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Addition with a Ganit mala


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Swati shows you how a double ganit mala and an open number line can be used to explain the addition of integers to students. A 'double Ganit mala' is a string with sets of 4 different coloured beads that is used to model the number line.

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Addition with a Ganit mala

  1. 1. Adding Integers on double ganitmala and open number line
  2. 2. Positive and Negative integers -6 and 10
  3. 3. Positive and Negative integers +7 and -5
  4. 4. 2 Negative integers -6 and -2
  5. 5. Idea thanks to Jodo Gyan Model from Shikshamitra Execution by Swati Sircar Shot at APU by Rajkishore Patnaik of ETD team