Micaelmas 1st half term


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Google maps, RightMove and FloorPlanner

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Micaelmas 1st half term

  1. 1. WEEK 1 Google Maps & Right Move
  2. 2. 1. GOOGLE MAPS Satellite, distance and street view
  3. 3. Google Map Basics (1) • Find the following places on Google Maps (use the snipping tool in Satellite view to prove you have been there). You may need to type in the city! • Great Pyramid of Giza, Cairo • Hampton Court Maze, London • Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, Madrid • Epcot, Florida • St Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow
  4. 4. Google Map Basics (2) • Complete the following table Start From Finish At Distance Car Time by car Distance walk Time walking Gwyddelwern Betws Gwerfil Goch Vindolanda Trust Hexham St Paul’s Cathedral Westminster Abbey Cardiff City Stadium Millennium Stadium St Mark’s Basilica Rialto Bridge
  5. 5. Google Map Basics (3) • Visit the following places and provide street view evidence that you have been there: • Reichstagsgebäude, Berlin • Palace of Versailles, Versailles • North Sydney Olympic Swimming Pool, Sydney • Niagra Falls • Tiananmen Square, Beijing
  6. 6. 2. RIGHT MOVE Satellite, distance and street view
  7. 7. DRAW A SEARCH • In this section, you will find a plot of empty land on which you are going to build your dream house. • Go to http://www.rightmove.co.uk/draw-a-search.html • Find an area of Britain that you would like to live (use zoom in/out) • Click on the map to draw an area • Click on View Properties • Adjust the location and criteria on the left (Property = Land; Price <£1mill) • Click on the House and select Street View
  8. 8. Perfect Location • Save into OneNote the details of your top 3 properties • Now go back to google maps and try and research the area using Street and Satellite views • By the end of the lesson, make sure that you have chosen your land to purchase • Remember that it can be anywhere in the UK
  9. 9. WEEK 2 Blueprints
  10. 10. 3-4. BLUEPRINTS Designing your dream house
  11. 11. Designing your dream house (1) • For ideas, type “house plans” or “house blueprints” into Google images • Now write down the following before starting your own plan • Number of floors • Number of bedrooms • Number of bathrooms • List of other rooms • Number of garages • Garden features
  12. 12. Designing your dream house (2) • Spend the rest of the lesson designing your new home • Make sure that the final plans are ready for next lesson • You must include measurements for room lengths x widths x height
  13. 13. WEEKS 3-4 Building
  14. 14. 5. FLOORPLANNER Bringing your new home to life
  15. 15. Floorplanner • Go to http://floorplanner.c om and create a new account with school email • This video has been created by another teacher for her students
  16. 16. Floorplanner – Official Videos • The floorplanner channel is http://www.youtube.com/user/Floorplanner
  17. 17. 6-8. BUILDING Building your dream house
  18. 18. Points to remember • Include your dimensions • Match your building to your blueprints • Make sure that you SAVE your work REGULARLY! • Make sure furniture is to scale • Regularly check that the 3D view works • Refer to floorplanner channel for help • Use the floorplanner tutorial for help http://floorplanner.com/demo#tutorial
  19. 19. WEEK 5 Feedback & Improvements
  20. 20. 9-10. IMPROVING Finishing your dream house
  21. 21. Feedback & Improvements • Use this week to give feedback from at least two of your class • Make sure that the comments have been added to OneNote • Ensure that you provide feedback to at least two of your class • Ensure that your feedback is added into their OneNote
  22. 22. WEEK 6 Logo Research & Design
  23. 23. 11. LOGO Logo research and draft design
  24. 24. Logo Research • Add the logos for the following estate agents to your notes: • Moginie James • Jeffrey Ross • Morgan Lloyd Williams • Savills • Peter Alan • Kelvin Francis • Thomas George • Chris John • Type up your thoughts about the logos including but not limited to: • Colours • Similarities • Differences • Effectiveness • Obvious as an estate agent • Formal? • Professional?
  25. 25. Logo Design • Based on your previous research, sketch out a design for your own logo • Make sure that you get and provide evidence of feedback received • Based on feedback, improve your logo design.
  26. 26. 12. LOGO Completing your final design
  27. 27. Finishing your logo • Try more than one of the following websites to create your logo: • http://www.designmantic.com • http://www.flamingtext.co.uk/logos • http://www.tweak.com/customize-logo.htm • http://logotypecreator.com/ • Make sure that you give and receive feedback with at least two others
  28. 28. WEEK 7 Business Stationery
  29. 29. 13. Business Card & Letterhead Preparing to market your house
  30. 30. Creating a business card • Type “business cards” into Google images to see what business cards look like • Sketch out a design for your business card • Using MS Publisher create your own business card (use a template if you wish)
  31. 31. Creating a letterhead • Type “letterheads” into Google images to see what letterheads look like • Sketch out a design for your letterhead • Using MS Publisher create your own letterhead (use a template if you wish)
  32. 32. 14. HOUSE DETAILS Preparing the fine details
  33. 33. Researching marketing literature • Type in “House brochure” into Google images to see what others have included • Draft a description of the outside areas of your house (Street View) • Draft a description of each of your rooms, including dimensions • Take a screen print using floorplanner to show what your rooms look like
  34. 34. WEEK 8 House Brochure
  35. 35. House Brochure • Use two lessons to create and finish your House Brochure • Make sure that you get and give feedback for at least two others • Make sure feedback is recorded