Digital Velocity 2014: "Mamta's Top 3 Tealium Tips for Success"


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Presentation by Mamta Desai, Sr. Manager, Web & Mobile Analytics, Citrix

It’s one thing to have a great solution at your fingertips. It’s another to know how to use it. Learn how one longtime Tealium customer maximizes her use of Tealium iQ with these personal tips and tricks, including how to leverage features such as Labels, Notes, and Extensions. These simple tips have helped the Saas Division at Citrix increase digital marketing agility, while streamlining web analytics deployments. Bonus: Learn how Citrix is integrating Tealium iQ into its GoToMeeting iPad app.

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  • Digital Velocity 2014: "Mamta's Top 3 Tealium Tips for Success"

    1. 1. Mamta’s Top 3 Tips for Tealium Success Mamta Desai Senior Manager, Web & Mobile Analytics at Citrix mkdesai3
    2. 2. About Me • Senior Manager Web & Mobile Analytics @ Citrix, SaaS Division • 8+ years experience in Digital Analytics • Manage the Web & Mobile Analytics team at Citrix. Including data infrastructure, analysis and testing strategies.
    3. 3. About Citrix, SaaS Division Every month, more than 17,000 new customers start using Citrix GoTo cloud services to work from anywhere with anyone.
    4. 4. Tealium Journey 2014 Late 2011 2009 • Universal Tag Implementation 2008 • Repurpose HBX tags to fit Unica Implementation • Tealium Tag Management • Tealium Tag Management for Apps 1000% increase in productivity - 3 months to less than a week - Implemented Adobe Analytics in 45 days. Tealium tagging 2 weeks.
    5. 5. Current Tealium Environment 11 Active Profiles 380 Active Tags Tealium Tag Mg Setup 368 Load Rules 150 Extensions Largest Profile • • • • • 99 Data Sources 128 Load Rules 153 Tags 35 Extensions 126 Versions
    6. 6. New Challenges • Shift in responsibilities – IT  Web Analytics Team • Increase in requests for tags & beyond via Tag Management Solution: Leverage Tealium functionalities to improve processes
    7. 7. Tip 1 Notes
    8. 8. Tip 1: Notes Example: Online Media Specialist: “I am seeing a DoubleClick tag fire on US G2M pricing page. Do you know who requested the tag and when?” Web Analyst: “Yes, this was requested by Becky Dellar on your team. The tag request came in on 5/22/2012 as request for retargeting campaign” Process Before Notes: Dig up emails, JIRA tickets etc. Approx. 30mins to hours. At times never  Process After Notes: Find tag in Tealium and review notes. 5 Minutes
    9. 9. Tip 1: Notes • Benefits: – Save hours digging up history – Secondary ticketing system • Note request method: JIRA ticket # | eMail • Date Requested • Requested By (Name, Dept, Region) • Additional background info (3-4 words)
    10. 10. Tip 2: Labels Label s
    11. 11. Tip 2: Labels Example: Agency: “Can you provide a list of all DoubleClick Floodlight tags for G2M US firing on the trial noncredit card confirmation page? Also is xyz tag firing on the buy welcome page?” Web Analyst: “Yes, please see an attached list” (responded within 10 minutes) Process Before Labels: Scan list of 150+ tags in Tealium to identify the specific tags. Good 15-20 minutes Process After Labels: Apply label filter to narrow down the list. Less than 2 Minutes
    12. 12. Tip : Labels • Benefits: – Organize tags/pixels in similar buckets – Save time searching for specific pixels – Especially helpful with large profiles that have multiple tags firing on the same page
    13. 13. Tip 3: Extensions Extensions
    14. 14. Tip 3: Extensions Tealium Definition: An Extension is a tool in Tealium iQ for manipulating data collected from your site before you send it to your vendor tags. Disagree Tealium too modest with definition!
    15. 15. Tip 3: Extensions • Used beyond just manipulation of data collected from the site – Leveraged to run A/B Tests during down time of testing tool – JS extension in place to force internal tracking parameters to populate – Extension in place to manage Do Not Track Opt In/Out implementation.
    16. 16. Tip 3: Extensions My Definition: Extensions
    17. 17. What’s Next Apps Apps Apps!
    18. 18. Citrix SaaS Apps 6 Million+ Downloads • 100+ Countries • 4 App Store
    19. 19. App Tracking Challenges – Same challenges as Web • Multiple pixels • Data beyond usage -> optimization for marketing campaigns – Advertisers getting more mobile savvy and need for adding tags/pixels to mobile have increased – Tedious & repetitive to implement each vendor SDK
    20. 20. Testing Tealium Solution – 1 SDK: Implement Tealium SDK – Maps to various analytics vendors (Flurry, SiteCatayst, Google Analytics) – Publish tags anytime! No dependency on app releases
    21. 21. Thank You Mamta Desai mkdesai3