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Conditional 0 1 ppt


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Conditionals 0 and 1

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Conditional 0 1 ppt

  1. 1. If the printer is about to print, it will get jammed If you have extra time, you will be late. If a toast falls, it will land on the buttered side
  2. 2. When the connector is IF, we don´t speak of a future time clause If introduces CONDITIONAL sentences A condition is neccesary for an action to happen
  3. 3. Attention If the conditional comes first, you need a comma. You don’t need a comma if the conditional doesn’t come first.
  4. 4. The Zero Conditional If the telephone rings, it makes a noise! Water evaporates if you boil it.
  5. 5. 1. for general truths The thing always happens if the condition is met 2. for instructions Use ZERO Conditional: If the recorder is on, the green light appears. If you have any problem, call our store. SIMPLE PRESENT SIMPLE PRESENT / IMPERATIVE
  6. 6. If he is angry, his face turns red! If he drinks too much coffee, he doesn’t sleep. Zero Conditional form: If + PRESENT SIMPLE + PRESENT SIMPL IMPERATIVE
  7. 7. The First Conditional
  8. 8. If Bart studies harder, he will pass. Use First Conditional: To refer to the future. It is used when there is a possibility that the if-event might happen. It’s a PROBABLE/POSSIBLE condition. SIMPLE PRESENT FUTURE: WILL/ GOING TO
  9. 9. First Conditional form: If + PRESENT SIMPLE + FUTURE (WILL) FUTURE (GOING T - for plans
  10. 10. THE END