the great white shark by Andrew


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the great white shark by Andrew

  1. 1.  The great white shark’s habitat is thePacific , Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Allover the world.
  2. 2.  The Sea monsterDown in the seadeep blue seathere is asea monster living inthe ocean that’s not a flea.The white sharkis a predatorand a shredderof seals and eels.The white sharkis not a preyfor a giant raybut it is for anorca . By Andrew S.
  3. 3.  The shark’s diet is seals , fish , and othersharks.
  4. 4.  The great white shark has two dorsal finsand razor sharp teeth inside its huge jaws.The great white shark has a torpedoshaped body. One fact is the white sharkkills in 3 minutes.
  5. 5.  To seals the white shark is a predator.
  6. 6. BabysharkJr sharkYoungadultMatureadultembryo
  7. 7.  Book ListGrace, Eric. Shark Author not available, Sharks