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Year 7 - Week 1 network and email


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Year 7 notes slides for introduction to the network and email

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Year 7 - Week 1 network and email

  1. 1. WEEK 1
  2. 2. ICT ROOM RULES Some simple pointers to help you
  3. 3. CSL COMPUTER ROOM RULES • Only enter a computer room when a staff member is present • No games to be played • No food or drink allowed • Please leave the room tidy • Tuck your chair under when finished • Inform your teacher if anything is broken • Put your name and date in the header • Put the page number in the footer
  4. 4. USING THE SCHOOL NETWORK Finding your way around
  5. 5. LOGGING ON •To log on to the school network you will need your •Username (usually your surname and initials (e.g. pattersonnj) •Password (your teacher will give you this and then you will be asked to change it.
  6. 6. USING ONENOTE • All notes in ICT lessons will be taken using OneNote • Pay careful attention! • Follow instructions carefully
  7. 7. FINDING APPLICATIONS • The main software is Microsoft Office • Go to Start > All Programs • Can you find • MS Word (what is it used for?) • MS Excel (what is it used for?) • MS PowerPoint (what is it used for?) • MS Publisher (what is it used for?) • MS OneNote (what is it used for?)
  8. 8. USING FOLDERS • What is a folder? • Go to My Computer and create a new folder called Y7 • Inside the Y7 folder, create another new folder for each subject that you do • Why have you been asked to create these folders? • Why is it important that you use these folders?
  9. 9. FILENAMES AND VERSION MANAGEMENT • What is a filename? • Why is it important that you save files with sensible names? • What is version management? • Why do you think it is sensible to number the different versions of a file?
  10. 10. FILE EXTENSIONS • What is a file extension? • What applications use the following extensions? • Docx • Xlsx • Pptx • Pub • Jpg • Mpeg • One
  11. 11. USING SCHOOL EMAIL Finding your way around
  12. 12. ACCESSING YOUR EMAIL • Make a note of your email address • • How do you access your email at school? • How can you access your email away from school?
  13. 13. LOGGING INTO YOUR EMAIL • Domain is Llandaff • Username is your network username • Password is your network password
  15. 15. CAN YOU ….. • Work out how to do the following with your email account: • Send an email to someone else in the class • Reply to an email • Forward an email • Delete an email • Check your sent items • Check your deleted items • Create a new folder in your inbox
  16. 16. NOW TRY TO ….. •Send an email with an attachment •Send an email to work out the difference between: •To: •Cc: •Bcc: