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The Truth About The Last Days, Antichrist, The Rapture, More.

Published in: Education, Spiritual
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  1. 1. ==== ====The Truth About The Last Days, Antichrist, The Rapture, More. ====The "end of all things is near."We are living in the final stage of Gods redemptive plan inaugurated by Christs resurrection andascension.Because of the nearness of Christs return, Christians behavior must reflect that reality. Hope forthe future determines the positive attitude of a believer who may be living in despair, persecutionand discouragement.The early church lived with the belief that Jesus could come at any time. The lord is ready to comeat any time to judge the word. Each day His coming is delayed is another opportunity to serveHim.End time living that honors God demands four priorities:PRIORITY # 1 I Must Think Clearly with Self Control So I Can PrayLiving in final days under persecution should not lead to pessimism, but to prayer. Last daysshould not lead us to lazy dreams (1 Thess. 3:6ff) or wild fantasies.According to 1Peter 4:7-11, we are to be clear-minded and self-controlled. Prayer is the greatestresource to live out Christs victory in tough times.Prayer during these times must be clear,reasonable and sober communication with God.PRIORITY # 2 I Must Excel in a Love for Others that Covers a Multitude of SinsFirst Peter 4: 8 says "Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude ofsins."This kind of love is called agape love. It means sacrificially giving to meet the need of others.Unfortunately, there are many churches that do not have this love and they divide (split). Thischurch may not lose the presence of God, but they do lose their testimony within the community.PRIORITY # 3 I Must Offer Hospitality to Others Without GrumblingIn the history of the early church, this may have involved opening ones home to welcome fellowbelievers as overnight guests. This was quite common at the time because suitable inns were notalways available. In our time, it may mean something as simple as hosting a small group Biblestudy. or inviting visiting missionaries to use a spare bedroom while they are home on temporary
  2. 2. vacation.the Bible tells us to open our hearts and homes. This may be inconvenient, but we are to do itwithout grumbling.PRIORITY # 4 I Must Serve Others with the Gifts of Grace That I Have ReceivedFirst peter 4:10-11 says: ""Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others,faithfully administering Gods grace in its various forms."Everyone has at least one gift. Really. There are no exceptions. The job of a believer is to serveothers by faithfully administering Gods grace in various forms. We are to trust that God will supplythe strength.The author is the publisher of the Online Christian Shopper site that sells Christian T-Shirts. Andhe publishes the Clydesdale Fitness bicycle forum [].Article Source: ====The Truth About The Last Days, Antichrist, The Rapture, More. ====