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The Truth About The Last Days, Antichrist, The Rapture, More.
the process of the creation of new-born human beings or we as souls do not belong to this god of
the universe but have bee...
coming. It is because of our bodies that we are out of communion with the spiritual realm. We
should celebrate when a pers...
witness" because these latter commandments are naturally included in the commandment "You
shall not lie /deceive". Secretl...
The sincere desire to be rid of this universe of evil is the entire incentive to be just, honest and
good. To be rid of th...
corners. Appearances are everything in this world of deceit. Appearances hide an evil heart / soul.
Honesty always lies ri...
tongues. If I could love and respect someone that person has to at least have the courtesy to allow
him/herself to be pers...
god Jehovah plays in this universe.
Incorporated religious institutions of all kind truly have a holy trinity- -a governme...
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The Truth About The Last Days, Antichrist, The Rapture, More.
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The Truth About The Last Days, Antichrist, The Rapture, More.

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  1. 1. ==== ==== The Truth About The Last Days, Antichrist, The Rapture, More. ==== ==== If we believe that prophesies and holy predictions are statements made by god through his prophets then we must understand that physical reality is an artificial environment. If god knows the end from the beginning and what happens in between he is, if not also the writer of the script, the producer of the play. We are thus dealing in a spiritually-created artificial reality in which we are either trapped forever or placed to reap a spiritual understanding. I do not believe that the true god allows us to be trapped in an artificial reality forever without a possible means of rescue. The Adventist movement, founded in the first half of the 19th century, drew, and still draws its faith and its expectation of Christ's second coming mostly from the predictions of the Old Testament. Lately they also have included statements of Jesus and the predictions given in the book of revelation. By any combination of parameters and means of calculation all the days possible for Christ's second coming have lapsed and gone into deep history. Adventists' hope and faith in that 2nd coming burned to ashes and evaporated into fantasy. Why? If predictions are made they are without lasting power if they do not come true! Jesus predicted the end times also but he was more vague and honest about it. He said that we should pay attention to the signs of the spiritual time just as we judge the signs in the sky in predicting the weather. He told us to always be alert and on watch to see these signs when they appear. He will appear in the midst or at the closing of these signs. It is now held by the Adventists that the prophesies are correct if one takes into account that Christ Jesus is performing his duties as high priest before his father in the spiritual tabernacle in heaven according to the times and predictions given in the Old Testament and in the New Testament by Jesus himself and by John, the Apostle, in the book of Revelation. I say, that may be true but it is still hogwash. Predictions and prophesies given to people on earth can only be called predictions and prophesies if the people on earth can actually witness the events predicted. If the predictions do not happen in physical reality they cannot be called predictions or prophesies at all and cannot be a call to attention for the unwary and those who do not care about Jesus at all. What earthly good and value have prophesies that cannot be figured out or that do not materialize on earth according to the schedule given for people to witness? It would be better and more honest if the prophesies were never uttered. Such prophesies are not prophesies but statements of supposed power that are power-plays of deceit disguised as truth. We, as humans, are either begotten of the god, Jehovah, and our souls are begotten of this god in
  2. 2. the process of the creation of new-born human beings or we as souls do not belong to this god of the universe but have been deceived to follow him into his (negative) realm of spirit that exists and functions by the power of lies believed by souls deceived by this liar. We may exist physically simply by associating ourselves (as souls) with a particular human creature in it and so "incarnate" in this virtual, physical reality over and again. Either souls are real or physical creatures are real; they cannot both be real. But for what purpose is this done? If there are souls, and all the indications are there that this is so then spirit is a higher reality that physical reality. By understanding our position as having been acquired by the father of lies and accepting ourselves as being dead to the father of truth, we may have a chance to again return to the realm of the father of truth and true life; but to do so we must first understand the nature of the universal god and the environment and creatures appearing in it. Without choices we have no freedom of action- -like slaves in a society governing slavery by law. What are still left us are the clues of the New Testament- -look for signs of the times. I see multiple signs. God's creation of the several human races is being destroyed through UN propaganda and government-encouraged miscegenation. God's grand design of biological flora and fauna are being destroyed through the application of greatly increased DNA and RNA knowledge, gene- splicing and clone technology. Science, technology, means of mass-destruction and mass-production techniques have grown and advanced beyond a point of the maturity of human races. Administrative techniques and monetary systems of control make the human being a slave to the masters who own and control these techniques and systems. Currency funding and driving powers have interpolated a new spirit between god and man. Man must now worship and sacrifice to this new spirit in place of the universal spirit. We have innumerable institutions, secular and religious in nature, worshiping money under god Mammon such as incorporated institutions organized to mass-control religion and/or to produce gadgets, services and profits. These institutions cannot be called sane because they focus their attention and energy too much on profit to the detriment of many social, health and ecological arenas. These are abominations the god of the universe cannot tolerate; and these are the signs of the end times. It always is just when man thinks he is on top of things and in full control of the physical environment and can shake his fist at god that god will confuse and destroy the cultures and systems of man. I draw my conclusions solely from the predictions of Jesus and the book of Revelation. Jesus said that we should look for spiritual clues to predict the end times. The Old Testament and the book of Revelation, also, predicts that knowledge will increase greatly in the end times and that we will be subjected to the control of computers in our daily living (numbers that replace our names and through these numbers control us completely. These are very important signs. There is no doubt about it- -physical bodies are totally oppressive items. We have been given a very hostile living environment and it is even more hostile because it comes across as a blessing. The physical universe is a curse which we reaped in spirit by believing a liar and accepted this spiritual miscreant as god. We should not celebrate the birth of a new human being but mourn its
  3. 3. coming. It is because of our bodies that we are out of communion with the spiritual realm. We should celebrate when a person's tour of punishment in physical reality comes to a close through death. Rom 6: 6-9; Power of sin hides in the imperfect physical body- -not our fault as humans but we are responsible as soul. The physical environment demands of us that we (supposedly) sin according to the flesh. We have lost our way in spirit because of a lie believed in spirit. The lie was told us so cleverly that we believed the liar over the word of the true god and father. Rom 5:2-16 Sin came into the world through one man (woman) Rom 8: 10-15; "The body is dead because of sin." That sin was committed in spirit; that is why we died to spirit. I disagree; to me the body is physically alive because of sin. Paul, the Apostle stated that this perishable body must become an imperishable body. I disagree. This physical body is a biological item that dies and disintegrates according to the laws of nature. It may please Jehovah to provide favored souls with imperishable bodies to adorn these souls in his heaven, but these are of a different kind than physical bodies. For one thing bodies in heaven will not reproduce by means of sex; eternal bodies are sexually impotent. Co: 15: 28 48 "The 1st man Adam was created a living being (in reality- -the only place one can be alive)." That Adam died when he believed a lie in spirit. How can that be? If he was made of earth, how can his body die and still be a living human being? He is either dead (and dead is dead for those in our environment) or he was "as dead (comatose)" to the original environment and came to life, or to some sort of artificial awareness, in a virtual realm of being. In the resurrection bodies do not really convert from material to spiritual. The physical body is a spiritual invention of mind. It does not exist. What happens is that souls become unaware of their attendant physical bodies and are only aware again of the spiritual bodies when the game is over. So in a way, souls did change bodies but in truth the spiritual body was always there. It only matters on which souls have been forced to focus their spiritual minds. They were so deluded that they could not see themselves as spiritual beings but only as physical creatures. For many souls (in animals) this is already a permanent state of affairs. It baffles me that I did not see the following before. We are so fixated on physical reality through our human indoctrination about religion, our sensing systems and preprogrammed brain that we cannot see or imagine the spiritual reality. There is something very remarkably missing form the so sacredly-held Ten Commandments. How come there is not a commandment: You shall not lie / deceive? The one thing the serpent did that was evil is not mentioned in the 10 commandments- -he deceived. The law that states, "You shall not bear false witness" is only a small sliver in the spectrum of possibilities of the realm of law that states "You shall not deceive". The other commandment missing is "You shall not betray". These two extra commandments, when violated, cause much more havoc than "You shall not steal" and "You shall not bear false
  4. 4. witness" because these latter commandments are naturally included in the commandment "You shall not lie /deceive". Secretly, or openly stealing or confiscating (by some supposed authority) articles of property is a deceit played on the owner of the property. No one has the right to take something that belongs to another, I go along with that. Although, when someone steals something from you all that happens is that you are without the article stolen. It can be replaced; but betrayal and lying by means of systems of deceit will turn people's whole lives upside down and very often will destroy their lives and reputations forever. So, you can just go along in most aspects of deceit and betrayal as these acts do not seem to stop you from going to heaven according to the Ten Commandments. The person that trusts and is honest is never wrong; and a person who lies, deceives, betrays others, and distrusts can never be right- -but, invariably in this universe, the honest, trusting person ends up being (permanently) injured. No system of human- or divinely created justice has ever been able to correct that. This is proof that our physical reality is designed to prevent goodness and promotes evilness. The physical environment can thus not be true reality but a place referred to in the bible, Genesis chapter 3 as a place called East of Eden, a place of make- believe where evil reigns according to the ethical standards of those sent there. In a just universe (reality) the malicious, deceiving and distrustful entity / (eternal) soul would never have a chance. It could not exist there. It'd be dead to that reality; and by no other judgment / cause than its own. So, if such an unjust soul / entity cannot be in the just reality, he must necessarily end up in a fictitious reality- -an unjust reality (the universe). Visa versa, in this unjust universe the honest trusting person has no chance. He'd be robbed of all his valuables and would probably end up dead. This is good because he would only be dead to the unjust reality and wake up in the just reality- -true reality. This is all the repentance necessary- -to be just and good in an evil environment. Therefore, do not retain an active interest in this unjust worldly environment. So, we see that this universe cannot be true reality and the god of it cannot be the true god. So, who do we have here as god- -it can only be the one that deceived us to believe lies in true reality- -through believing the deceit we became part of (are equal sharers in) his evil nature. The Ten Commandments is this god's version of "good" in his own evil environment. The Ten Commandments is thus another spiritual form of deceit that hides reality from the unwary forever. However, the two items that would make this set of commandments more perfect have been withheld- -prohibitions to lying and betraying. Please read the Ten Commandments. They are located in the book of Deuteronomy, chapter 5, verses 7 through 21. I do not necessarily believe in the 1st commandment because it appears to me that this god is vain and thus evil. He is hiding the truth (that a true reality in which he has no part whatsoever exists). Jesus preached repeatedly that we should be perfect as (the true) god is perfect. He knows it is not possible in practice in earth but we must be so in spirit, in our hearts. In the spirit of this article please also read "The Sermon on the Mount" in the book of Matthew, chapters 5, 6 and 7? This sermon teaches us about another reality out there- - a reality we are not a part of but of which he wishes and invites us to be a part.
  5. 5. The sincere desire to be rid of this universe of evil is the entire incentive to be just, honest and good. To be rid of this evil universe is also the necessary sacrifice to become eligible to return to true reality. But the traits of justness, goodness and honesty must come from the heart and not so that they will make another wrong or will give the impression that you are better than the other- - so, this is where humility comes in. Gossiping, for instance, is an activity in which one portrays oneself as good (or better) and portrays another as evil (or worse than oneself); but in practice one is harming another (with or without just cause). However, before you can become eligible to return to reality you must first be informed that a true reality exists and you must then choose to return there before you can practice goodness; otherwise it would be like spinning your wheels without getting anywhere. The Old Testament does not instruct us to do that. The god of the universe simply states the commandments and only states that adherence to his will brings good luck, prosperity and happiness in our physical life; and the violation of them will cause curses and eternal death. He never mentions true reality; so, obviously, he wants to deceive you to go to some heaven of his own concoction without you ever knowing that you can return to true reality. The only one who taught us about a true reality and the true god is the spirit in Jesus. It is "the spirit-in-Jesus" that tells us to be honest and good to the standard of being perfect (the common trait of entities with standing in true reality. The Bible teaches that humankind cannot keep the law of god perfectly. Jesus agrees and I agree. The human being as a biological entity conforms to the laws of nature- -not the laws of god. It is impossible for man to keep the law- -that is utterly unfair. Jesus knows that we cannot abide in god's laws; so he makes us see that we must be so in our hearts. If we honestly feel so in our hearts and act accordingly as much as possible his spilled blood will overcome the hurdle that is not possible for unaided humans to overcome. That is the salvation Jesus offers- -he gives us a helping hand and a forgiving nature to keep up our courage while we learn to understand. Through his death he is telling us it is worth it, I (Jesus) died for you! Jesus allows us to hide our trespasses behind his back as he is facing god so that god sees us only as friends of Jesus. Yet, somehow all this is not fair and just. If there is a law I ought to be able to abide in it. I do not want to hide behind some else's good behavior. So, I am looking for reality where I do not have to hide behind some else's back. Jesus also taught that we should hold no grudges against even those who have very seriously injured us. We should forgive over and over again a person who continues to hurt us without cause. This is only for our best interest. Holding grudges makes us depressed and it is a waste of our lives. What he is referring to is that you, wise souls, must understand that creatures play roles on a stage; and it is the role that instructs a person to be a certain way. It is not necessarily the way a soul feels. What Jesus means is to observe the show and be a part in it according to your understanding, not just according to your given script. Wake up from your spiritual torpor, and become aware again in spirit. It is evil to appear righteous, good and honest and force others to do the evil things for you in dark
  6. 6. corners. Appearances are everything in this world of deceit. Appearances hide an evil heart / soul. Honesty always lies right at the surface where another can see it and take advantage of it. It is impossible in this unjust universe to be spiritually perfect; so, we must be like that whenever possible and be sorry in our hearts (and not necessarily in an outspoken or materially active manner) when we fail to meet that standard. However, the standard we hold in our hearts must be perfect. Such a heart-felt stance opens communion with the good spirit. We must, first of all, learn to forgive ourselves. Be kind to yourself! It is not our fault persé that we cannot be perfect in this earth because physical reality and the way our bodies are designed prevent us to be morally and ethically perfect. We are guilty of gross injustice because we are here; East of Eden. This is hell- -the place away from true reality. This place was designed to allow the guilty a place to be and experience, first-hand, the consequences of being a betraying, unjust and dishonest soul- -and then, hopefully to repent from our wrong spiritual judgment. We could have been just, honest and good in reality but, through some clever deceit perpetrated on us we rejected that choice. Even so, we now have the choice to reject this physical reality; and the way to do so is, obviously, to be better and to do better than the Ten Commandments tell us to be. The Ten Commandments is a dead end because the motive behind it is evil. It is like a very cleverly designed spiritual red herring that prevents us from returning to true reality. Worldly courts demand that you come into court with clean hands and an honest purpose, but reality insists that you come with a clean and pure guileless spirit. It is the only kind of spirit that can dwell in true reality. So, James' claim that faith without works is dead is not the right way to look at faith in spirit. the only work necessary is to realize that we made a wrong judgment in paradise and to again see the true god as the creator of true reality. There is no doubt that Jesus classified his listeners into several groups. Those with ears, minds and hearts open and those who had them closed (Those who followed the edicts of men and Jehovah) and those who had their attention elsewhere altogether. People cannot deny that Jesus knew about some individuals who could hear his deep inner message, the message that was utterly forbidden to be preached on earth. Physical reality places very little value on life. Nature kills indiscriminately en mass and causes profuse regeneration of life. Life does not matter but what individual creatures do with it does. But by now it has become clear that humanity will not learn. It continues to make the same errors as individuals, as groups and as societies. Thus this is a clear sign of the end times as well. The present generations of souls have lost their right and privilege to find the truth so the scene is rolled up and started anew with a new group of souls. In paradise we were given a commandment so to speak. After we fell we received another set of commandments: the Ten Commandments. And before Jesus was captured he gave us another set, "Love god, love your neighbor like yourself and do unto others as you would like to be treated yourself." How can I love god when he has not introduced himself to me? He is an enigma I cannot understand; just like I cannot understand the president because people always speak with forked
  7. 7. tongues. If I could love and respect someone that person has to at least have the courtesy to allow him/herself to be personally introduced to me and have a 2-way meaningful communion with me. I have no idea if god exists and whether he is the true god. If, when I am in a jam, he helps me I know he is a friend I can depend on. I cannot clearly confirm that the help I have received in life is because of plain luck or straight from the hand of a helping friend. Why is that? He hides himself from me. Yet, I know that, throughout my life I received a helping hand beyond what I could expect physical reality to provide. Is god my silent partner? If I am asked to be a friend to some one whom I do not personally know I am asked to stretch my concept of trust beyond the limit of reasonableness. I'd be way-out in left field without a mate who cared that I am there. Yet, I have received help from an unknown spiritual source all my life. I know I have a friend to whom I have not been personally introduced. I know so in the faith I have in the steadfastness of his assistance. I hope that he is the one who will lead me back into true reality. He is the one who introduced the concept of a true reality to me and I am convinced of what I know on that subject. It is the truth and not more religious hogwash. I suffered through some very difficult times but here I am still whole and hearty, and married to the only person who matters to me and who always cares wholeheartedly for me. Yes, I am in good hands with my spiritual friend. He knows more and thus he allows me to go through the toughest experiences to tell me; "See, that was not so bad. I am here- -don't worry! You are in good hands! And above all, get the message I am reaching out to you for." Physical reality is an environment of role-playing. That's all! Even god and Jesus play roles in it. There is nothing real or true about physical reality. Its purpose is for us, souls, to observe, learn and comprehend spiritual values of good and evil. It and its god's goal and efforts are for you to depart from it forever. They do all they can, but you must make a choice that, for you, seems impossible to make. The choice you must make is mind-, soul- and spirit-shakingly important. We are terrified to make the choice because the choice is done in trust and in faith. If you do not have it you cannot make the choice. The choice demands the surrender of you physical awareness- - wow! We are not here to just be vain, narrow-minded, superficially acting and thinking creatures who outdo our neighbors in making a buck and to fornicate with each others spouses. Such a course will lead to spiritual destruction for no other reason than that you enjoy being here. Physical reality is your choice- -but this reality will booby trap you and deceive you in permanent damnation (remember the story of Pinocchio?). You will become mindless animal characters in a, virtually, animated environment in which the meaning of security, peace, love and liberty are forever in quandary and at stake- -the door to true reality and communion as friends in god forever closed on you. You may laugh at that; however, I know that you are acting in pure spiritual stupidity. Time is running out! The spirit in Jesus is telling you, "I am god and I am your Friend. I am here to help you see the true spiritual light." However, the Ten Commandments are perfect because of the role and function
  8. 8. god Jehovah plays in this universe. Incorporated religious institutions of all kind truly have a holy trinity- -a government issued license so that they can have a bank account under god, Mammon. They are represented by a lawyer under civil control, the devil, and supposedly worship god, Jehovah or by whatever A. K. A. this god is known. Members of such institutions cannot be saved, redeemed or find any heaven in spirit. A sane religious organization would pick one of these three spirits to worship and forget the others. However, humans are not sane. Acting in concordance or in conspiracy with others to deceive or injure another or another group of people, always, is evil. So, even the Israelites acting in concordance with each other and their god to eradicate entire cities and tribes of people from the area assigned to Israel, the Promised Land, is an evil act. As a peaceful person I cannot place any other label on such acts. This, of course, was done to put to rest any claims to the land by future descendants of the conquered tribes- -an act according to laws of the jungle. You ask me who are you to judge the incidents in the Bible? My answer: The Bible is part of the physical environment and as such I must pass a judgment on all I read therein. Reading without contemplation and judgment is rote learning. Rote learning actions cannot save us or redeem us. In summary: Physical creatures are all role playing, like actors on an artificial stage. That is why it is insane to be angry at others for very long or to hold permanent hatreds (or loves). You cannot blame an actor for having to play an evil role on stage or in a movie. If he is playing the role well, most people will actually congratulate him for playing it so well. The world is a stage also, and we should not hold grudges against anyone because the cores of humans are still spiritual entities that cannot be hurt through our physical acts and hatreds alone- -unless you let them. This is all easier said than done. I still hold long-held grudges, but I am getting better at it. Hans van Krieken You can learn more from his websites and c) Copyright - Hans van Krieken. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Article Source:
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