data.do_not_track) Controlled by Load Rules Load Rule assigned to Tags Only assigned to Advertising Tags Do Not Track Extension
  47. 47. Tags placed into categories via drag- n-drop (remembered for same tag types) Opt-Out Categories Configured: Analytics, Advertising, and Social Media Privacy Manager Extension
  48. 48. Customized to Site Design and 508 Compliance Required manual edits to ‘Multi-Opt Out’ template to adjust design and user experience Implemented translated version for Spanish domain Privacy Manager Modal
  49. 49. What did we achieve? Results
  50. 50.  User can adjust privacy options via modal to Opt Out of Advertising, Social Media, or Web Analytics tags  DNT is automatically honored to opt user out of ALL Advertising tags  User’s privacy selections honored for 3 years from date of last visit via 1st party cookie  Privacy selections honored across all sub domains Increased Access to Privacy
  51. 51.  Privacy Impact Assessment for each 3rd party tool (TPWA) – Covers why and how each tool is used  New Privacy Policy  3rd Party Tool Assessments  Provides links to 3rd party privacy policies and opt out links Increased Transparency on 3rd Party Tools
  52. 52.  Established Governance (documented and enforced processes)  Educated organizational stakeholders on tracking and privacy (risks/benefits)  Trained users on Tealium iQ  Setup routine / automated testing  Setup tag monitoring to ensure only approved tags are firing Ongoing Responsibility Actively honor your commitment to privacy?
  53. 53. Source: Positive Press
  54. 54. Applaud[s]’s decision to support Do Not Track and give their users strong privacy controls. -EFF “ ”
  55. 55.  Privacy concerns intensifying and best to get ahead of it now!  It is okay to lose some data as won’t impact insights  Perform a Privacy Impact Assessment  Be a responsible marketer; use Tealium iQ Tag Management Features to Honor DNT - Do Not Track Extension - Privacy Manager Extension - Privacy Manager Modal  Invest in your commitment to User Privacy via education, governance, and monitoring  Differentiate and protect your brand by proactively embracing user security and privacy Takeaways
  56. 56. THANKS FOR NOT TRACKING ME, BRO Photo by Wade M.
  57. 57. Learn more in tomorrow’s session: Translation Services: Making Sense of the Current Legal Landscape @ 3:10pm  Get guidelines for approach to data governance, privacy policies, and informed technology decisions  Learn about current legal landscape in marketer’s terms
  58. 58. Joe Christopher VP, Analytics @ Blast Analytics & Marketing Twitter: @joechristopher Email: Thank You