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How my magazine appealed to my target audience


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How my magazine appealed to my target audience

  1. 1. How My Magazine Appealed to my Target Audience By Daryl Teague
  2. 2. Content and Articles – Front CoverContains information on rock bands and artists whichare popular and the target audience will see this andwill be interested in reading the stories and articlesinvolved. Coverlines and headlines show what is in themagazine on the front cover which the audience willeasily see, the pull quotes will influence them to readthe content and articles as it will appeal to them due tothe language which is conventional. As the targetaudience are interested in the rock genre, informationbased on the rock genre will appeal to them and willinfluence them to buy the magazine.
  3. 3. Content and Articles – Contents PageThe information on the contents page also appealsto the audience as it gives a lot of information on thebands and artists which are featured in themagazine as a whole and also contains otherinformation such as live reviews and news onupcoming gigs and stories which will also appeal tomy target audience as they find this interesting as itis part of the rock genre. They will want to find outabout these popular artists and bands as my targetaudience is interested in the rock artists and bands.
  4. 4. Contents and Articles – Double Page SpreadThe target audience find the contentsand articles of this double page spreadas it contains a news story on a popularrock artist which my target audience willwant to find out about by reading thearticle, the pull quotes and stand firstinfluence my target audience to read thearticle as they are conventional so it willappeal to them.
  5. 5. Images – Front CoverThe images on the front cover are conventionalwhich will help them appeal to my targetaudience. They are conventional because theyshow aggression with the straight facialexpressions and the girl at the front of theimage looking seductive and psychologicalwhich will appeal to the male audience. Theimage also has a conventional mise-en-sceneas dark clothing is used and setting fits into therock genre. The images which are advertisedas free posters are also conventional as theyalso portray the aggression which is typical inrock magazines and the genre which will makeit appeal to the target audience.
  6. 6. Images – Contents PageThe images on the contents page isalso conventional as it contains rockbands and artists which are shown asaggressive and are popular so it willappeal to my target audience. Theimage also have a violent tone whichmakes them attractive to the audience,also the use of props and dark clothingalso make them appealing to thetarget audience. Captions on theimages which also make them typicalcan appeal to the audience andinfluence them to look at thestory/article.
  7. 7. Images – Double Page SpreadThe image on the double page spread isalso conventional and appeals to the targetaudience as the image is of a popular rockartist which the reader will want to find outabout, the artist in the image also iswearing dark clothing which appeals to thetarget audience and he is also holding aninstrument which also makes himappealing. The setting is also conventionalbecause it is in a graveyard which makes itmysterious and appealing. The image alsoconventionally takes up half of the pagewhich is very typical of rock magazine.
  8. 8. Fonts – Front CoverThe fonts are appealing to the targetaudience because they areconventional as they stand out to mytarget audience well which makesthem easily visible. The fonts are largeand san serif which again makes themconventional and appeals to my targetaudience. The fonts also portray theaggressive/violent tone which isconventional and appeals to my targetaudience, they do this due to the styleof the font which is typical of rockfonts.
  9. 9. Fonts – Contents PageThe fonts on the contents page are alsoconventional because they a big, bold,and stand out the audience well whichmakes them seem more aggressive andalso makes them easily visible. The fontsare also san serif which makes themtypical of rock magazines and fit into therock genre. These conventions will allowthem to appeal to my target audience.
  10. 10. Fonts – Double Page SpreadThe fonts in my double page spreadare also conventional as they arelarge, san serif and are also in astyle which is aggressive and a stylewhich fits into the rock genre whichmakes it appealing for my targetaudience. The font also stands outto the audience which also makes ittypical of the rock genre.
  11. 11. Colours – Front CoverThe colours on my front cover areconventional as they fit into the rock genrewhich will make them appealing to the targetaudience. The dominant colour black is usedoften as it is the main colour in the rock genretherefore it will make my magazineconventional as possible. Black connoteddeath and evil which will appeal to my targetaudience and carry out an aggressive tone.White also contrasts the black colour whichallows it to stand out more easily. The othercolours used are red, purple and blue whichare all conventional of the rock genre as theyare dark shaded.
  12. 12. Colours – Contents PageThe colours are also conventional on thecontents page as they fit into the rockgenre easily which will make themappealing to the target audience. Thebackground colour is black which is themain colour of the rock genre andconnotes evil and mystery. The blackalso allows the white and the yellow fontsto stand out easily to the audience whichis typical in rock magazines thereforemaking it appealing to my targetaudience. As the colours stand out wellto the audience, this will help carry outan aggressive tone to my targetaudience which they find appealing.
  13. 13. Colours – Double Page SpreadThe colours on my double page spreadare also conventional as they fit into therock genre, which therefore will makethem appealing to my target audience.The colour black is again used asbackground colour which will make itappealing to my target audience as itconnotes death and evil. The blackallows the colours red, white and yellowto stand out more due to the contrastingcolours and them make more easilyvisible. Red connotes blood and dangerwhich makes it appealing, and yellowconnotes danger and caution which isalso makes it conventional andappealing to my target audience.
  14. 14. Mode of Address – Front CoverThe mode of address of my front cover isaggressive/violent because of the fonts,language and images used as well as thecolours. For example, the image shows arock band who are pulling straight faces toseem more intimidating, this gives anaggressive mode of address which isappealing to mu target audience because itis a key element of the rock genre. Thecolours are dark which gives anintimidating tone as well, for example, thecolour black connotes evil which will helpconvey this tone as its appealing to mytarget audience. The fonts are also largeand stand out well.
  15. 15. Mode of Address – Contents PageThe contents page also has an aggressive mode ofaddress due to elements of the page, elements suchas colours, fonts, images and language. The pullquote under the title uses informal language withslang and swear words which make it appealing as itis conventional of the rock genre and give anaggressive tone. The images also give anaggressive/violent tone due to the body language ofthe artists and the dark clothing used. The fonts arealso large and stand out well due to the contrastingcolours which makes them more easily visible andalso conveys an aggressive tone which appeals tomy target audience.
  16. 16. Mode of Address – Double Page SpreadThe mode of address of my double pagespread also has an aggressive tone dueto language, fonts, colours and image.The language on the body copy and thestand first contains slang and swearwords which makes it aggressive andinformal, this is appealing to my targetaudience as it conventional of the rockgenre and is typical of rock magazines.The fonts are large and stand out well,the headline for example, is coloured redwhich connotes blood and danger, it isalso styled in an aggressive font whichagain makes it very conventional. Theimage uses dark clothing, and the bodylanguage also makes it aggressive.