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  1. 1. Sitting in the Science Center
  2. 2. In Pod 9 looking at the billboards
  3. 3. Stairway leading outside the pods, looking at the ocean view
  4. 4. Looking at the building from a distance, nice mountain view
  5. 5. Thought I’d check out the observatory
  6. 6. Assessment and Evaluation Page
  7. 7. Overview of Modules
  8. 8. About Me• Bachelors in Psychology• Worked in clinical research, reading medical charts, developing treatment plans, assessing adverse events, etc• Taught Medical Assistant Students where I started to gain an interest in pursing teaching• Current topic of interest within teaching is the trend towards technology in the classroom
  9. 9. During the MAT program• Learned a lot from classroom observations• One of the most important things I learned from observation was classroom control• Found out a lot of things I did not know about certification procedures• Learned about IEP plans, something I was not familiar with before
  10. 10. Future Outlook• I am interested in teaching biology in the classroom• Researching successful integration of technology in the classroom• Would be interested in learning more about experiences of my fellow colleagues
  11. 11. Teaching Science• Two different aspects: Teaching and Science• The next slide addresses teaching which is interaction of the teacher with the student• The teacher’s role is to define the material and expectation of learning, furthermore the teacher assess progress and makes changes to enhance student performance• The students role is to be an active participant in learning by knowing class expectations, reading, assessing their progress and seeking additional resources if they need them
  12. 12. Teacher Student What Knowledge Do I know what I and Skills do have to do in students need? order to succeed in this class? Do I spend Develop Lesson enough time Plan reading? Am I learning the Assess Learning material? What resources Modify teaching can I refer to for based on student additional assessment information?
  13. 13. Scientific Method• The next slide addresses teaching science• The basis of which is the Scientific Method• We can see the basic principles are forming a hypothesis, conducting background research, coming up with an experiment and finally obtaining our results• These are the basics of course as students progress they will learn of validity, alpha and beta errors, null hypothesis and reformulating the hypothesis based on results
  14. 14. Scientific Method Background Conduct ObtainHypothesis Research Experiment Results