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Barn Owls By Angelica


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Student Science Power Point Report.

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Barn Owls By Angelica

  1. 1. By Angelica D.
  2. 2. Barn owl come from Mangaon,Masharashtra,Indiaand Pyrenees or france.Were you can find barn owls too is some times insome farm land , grass land,wood land.These were you can find barn owls.
  3. 3. Barn owls eat rats ,mice and other small rodentsbecause these are nearly always plentiful. Barn owlAlso eat rabbit, ducks,bats,chicken and guninae pigoracorn. This is what barn owl diet.
  4. 4.  Barn owl have grayish brown with white spots,whiteheart-shaped face, white chest and belly with blackspots, long legs and large claws talons for caching prey. One thing that you know that a barn owl is a female isthat there are usually bigger, darker and even morespotted than the males.
  5. 5. Book listSattler Roney Helen The Book of North America OwlsFern G.Brown. Owls