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Who is tariq

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Who is tariq

  1. 1. Who is Tariq?
  2. 2. Pre-MAT• Clinical Research and Pharmaceutical Product Support• Was always interested in teaching but took the leap when a teacher told me about the details of completing a teaching certification program
  3. 3. During the MAT Program• It wasn’t easy but after I found a school, started completing observation hours• Began working as a substitute• Eventually was hired to take over for a teacher who left mid term• Currently in a small remote town in upstate looking for signs of life
  4. 4. Style of Teaching• I was fortunate enough to take a class when a teacher left midterm I tried to implement the ideas we are learning at ESC• Focused on the inquiry based approach as much as possible (as the speaker during our last secondlife meeting mentioned, sometimes you are just pressed for time)• Tried to create engaging activities while keeping a close eye on classroom management
  5. 5. School I worked with• Variety of learners• Some are actively engaged while others require constant prodding• 21st century technology available but there are constraints (teacher responsible for monitoring student activity on internet, large classroom size)• Made use of PowerPoint and handouts in class
  6. 6. Science is Fun• Safety comes first• As a sub learned to go over rules 100 times before letting anyone touch the equipmentSafety Goggles First
  7. 7. Looking forward• Looking forward to another semester• Met great future teachers while in the program• Looking ahead to extending my professional network and finding opportunities that lie ahead

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