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Red Fox


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Student Science Power Point Report.

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Red Fox

  1. 1. By Isabel C.Mr. Castrellón3rd Grade Room 207Science ReportJune 2013
  2. 2. Habitat A quilt patch mix of different habitats is ideal forthe red fox. In rural areas they prefer farms, meadows,brushy places and woods. In cities and urban areas,look for them in open space cemeteries, large parks,golf courses,and airports.
  3. 3. dietThe red fox diet is cherries, apple, corn, pet food, crab,grown squirrels, other sea animal, bird, bird eggs andmice.
  4. 4. General Information andinteresting info Wild red foxes live two to three year on averages [Incaptivity, however, they can survive as long as twelveyears. Predators such as hawks and owls, coyotes,wolves, domestic dogs, cats and rattle snakes kill themas do humans.
  5. 5. PoemRed foxOh red fox, red foxstand up, up, upyou can’t dress upnow run, run, runit fun, fun, funDon’t get the birdbecause it is a nerd.Red fox likes cherriesand berries.Don’t put make upjust go breakupYou don’t have a docBut you should get a clockThere’s a beeCan you see?There’s was a causeand you broke the law.Don’t mumJust humThat looks gummyIt is crummy.Red fox is the coolestAnimal I know.By Isabel C.
  6. 6. Red fox in Literature
  7. 7. Red Fox
  8. 8. Anatomydrawing byIsabel C.
  9. 9. BibliographyBook listTweit , Susan T. City FoxAdam , Norm. The Moon of the Fox Pups .Inter Net ArticleRed fox Wikipedia