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Published on relies on the powerful combination of Tealeaf and OpinionLab for comprehensive online customer experience optimization. As a result, the company has significantly improved its customer conversion, satisfaction and retention.

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  1. 1. leading online provider of lodging relies on the powerful combination of Tealeaf andOpinionLab for comprehensive online customer experienceoptimization. As a result, the company has significantlyimproved its customer conversion, satisfaction and retention.The online travel industry is often considered the mostcompetitive market on the web. Consumers are savvy andshrewdly price conscious, and many sites provide similar CUSTOMER PROFILEinventories. Factor in that companies in this industry are often With services spanning 60 countries around the globe,forced to compete aggressively on price, and it is understandable provides lodging for more than 85,000why so many travel sites struggle to differentiate their offerings properties—from roadside motels to all-inclusive resorts. The company’s services include risk-free bookings,and achieve long-term success. rewards programs and access to more than 1,000,000 guest reviews. is an operating company ofHowever, innovative travel companies have established Expedia, Inc.competitive advantage by focusing on their customers., one particularly effective approach has been to RETURN ON INVESTMENTembed customer listening (also known as voice-of-customer, or > >VOC) into critical business processes. The premise being, Improved the business value Resolved major issuessuccessful site optimization decisions begin by listening to the of customer feedback by stemming from minor providing visibility into upgrades, thereby improvingcustomer. customer experience. customer conversion and retention.CHALLENGESMost sites today are black boxes of customer experiences.Ebusinesses have precious few clues as to why customerssucceed or fail. After all, there is no brick-and-mortar storefront atwhich to observe real-time shopping behaviors, makingimprovement efforts time consuming, challenging and based A BETTER APPROACHlargely on guesswork. And while customer listening produces To tear down the black box that surrounds online customersignificant value for sites today, it does not provide a complete, experiences, turned to the powerful combination ofcustomer-centric optimization solution. OpinionLab and Tealeaf for a comprehensive optimization solution. By collecting page-specific VOC feedback, OpinionLabCompounding issues, many ebusinesses are ill equipped to fully enables to pinpoint issues and notify keybenefit from customer feedback, as they are often unable to act stakeholders in real-time. And Tealeaf’s online customeron the information. For example, customers might allude to a experience management (CEM) solution provides unprecedentedproblem in the booking process but unless they provide specific visibility into customer behavior via a unique replay ability—adetails, the ebusiness will be hard pressed to identify and fix the page-by-page, browser-level recording of the actual customerissue. This cycle of inactionable feedback perpetuates poor experience. With OpinionLab providing the initial indication ofcustomer experiences, site abandonment and unrealized revenue customer struggle and Tealeaf affording the ability to fullyopportunities. understand that feedback and measure the business impact of site issues, can now quickly resolve nearly any source of failed online experiences.tealeaf |
  2. 2. Visibility. Insight. Answers. The combination of Tealeaf and OpinionLab is great in theory and even better in practice. The ability to tie together customer feedback with actual site experiences has really taken our optimization efforts to the next level. Joe Megibow | VP Global Analytics & OptimizationWIN 1: IMPROVED THE BUSINESS VALUE OF CUSTOMER SolutionFEEDBACK BY PROVIDING VISIBILITY INTO CUSTOMER With OpinionLab providing the initial indication of an issue,EXPERIENCE used Tealeaf to determine precisely why customers hadProblem struggled on the site. Drilling down into abandoned customerFeedback submitted via OpinionLab identified a significant customer sessions, the company found a problem that would have beenissue: visitors were struggling to complete the registration process impossible to recreate without Tealeaf. Customers who movedand were unable to book reservations. However, it was unclear from between SSL and standard pages experienced a catastrophic errorexisting tools what caused the issue within the booking process. and could not proceed with their bookings. To make matters worse, needed to remedy the problem quickly because the issue occurred during the final stage of the checkout process, sohundreds of customers were impacted each day. customers were forced to restart their reservations from scratch.Solution BenefitsTo make OpinionLab’s feedback more actionable, utilized With the problem clearly identified, was able tothe integration with Tealeaf to map customer feedback to the actual implement a code fix that rectified the issue. As a result, conversionsessions of those vocal customers. What the company discovered rates and customer satisfaction improved while negative feedbackwas surprising—some customers tried to access the site by pertaining to the issue for an existing account. Consequently, the systemrecognized a duplicate email address and returned an error page that ABOUT TEALEAF TECHNOLOGYkept customers trapped in an endless loop. Based on this Tealeaf provides online customer experience management solutions andeye-opening qualitative information, redesigned the page is the unchallenged leader in customer behaviour analysis. Tealeaf’sand created a ‘book without registering’ option, a completely new CEM solutions include both a customer behavior analysis suite andfeature for their site. customer service optimization suite. For organizations that are making customer experience a top priority, these solutions provideBenefits unprecedented enterprise-wide visibility into every visitor’s unique onlineWith nearly 50% of all customers using the new booking option, the interactions for ongoing analysis and web site optimization. Onlinefeature implementation was a major success. The combination of executive stakeholders from ebusiness and IT to customer service andTealeaf and OpinionLab enabled to quickly identify and compliance are leveraging Tealeaf to build a customer experienceresolve a significant impediment to conversion and paved the way for management competency across the organization. Founded in 1999,a much improved customer experience. Tealeaf is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and is privately held. For more information, visit 2: RESOLVED MAJOR ISSUES STEMMING FROM MINORSITE UPGRADES, THEREBY IMPROVING CUSTOMER ABOUT OPINIONLABCONVERSION AND RETENTION By inviting consumers to share feedback at anytime, from anywhere,Problem OpinionLab harnesses the collective intelligence of millions ofTo keep its customers engaged, frequently updates site customers around the world. For over a decade, the patented,functionality through weekly minor upgrades. However, after these proven methodology behind OpinionLab’s familiar [+] symbol hasupdates go live, unexpected issues can arise that frustrate customers helped many of the world’s top brands collect, analyze, distribute,and impede conversion. After one such upgrade, negative customer benchmark, and leverage actionable voice-of-customer datacomments submitted via OpinionLab skyrocketed, and while essential for: optimizing digital properties, managing customerpage-specific feedback identified the general location of the problem, experience, expanding business intelligence, improving productit did not indicate the cause. development, and streamlining marketing and communications. For more information visit © Copyright 2010 Tealeaf Technology, Inc. All rights reserved. Tealeaf, Tealeaf Technology, the Tealeaf logo, and other Tealeaf products and services mentioned herein are the registered or unregistered trademarks and service marks of Tealeaf Technology, Inc. All other trademarks or service marks are the property of their respective holders and are hereby acknowledged.