STSS: Introduction


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STSS: Introduction

  1. 1. Surplus Teacher Support SeminarThe Office of Strategic Teacher Recruitment and StaffingMay 2012 1
  2. 2. Who We Are The Office of Strategic Teacher Recruitment and Staffing strives to:: Ensure there is a teacher in every classroom. It is our goal for 100% of our classrooms to have a teacher and 100% of our surplus teachers to be in a classroom by the first day of school. Advocate for mutual consent. We want teachers and principals to have the opportunity to discuss their fit with the school and the position. Provide support to surplus teachers. We are here to help you find a position! We will hold networking events, hiring fairs, and workshops to aid in this process. 2 © The New Teacher Project 2012
  3. 3. Objectives Today’s workshop will focus on: • Crafting a concise resume • Improving your interview skills with principals • The benefits of actively participating in the job search process 3 © The New Teacher Project 2012
  4. 4. Workshop Agenda 3:45-4:30 Check-in 4-4:15 Introduction/Overview of Event 4:20-4:50 Session 1 4:55-5:25 Session 2 5:30-5:45 Vacancy Search Demonstration 5:45-6 Questions 4 © The New Teacher Project 2012
  5. 5. The Surplus Process Teachers are added to our displaced teacher pool for several reasons. However, all teachers in the following categories are automatically considered surplus teachers: • Teachers in Innovation Zone (iZone) Schools • Teachers in newly named Achievement School District (ASD) Schools • Hired into a position after Sept.15 with an interim contract • Teachers whose positions were eliminated due to budget constraints* *A teacher in the latter category should have signed an Employee Status Change (ESC) form with their principal. 5 © The New Teacher Project 2012
  6. 6. Starting Your Job Search Now The Benefits of Actively Participating in a Job Search Now: The best selection of vacancies are available right now and will steadily decrease as time goes on and positions are filled. • Mutual consent – research has shown that 25% of a teacher’s effectiveness is based on the teachers fit with a school o Teachers are offered the best fit by participating in the transfer process, contacting principals now, and attending hiring events. o If you wait or don’t actively engage in the process now, you run the risk of being placed into a situation you don’t like, potentially limiting your effectiveness. • External hiring expands greatly during the summer months o You are in competition with candidates from all over the country. o Take advantage of early access to available positions. 6 © The New Teacher Project 2012
  7. 7. Break-Out Sessions 1. Teachers will break out into 2 groups. Your group number is indicated on your name tag: – Group 2: Front of the Auditorium – Group 1: Back of the Auditorium 2. Each group will receive a Resume Workshop and Interview Workshop, but the facilitators will come to your section. 3. At the end of both sessions, we will come back together for a vacancy search demonstration and closing remarks. 7 © The New Teacher Project 2012
  8. 8. Starting the Interview Process Now • The final transfer • Access the list of • Take advantage of period runs now vacancies on the all opportunities to until May 11. Teach Memphis meet with principals. website or in the • Apply for all the Vacancy Search • Attend the surplus positions for which page of your fair, networking you are interested application. events, and hiring and qualified. fairs. • Call and email principals to let them • Always be prepared know you are to interview and interested. keep multiple resumes on hand at • Give principals time all events. to return your call. Transfer Contact Networking Process Principals Events 8 © The New Teacher Project 2012
  9. 9. Next Steps Start Now! Action steps for finding a new position Apply during the Apply on line at May 4-11. transfer posting. Look for vacancies. Look for open positions in the Vacancy Search tab and make note of the schools you are interested in interviewing with. Contact schools. Reach out to those schools about arranging an interview for available positions. Update your resume. Revise your resume to include all major accomplishments and evidence of your work. Be sure to include student achievement other relevant data. Interview with Continuously interview with principals by contacting principals. schools as well as attending networking events and hiring fairs. 9 © The New Teacher Project 2012
  10. 10. Timeline May 4-11 Third Voluntary Transfer Posting May 21 Surplus Teacher Support Seminar #2 June 1 Surplus Networking Event June 29 Surplus Hiring Fair 10 © The New Teacher Project 2012
  11. 11. Contact Information The Office of Strategic Teacher Recruitment and Staffing Website Hotline 901-416-9905 Email Teach Memphis Mailing Address 2597 Avery Ave, Room 148-B Memphis, TN 38112 11 © The New Teacher Project 2012