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This Last Days Church will have the anointing of God in it and the sermons wont be sermons thepastor has borrowed from a b...
Right now there exists Last Days Churches that are headed up by a pastor who is from the churchof Philadelphia. These are ...
In the Last Days God is going to bring many inventors to the church. These folk will be very smartand will have many ideas...
elected to STOP the Last Days Church, but we will have great success!If you have enjoyed my article you can read the book ...
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The Truth About The Last Days, Antichrist, The Rapture, More.

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  1. 1. ==== ====The Truth About The Last Days, Antichrist, The Rapture, More.http://www.teachingfaith.com/content.cfm?id=304==== ====People pour over the last book in the Bible and try and understand it. The people who are reallykeen to understand that book buy some of the books that have been published on the subject ofthe Last Days. In this article we are going to have a little look at what is going to be the Last DaysChurch.It is important for us to know right from the beginning that Jesus has spoken about the Last DaysChurch in His parables and his letter to Laodicean church in the book of Revelation.The foolish virginsJesus told a parable about a wedding where the groom was running late and how certain virginsran out of oil. These virgins in the Last Days did not have what they needed to be ready when thegroom came and were left out of the wedding. It is important that in the Last Days when Jesus iscoming for his Bride that you are not one of these foolish virgins. There is going to come a time inthe future of the church where Jesus is going to remove His Anointing and Presence from certainfellowships. It is important in those days that you find yourself where His presence is.The Workers in the VineyardJesus told a parable about a man that owned a vineyard who hired people to work in the first hourof the day and then multiple times during the day. Then finally he hired people in the last hour ofthe day. When it came time for payment he paid the workers he hired first and then the ones hehired after that, and then finally he paid the workers that he hired in the last hour a full days pay.When the workers who had worked all day saw that the last hour workers had been paid the sameamount as them they were indignant and angry that they didnt get paid more.This prophetically says that in the Last Days there is going to be a group of Christians that comeinto the Body of Christ in the last few years. The difference though is that these Christians aregoing to come to a Last Days Church that has the anointing of God in it that is powerful and real.Many of the people that have grown up in a denomination of the church will not enter into this LastDays Church as it will be called a cult and its leaders False Prophets and False Teachers.The anointing in this church will be so powerful that people with demons will fall to the ground andmanifest as the demons start to come out and people who know what is going on will rush overand help them become free of the demons. In this Last Days Church, there will be multiple peoplewith the gift of healing and many people will be healed with this gift.
  2. 2. This Last Days Church will have the anointing of God in it and the sermons wont be sermons thepastor has borrowed from a book he has read, or be made up out of an outline he got off theInternet, they will be practical messages that encourage people to come forward for prayer.Many of the pastors in these churches will have only been saved a couple of years or less andthese Last Days Churches will be popping up in every suburb or every city and in every countrytown and growing exponentially. The more bad press this church gets, the more it will grow.And many of the people that have been Christians for years and years will hate this new church,and though unbelief and false teaching from their leaders, they will not even go and attend onemeeting to check it out for themselves.The Prodigal SonThis Last Days Church will have a very high percentage of prodigal sons and daughters. The gangmembers, the pimps, the prostitutes, the drug dealers, the homosexuals, the sick, the witches, theNew Age believers, and all sorts of people will flock to this church by the millions.Singers who the world knew as very evil singers who only sang heavy metal dark songs will beconverted. Today they will be recording wonderful edifying songs and they will still have all theirtattoos but now will be singing worship songs in stadiums to multitudes of people who come tolisten to them.Very wicked people will be converted and now be major evangelists. They will share how theyhave been to heaven in visions and met Jesus and other saints and they will testify to the ninegifts of the Spirit as they will use all of them in each meeting.But, the modern church by in large will reject these prodigals. These prodigals will flock to the LastDays church for healing and for answers and the Last Days Church will have them, heal them withGods direction and send them out to save more people.The older brother in the prodigal sons story, like the Jews when Christ came, will be invited to theparty, but will swear that they will NEVER enter into the party of the Father and these wickedpeople that are involved in the last days church.The Laodicean Church. Revelation 3: 14-22The church in the West these days thinks its okay to be wealthy and have the goods of this worldand not be rich toward God. They think it quite okay to store up riches on earth rather then inheaven. They says say serve Jesus and yet they serve mammon and all the lusts of the flesh.Jesus promises one day to vomit these people out of his mouth.This has not happened yet, as the Last Days Church isnt here in great numbers and the flockhave not got much choice but attend churches that they are in. The church at the moment hasmillions of believers that would want to be part of this Last Days Church and would leave theircurrent church right away if they found out that one of them had started in their suburb or city.The Church of Philadelphia. Revelation 3:7-12
  3. 3. Right now there exists Last Days Churches that are headed up by a pastor who is from the churchof Philadelphia. These are simple men of God who each holiness and who live holy lives.In days to come many more men and women of God are going to be called to plant a new churchunder the covering of an Apostle. This Apostle will give them direction, or may even spend thetime himself to plant the church.In the Last Days Church there will be real prophets who hear from God. Today 80% of the churchdoes not think a true prophet exists. Many people in todays church wont accept that there can bea modern day Apostle or prophet. Many people in the body of Christ have been taught that thesetwo ministry offices are no longer needed in the Body of Christ.I find it funny that they can accept in the Last Days that there can be False Prophets and yet TrueProphets do not exist. I find it funny that there can be real clairvoyants and psychics that can betremendously accurate about a persons life and future who seek them out, but true prophets thatcan do the same and better apparently dont exit.The Last Days Church will sell all they ownWhen someone enters the Last Days Church ( what the modern church will call a cult) they will befed, see a good service and not be asked for an offering. There will be no offering plate passedaround during the church service. To anyone that has been in a church once in their life before thiswill be really strange.Before the evening service there will be a dinner and everyone will eat together for free. And afterthe morning service there will be a lunch where all of the people will eat together.The longer a person goes to the church, the more convinced a person will be that God is in thehouse. Each week two to three people will give a prophetic message in the church service and inthese messages the whole church will be touched by what these prophets say.Sometimes the prophets will preach and they will say from time to time that Jesus wants to speakand then Jesus will speak through them for up to an hour or so.This Last Days Church will be so convinced that this way of doing church, and so convinced of theoutreaches the church does, and the massive number of missionaries that the local church providefor that they one day will sell their house and bring the money in and give it to the pastor.The pastor will bring all the large amounts to the Apostle that oversees the church and that moneywill be spent where the Apostle sees fit. The shares and expensive cars and all things of worth willbe sold by the members and the Apostles will re- invest the money.I see that massive communities will be bought sometimes with the money. Sometimes wholesuburbs will almost be owned by the church and in these suburbs there will exist shops that sellproducts made by the Last Days Church.The Products of the Last Days Church
  4. 4. In the Last Days God is going to bring many inventors to the church. These folk will be very smartand will have many ideas for inventions but not the money to buy a patent to protect their productor the money to create a prototype. In these Last Days the church is going to have billions ofdollars that is set aside to bring the best products to market.Some people will have a recipe to make a better sauce for cooking with fresh herbs and spicesand not as much fat. The Last Days Church will farm the raw produce for the sauce and make itinto a big retail product, that will not only sell in the shops of the church, but it will be marketed andsold in all the shops of the country.There will be clothes designers that will be backed by the Last Days Church and see their designsgo to the country and be stocked in all the shops.Overseas in China where products are made cheap due to cheap labour, the Last Days Churchwill buy the factories, and fill them with members of the Last Days Church and they will be paidbetter wages. The products will be imported to our countries and sold in our department stores forlittle profit in our country but simply to support our workers in other countries.There are thousands of writers that will have their books published. Unknown authors whosebooks have received great editing by a great editor, and are good for our church members to readwill see their books published.. Writers who write screenplays will see their movies hit the bigscreen as we own many picture theatres around the country. Musicians will have their musicprofessionally recorded and sold.All of our people who create products will have a new mindset. They wont be creating theirproducts to get rich, they will be doing it with a missions mindset that their top quality product orservice will attract more of the unsaved to our church.In those days there will be products of the Last Days Church that become superior brands in themarketplace. In fact, God will make it so that while ever our focus is on making superior productsfor cheaper, He will bring the inventors to our church.The Last Days Church will hire people from all sorts of occupations. Accountants will be doing ouraccounting, marketing people will be bringing our advertising to the marketplace, designers will bedoing the designing and the very best service professionals will be serving in our shops.In the middle of most Cities a five story shop will stock all the goods of our Last Days Church andthe people who are not part of the Last Days Church will enjoy buying quality products for a greatprice in a world where everything of superior quality seems expensive.And in those days, The riches of the wicked will be laid up for the righteousYou see folks, when you find 600 million people or up to 1 billion people working together toharvest the world, committed enough to sell their houses and stocks, nothing will stop them.Sure the church that fears false prophets will make a lot of noise in the press, and multi nationalcorporations will fight the new brands flooding the market, and even the great Man of Sin might be
  5. 5. elected to STOP the Last Days Church, but we will have great success!If you have enjoyed my article you can read the book "The parables of Jesus made simple" forfree here in its entirety or just selected parables in chapters at http://www.parables-of-jesus-christ.net/ The book will be published in book form in January 2011For prophetic counsel, Christian life coaching, Dream interpretation, Christian chat and greatKingdom Teaching come and see us at http://www.kingdomassignments.com.auArticle Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Matthew_Robert_Payne==== ====The Truth About The Last Days, Antichrist, The Rapture, More.http://www.teachingfaith.com/content.cfm?id=304==== ====