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Bluefly:The Ultimate Hook Up for the Fashion ObsessedBluefly prides itself on its ability to be fast and nimble. Tealeafhe...
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Bluefly Case Study


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Read how Tealeaf helps Bluefly stay agile by providing unprecedented visibility into actual customer behavior and offering true insight into ways the company can further optimize site experience.

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Bluefly Case Study

  1. 1. Bluefly:The Ultimate Hook Up for the Fashion ObsessedBluefly prides itself on its ability to be fast and nimble. Tealeafhelps the company stay agile by providing unprecedented visibilityinto actual customer behavior and offering true insight into waysthe company can further optimize site experience.As a pure-play online retailer, Bluefly is open all day, everyday. To maintain its competitive advantage in a crowded,‘one-click-away’ marketplace, the company focuses on customer CUSTOMER PROFILEexperience as a chief differentiator. To that end, Bluefly is Founded in 1998, Bluefly is a leading online retailerparticularly interested in gaining a firm handle on the issues featuring on-trend and in-season clothing andcustomers are experiencing during any given browsing or accessories from over 350 top European and American designers—all at a superior value. Blueflybuying session. By proactively monitoring all key processes, is headquartered in New York City, in the heart ofparticularly the site checkout process, the company strives the Fashion exceed expectations and ensure customer loyalty. RETURN ON INVESTMENTCHALLENGES > > > >It’s quite difficult to understand the online experience you’re Bluefly improved Tealeaf enabled With Tealeaf, Tealeaf allowsdelivering when your ‘storefront’ or marketplace is the one conversion rates Bluefly to reduce Bluefly has Bluefly to exceed with Tealeaf by the stabilization dramatically expectations withplace you cannot see—the browser of the customer. Like other eliminating site period for their reduced the time its web site,ecommerce sites, Bluefly diligently conducts testing and obstacles that new web site required to ensuringquality assurance, but given the site’s complexity and the previously by 50%. diagnose and continuedvariability of each unique user, it’s nearly impossible to ensure prohibited resolve the customer loyalty. successful online problems causinga flaw-free site. purchases. failed customer experiences.To further complicate matters, Bluefly has a wide but shallowinventory. Therefore, the site is set up to remove a productfrom inventory when the customer adds it to the shopping cart,rather than at checkout. This means that when someone adds A NEW APPROACHan item to the cart, no one else can buy that item. This business To solve the problem, Bluefly turned to Tealeaf’s online customerprocess actually limits the company’s ability to write test experience management (CEM) solution. With Tealeaf’s replayscenarios for the site because the company can’t risk taking ability (a page-by-page, browser-level recording of the actualproducts off the shelf that a real customer may want to buy customer experience), as well as its sophisticated customerat the same time. What Bluefly needed was a solution that behavior analysis functionality, Bluefly discovered and resolvedcould track and alert the company when customers were numerous customer experience flaws on the site—before theyencountering site experience obstacles without adversely could adversely impact a large number of customers.affecting inventory levels. But Tealeaf’s robust solution affords even greater benefits to Bluefly. The company’s use of Tealeaf has matured from a reactive troubleshooting tool for the QA and application support teams to a proactive discovery and analysis solution for the ebusiness and site usability teams. In fact, Tealeaf is now a daily, ‘go-to’ for the validation of proposed site optimization decisions.tealeaf | bluefly
  2. 2. Bluefly Visibility. Insight. Answers. is our only sales channel and we spend a lot of marketing dollars driving people to it. With competition a click away, Tealeaf helps ensure we’re not losing customers because of bad experiences. Matt Raines | Vice President of TechnologyWIN 1 – THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS RECOVERED FROM SolutionRESOLUTION OF SIMPLE USABILITY PROBLEM Bluefly had many tools and monitoring systems at its disposal duringProblem the stabilization period; yet the ebusiness team reported that TealeafIn examining shopping cart conversion, Bluefly product managers provided the most accurate information for triaging issues. Bynoticed a pattern—the majority of customers who had abandoned leveraging Tealeaf’s replay capability, as well as having access totheir purchase had opted to pay with BillMeLater. However, the team each unique session’s HTTP request and response code, the Blueflyhad no idea why there was such a strong correlation. team was able to quickly categorize data issues from code issues; identify problem sessions that correlate to a known issue vs. problemSolution sessions that represent new issues; quantify the business impact ofWith Tealeaf, the Bluefly product managers were able to replay a each issue (how many customers have been affected by an issue,sample of these abandoned customer sessions in an effort to rapidly how much business is being lost every day because of an issue, etc.);identify the potential cause of the problem. As it turned out, a large and, prioritize the most important issues to resolve.number of these users hadn’t been able to complete theirtransactions because they had failed to check a box indicating their Benefitagreement with certain terms and conditions. The Bluefly site Tealeaf was instrumental in enabling Bluefly to focus resourcestypically uses a red exclamation point to alert customers to required where they would make the biggest improvements and dramaticallyinput fields, and although that red mark was showing up next to the reduce, by 50%, the time required for the site stabilization period asterms and conditions box, it was appearing in an incorrect and very a result.small font size, which customers were overlooking. The vast majorityof customers neglected to check the box and therefore could not ABOUT TEALEAF TECHNOLOGYcomplete their transaction. Frustrated, and not able to determine Tealeaf provides online customer experience management solutionswhat they were doing wrong, many customers were forced to and is the unchallenged leader in customer behavior analysis.abandon. Tealeaf’s CEM solutions include both a customer behavior analysis suite and customer service optimization suite. For organizations thatBenefit are making customer experience a top priority, these solutionsWith Tealeaf, Bluefly was able to quickly resolve this issue, halting the provide unprecedented enterprise-wide visibility into every visitor’sloss of hundreds of intended buyers and thousands in potential unique online interactions for ongoing analysis and web siterevenue per day. More importantly, Tealeaf allowed Bluefly to reverse optimization. Online executive stakeholders from ebusiness and IT toa bad shopping experience for repeat and future customers who customer service and compliance are leveraging Tealeaf to build apreferred to pay for their purchases via BillMeLater. customer experience management competency across the organization. Founded in 1999, Tealeaf is headquartered in SanWIN 2 – STABILIZATION PHASE FOR A SITE REDESIGN LAUNCH Francisco, California, and is privately held. For more information, visitHALVED WITH TEALEAF a luxury for many companies, a planned stabilization phaseas part of a site redesign can minimize the business impact of issues;but only if those issues can be found, prioritized, and resolved beforethe full site launch. After a recent soft launch of the company’s newecommerce platform generated a laundry list of issues, the Blueflyteam wondered where they should start. © Copyright 2009 Tealeaf Technology, Inc. All rights reserved. Tealeaf, Tealeaf Technology, the Tealeaf logo, and other Tealeaf products and services mentioned herein are the registered or unregistered trademarks and service marks of Tealeaf Technology, Inc. All other trademarks or service marks are the property of their respective holders and are hereby acknowledged.