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Tealeaf helps the online leader in discount travel improve its online customer experience by providing access to behavior-based insights drawn from actual user activity.

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  1. 1. online leader in discount’s dynamic travel web site service hosts over 11 millionunique visitors per month¹. Tealeaf helps improve itsonline customer experience by providing access to behavior-basedinsights drawn from actual user activity.The battle for customer loyalty continues to be fought tooth andnail by online travel companies. As web consumers becomeincreasingly cost-conscious and shrewdly willing to shop around, CUSTOMER PROFILEproviding a better online customer experience has become a key The Priceline Group of Companies is a leaderdifferentiator for many travel companies. recognized in global online hotel reservations, withthese consumer trends early on and developed an approach to approximately 61,000,000 room nights booked in 2009. The Group is composed of four primaryprovide an incrementally better website experience, keep customers brands—,, Agoda.comcoming back and drive online revenue. and TravelJigsaw. The Priceline Group provides online travel services in 38 languages in 100 countries in Europe, North America, Asia, theDespite previous investments in other web site optimization tools, Middle East and deployed Tealeaf for its ability to provide real-timecontext for complex customer behavior on an enterprise-class hosts an average of more than 11 million unique RETURN ON INVESTMENTvisitors per month¹ and provides those visitors with up-to-the- > > >minute information on hundreds of thousands of flight itineraries, Tealeaf identifies a Real-time visibility Tealeaf helps Pricelinehotels, rental cars, vacation packages and cruises. This high volume previously unknown allowed Priceline to improve their site issue that enables resolve a flight reporting and analysisof traffic and robust product inventory makes for an extremely a more convenient availability problem. for customer andcomplex business to monitor and optimize. search experience. robot traffic.CHALLENGESHistorically,’s customer traffic data was dispersedacross the enterprise and processed nightly. Multiple data sourceshoused various pieces of customer traffic data and this meant that With Tealeaf, is able to respond to customer issuesthere was no central solution to tie-together all of the critical more quickly and be more proactive in their site optimizationcomponents of the online customer experience.’s approach. The company has experienced significant improvementsprior optimization approach of analyzing web logs and using in customer conversion and retention via its use of Tealeaf acrossin-house log parsers only helped with after-the-fact analysis. the enterprise.Unfortunately, this post facto information failed to deliver the real-time insights that the company needed to significantly improvecustomer conversion and drive deeper customer loyalty.A BETTER APPROACHTo address these challenges, Priceline turned to Tealeaf for an onlinecustomer experience management (CEM) solution that enabled thecompany to receive the reporting capabilities of a web analyticssolution and also provide the ability to drill-down and gainqualitative insights into its customers’ experiences on’s unique replay ability, a page-by-page, browser-levelrecording of the actual customer experience, enables Priceline.comto make more effective site optimization decisions based on actualcustomer behavior and outcomes. ¹ According to Compete® 2010 statistics �tealeaf |
  2. 2. Visibility. Insight. Answers. Tealeaf helps us “see” what our customers see when they use our online services. This allows us to correct site, design and system issues in a timely manner. Michael Diliberto | CIO North America, Priceline.comWIN 1 – TEALEAF IDENTIFIES A PREVIOUSLY UNNOTICED ISSUE, WIN 3 – TEALEAF HELPS PRICELINE DISTINGUISHCREATING A MORE CONVENIENT SEARCHING EXPERIENCE CUSTOMER BEHAVIOR FROM ROBOT TRAFFIC, IMPROVINGProblem THE ACCURACY OF REPORTING AND ANALYSISPriceline saves a customer’s previous trip searches (departure and Problemarrival airports and dates) for quick access on return visits to its home Most transactional web sites are open-access platforms. Simplypage. The company’s software allows for a 500-millisecond delay for put, if you have a browser, you can use the web site. This is goodprevious searches to populate once the home page is accessed. Last for customers but unfortunately, it is also good for machines, orfall, during a server expansion, one of the servers was not able to rather the people developing web site crawlers, commonly knownreturn the saved-search data fast enough, causing the home page to as spiders, or robot traffic. The web site containsrender without this feature being populated. a significant amount of valuable content, like hotel images, prices, descriptions and reviews. Recognizing customer behavior patternsSolution is hard enough without a small number of hyperactive IPs skewingSince “saved search” was an optional service, it did not throw a hard average session lengths and page request counts. However,error, just a warning that was not received in large enough volume to separating customer data from robot traffic is not always abe noticed. Tealeaf highlighted the problem by tracking the events in simple task.both usage and display counts. SolutionBenefit Priceline uses Tealeaf to feed specific events into a complex eventThrough visibility provided by Tealeaf, Priceline was able to correct processing engine that scores the traffic and enables Priceline tothe problem and provide customers once again with quick access to distinguish customers from robots. This approach also enablessaved search data and a more convenient online experience. Priceline to store the data for enhanced reporting and analysis.WIN 2 – REAL-TIME VISIBILITY HELPS PRICELINE RESOLVE BenefitA FLIGHT AVAILABILITY PROBLEM Priceline is now able to effectively monitor customer behaviorProblem without the effects of spiders or other robots affecting their relies on data provided by its suppliers in real-time. On This enables the company to make better site optimization decisionsoccasion, some of this data is not available when requested. Quickly and improve the online customer experience.identifying what is missing and exactly when the errors started is veryhelpful in identifying the root cause of the problem. During one early ABOUT TEALEAF TECHNOLOGYmorning over the summer, an unusual increase in “no flights available” Tealeaf provides online customer experience management solutionserrors for Priceline’s airline customers was observed. and is the unchallenged leader in customer behavior analysis. Tealeaf’s CEM solutions include both a customer behavior analysisSolution suite and customer service optimization suite. For organizations thatTealeaf helps Priceline identify common elements of site issues in are making customer experience a top priority, these solutionsreal-time. Based on data gathered from thousands of customer provide unprecedented enterprise-wide visibility into every visitor’ssessions, Tealeaf enables Priceline to efficiently resolve unforeseen unique online interactions for ongoing analysis and web siteissues. In this case, the common event was a set of flight destinations optimization. Online executive stakeholders from ebusiness and ITthat were improperly loaded by the supplier. Once the supplier was to customer service and compliance are leveraging Tealeaf to buildmade aware of the details of the issue, they were able to quickly fix a customer experience management competency across thethe data feed. organization. Founded in 1999, Tealeaf is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and is privately held. For more information,Benefit visit detailed Tealeaf customer session analysis, Priceline was ableto determine that the problem was limited to a specific subset ofdestinations. The problem was subsequently traced back to thesupplier so they could promptly fix the issue. © Copyright 2011 Tealeaf Technology, Inc. All rights reserved. Tealeaf, Tealeaf Technology, the Tealeaf logo, and other Tealeaf products and services mentioned herein are the registered or unregistered trademarks and service marks of Tealeaf Technology, Inc. All other trademarks or service marks are the property of their respective holders and are hereby acknowledged.