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What Does a Counsellor Do?


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School counselling plays a very important role in the modern setting of public and private schools. A school counsellor is expected to facilitate student achievement, improve their attendance and behavior, and also help in their social development.
Here you can see each & every role of school counselors. Hope you will enjoy.

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What Does a Counsellor Do?

  1. 1. What Does a School Counsellor Do
  2. 2. Type of School Cousellors 2 1. Elementary School Counsellors 2. Primary School Counsellors 3. Secondary School Counsellors 4. Higher Secondary School Counsellors 5. School Counsellor educators 6. School Counselling Coordinators
  3. 3. Opportunities of School Cousellors 3 A large number of schools have started opting for full-time School counsellors on their staff roles to support the students facing academic or personal challenges.
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  5. 5. Role of School Counsellors Let’s start with the main roles
  6. 6. Role of School Cousellors 6 A school counsellor facilitate student achievement, improve their attendance and behavior, and also help in their social development. They intervene when students find themselves facing mental and physical health or behavioral challenges.
  7. 7. Role of School Cousellors 7 A school counsellor facilitate career development for the young ones. Today, they are expected to fulfill a multifaceted role with varying responsibilities.
  8. 8. Role of School Cousellors 8 School counsellors conduct seminars on study skills or explain the concept of bullying to the students. Helping the students choose a suitable career continues to be one of their important responsibilities.
  9. 9. Role of School Cousellors 9 An education counsellor may also be expected to help the students address conflicts with their parents, teachers, or peers. Such counselling often gets taken up during the school hours.
  10. 10. Role of School Cousellors 10 Other psychological concerns and learning difficulties that typically manifest in adolescents are also dealt with by school counsellor professionals.
  11. 11. Role of School Cousellors 11 Student counsellors are also expected to intervene when they observe a disruptive learning environment and also address learning disorder issues in children so that they can enjoy a fruitful learning process and blossoming career.
  12. 12. Other Responsibilities of School Counsellors are ▪ Helping students improve social skills ▪ Identifying the student’s interests, aptitude, and strengths ▪ Developing their interpersonal skills 12
  13. 13. Who can be a School Cousellor 13 Any mental health professional possessing a master’s degree or beyond can be school counsellor both for providing counselling and serving the role of an educator in and around the schools. Counselling course for teachers will also help you to be a School counsellor.
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